Gas Oven Igniter Glows But No Flame

Gas Oven Igniter Glows But No Flame. Modern gas oven burners use a hot surface igniter to open the gas valve and ignite the gas. The igniter will produce a high-temperature light as it draws an electric current.

This heat will also cause the oven safety valve’s bi-metal to stretch and open the valve, which will release the gas to be ignited. This whole process usually takes one or two minutes.

If your gas oven igniter glows but has no flame, there are a few possibilities for why it isn’t operating correctly. An oven igniter that has worn out and lost efficiency, or a defective gas valve, are the most common causes of the igniter burning but not producing a flame.

Here we’ll discuss one by one.

Gas Oven Igniter Glows But No Flame
why gas oven igniter glows but no flame

The gas igniter is in charge of lighting the gas burner, which further heats the oven. When you set the range to bake something, the igniter in a regular working oven will turn on and glow bright orange.

When the igniter is hot enough, the oven’s gas valve opens, allowing gas to flow through the burner.

The igniter then turns on the gas coming from the oven’s burner. The range will heat up adequately if everything is in working order.

The igniter will not become hot enough if it is worn out and loses its effectiveness, and your oven will not be able to generate the heat. The smell of gas typically follows, but there’s no need to be worried if your igniter isn’t operating correctly.

The gas valve is fitted with a safety cutoff, which automatically shuts off all gas flow if the igniter fails to work correctly.

Why does it fail?

One of the most typical problems with a weak igniter is that the blazing igniter doesn’t pull enough current to release the gas valve, primarily because it has expired.

If your oven igniter is burning, but it takes a long time to ignite the burner, it’s likely that the igniter has lost its efficiency and has to be replaced.

How to troubleshoot Gas Oven Igniter?how to troubleshoot gas oven igniter glows but no flame

Steps for checking the igniter are shown below.

Turn off power

The user interface panel light and other electrical devices should be checked to ensure the power is off. Because of this, you can be assured that the administration has been turned off if they don’t function.

After that, take off the oven racks and any metal plating from the bottom of the oven, if applicable. If you do this, you will be able to see the igniter and gas burner.

Check the ignitercheck the igniter

Any discoloration in the igniter should be checked, which may be on the coil or the element. To put it another way, anything that stands out among the components of the igniter.

The discoloration is frequently an indication that the igniter has been damaged.

Set the oven on heat

If the igniter appears to be in good working order, you can restart the oven and set it to heat. Make careful to inspect the igniter before it begins to heat up.

Within a few seconds, it should turn a vivid orange color. You can stop the ignition process by turning off the oven so that no more gas can be ignited.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of a Failing Gas Ignitor?

To reach 350 degrees, gas ovens require between 8 and 15 minutes to heat up. A lousy igniter may be the cause of the slow preheat time in your oven. An improper flame and excessive carbon dioxide emissions are also possible outcomes.

How to troubleshoot?

Your heating issue can be resolved by replacing the igniter and making sure that you are testing your igniter according to the correct methodology by going back to the previous steps to confirm that this is the issue.


In this article, we discussed gas oven igniter issues and concluded that a licensed expert should only handle any gas components or oven valves. It’s risky to do this on your own. If your gas valve is found to be defective, it may be more expensive to buy new parts than to have the existing ones replaced.

It’s critical to check your igniter as soon as it starts to malfunction. If you don’t, you could end up with even more issues. You can protect the safety of your oven, as well as your house, by taking the appropriate precautions.

Gas Oven Igniter Glows But No Flame

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