Ge dishwasher no power

Ge dishwasher no power. GE dishwasher is known for their solidity and provides the best cleaning performance. GE dishwashers are a time saver in your busy lives.

Suppose your kitchen’s shelves are filled with dirty dishes after dinner, and when you place them in the GE dishwasher, it deny to turn on.

Oops, it must be an infuriating situation for you. But don’t tense yourself, as these issues are familiar with most GE dishwashers.

In this article, we will help you to resolve your issue even if your GE dishwasher is not running or not turning on. Let’s check out the reasons and the solutions to the issue.

Ge dishwasher no power


If your GE dishwasher is not turning on or has no power issue, there must be an issue with the dishwasher voltage, thermal fuse or circuit breaker, door switch, or door latch.

There might be possible that your dishwasher has enabled the child lockout feature or demo mode. No matter what is the reason behind it.

But you can follow the ways of diagnosing the issue and get excellent results at the end of the post.

Check Power Supply

check power supply

If you are facing the issue of won’t power up the GE dishwasher, the first thing that comes into mind is an inappropriate power supply.

So, if you suspect the no power or blinking display lights, follow the instructions one by one to diagnose the issue.

To check voltage input, you must look for a tripped circuit breaker on the breaker box. If you find no issue with the tripped breaker, inspect the cables.

Ensure the power cord is firmly attached to the wall switch with On power. You must check the condition of the wires. Look for any physical damage, like a crack on it.

If you find anything eye-catching issue, don’t wait to resolve it. Don’t forget to restore power if you attach your GE dishwasher to the GFCI or GFI outlet. Push the reset button to restore power.

Ge washer won’t start cycle

Defective Thermal Fuse

defective thermal fuse

Another reason that may cause the GE dishwasher won’t turn on the issue is the defective thermal fuse. It might be burnt and cause a rising temperature for the control board.

To diagnose whether the fuse is problematic, you must require access to the fuse on the control panel. Disconnect the wires that attach the fuse to the control panel.

Then, grab a multimeter, touch it with the fuse, and examine the readings. If the multimeter doesn’t show any reading, then you need to replace the fuse.

But in the case of readings, you need to continue diagnosing the issue. One thing that you need to do before starting the inspection of the fuse is that you have disconnected the GE dishwasher power supply.

Disable Control Lock or Child Lock

disable control lock or child lock

Another reason that you may blame for the GE dishwasher won’t start. Most of the electronic control models own this feature called control to lock or child lock feature.

Turning On the child lockout feature prevents your GE dishwasher from turning lights on or turning on accidentally by your child or maybe by you.

To resolve the issue, you must cancel the control lock feature. It would be better to refer to the user manual of your GE dishwasher model number.

Check Leak Protection Feature

check leak protection feature

Most LCD display GE dishwashers have a leak protection feature also referred to as floor protection.

So, if you have the facility of leak protection features and your dishwasher is not running, it might be possible that there is an issue of leakage.

To resolve the issue, firstly ensure that you have resolved the issue of water leakage and then try to run your appliance. Your dishwasher may start working as it does while doing a wash cycle.

Unable Demo Mode

unable demo mode

You may also check whether the demo mode is turned on because if it is on and you are unaware of it, you may face the problem of won’t running the GE dishwasher.

You may follow a tip to check whether the demo mode is activated by checking the START button.

If It doesn’t react after tapping or beeps thrice after tapping indicates the turned-on demo mode.

You may deactivate it by pushing the START and HEATED DRY pads at the same time and then release them after almost five seconds.

Kitchenaid dishwasher troubleshooting

Do a Door Switch Operation

do a door switch operation

If you are facing the won’t running GE dishwasher issue, there might be a GE dishwasher door switch issue.

Before going through any physical inspection, you may try the interlock switch operation. So, to accomplish the task, you must get through the error code mode.

It will help you to inspect and maintain the components separately. So, to get through the error code mode, firstly, ensure that your unit is in standby mode.

Now, push the SELECT CYCLE and START buttons at the same time and release it after five seconds. Your GE appliance begins door status check after ten seconds.

If you find all the LEDs keep turning on without blinking, it means that the door is latching properly. On the other hand, if the lights start blinking at the end of the process, you must close the door entirely.

Frigidaire dishwasher lights flashing

After closing the door properly, pushing the START button for 5 to 10 seconds would be better.

If the issue is not resolved, then there might be possible that the machine’s door IC board is defective. You may try inspecting door latch switches manually in the next step.

Door Latch Switch

door latch switch

Before running the GE dishwasher, you must ensure that the dishwasher door is latched correctly. Usually, the door latch assembly helps able your dishwasher to keep safe from any leakage.

But in case of a defect, latching may cause of won’t running of a GE dishwasher or maybe stop turning On light. The door latch also contains the door switches.

So, the door latch assembly works while coordinating with the control panel. If you don’t close the dishwasher switch properly, the door switch fails to establish a connection.

That may result in not running your GE dishwashers. If your dishwasher faces a door latch assembly issue, follow the instructions to resolve the issue.

So, let’s start by detaching the inner door panel on the door’s upper side. It will allow you to access the door latch assembly.

You may turn On the latch switches by inserting the catch into the assembly. It would be better to use a multimeter to check the readings. It would be fine if the readings were 0 or closer to 0.

But in another scenario, like getting any other readings, you must replace the assembly to get the efficient working of your GE dishwasher.

Flick On The Water supply

flick on the water supply

If you want a smooth running of your GE dishwasher, you must look at the water supply in your dishwasher.

Because if you have a defective water inlet valve, your GE dishwasher won’t start. Inspect the water valve and turn it ON from underneath your sink.

Reset GE Dishwasher

If you have tried the previous instructions and it doesn’t fix the issue that your GE dishwasher won’t start, you must try resetting your GE appliance.

Depending on the models, you may press the START/RESET button or START/RESTART button. It will let your machine turn off the cycle and start draining water.

When it’s done draining dishwasher’s START/RESER light will begin blinking. It will take almost two minutes to complete the cycle and keeps its lights blinking.


You may also flick on and off the dishwasher from the breaker to reset the device.

Inspect Main Control Board

inspect main control board

If your GE dishwasher is not functioning correctly even after your dishwasher reset, you may have a defective main control board.

A service LED on the main board helps you know whether your board is getting power. If you suspect a turned-off light, it means there is a voltage issue.

Inspect the voltage of your entire house. You may also inspect the control voltages with turned on the breaker.

If you find that only the dishwasher is not getting power, then you have a defective board. Buy a genuine electronic control board and follow the replacement procedure step.

Cut off the power source and grab a nut driver. Detach the bottom cover. You must remove both screws from the metal cover to access the main board.

Remove wire connectors and detach the control board. Insert the replacement main control board. Join the cables and other components back and examine the working.


You may be able to fix the general electric dishwasher won’t start issue by following the methods. You might have got a brand new GE dishwasher that stopped working.

But it doesn’t mean it has defective parts, so don’t replace anything before checking the enable feature of your dishwasher. If you feel hesitant, it would be best to call a professional.