Fubotv not working on roku

If FuboTV is not currently running on your roku tv, then don’t frustrate because you are not alone with those experiencing this issue, many people complain about this problem. Therefore, I am writing this article to explain the causes and solution to this problem.

If you talk about the main causes of FuboTV not working on roku tv, then surely the first and main cause is the server down in the area. You can not do much in this situation but just wait for the troubleshooting from another end.

A fast and stable internet connection is very necessary for live streaming on fubu tv. So, if you have an unstable and weak internet connection, then you can not stream this service on your roku device.

Hardware issues, software glitches, bugs, and the use of the wrong VPN are also one of the main causes of this problem.

Keep reading this article to learn different solutions to fix this Fubo tv streaming problem on roku.

FuboTV not working on roku

Fubu Tv is the best option if you love sports streaming because it offers you many live channels to watch on your smart tv.

Sometimes, you suffer an issue with your roku tv in this way; you open Fubu tv to watch your favorite sports channel, but it brings you back to the home screen.

Keep reading this article to learn different methods and make sure if one method does not work, then follow the next to troubleshoot the issue.

Server down in the area

server down in the area

If your Fubu tv live streaming service suddenly stops running on the roku tv and it’s showing you a black screen, then it may be a sudden server down in the area.

Fubu Tv service is known for server-down problems occasionally.

You can ask online from someone about the server down in the area and wait for Fubu Tv to fix the service problem in your area.

Restart app

Restarting the app sometimes fixes the issue. If you are watching a sports match on a fubu tv channel and it is repeatedly buffering, then change the channel or restart the app.

After restarting the app or changing the channel, come back to the channel you were watching previously.

Roku tv audio out

Reboot your tv

reboot your tv

Minor bugs and glitches sometimes stop the fubu tv from streaming on roku tv. So reboot your roku tv by turning it off from the remote control.

To kill all bugs and removes glitches, unplug the roku tv cord from the electrical socket for one minute. Reinsert the cord in the power source and switch on your tv.

Clear cache memory

If there is no service down in the area, but you are unable to open FuboTV on your Roku device, then the next step is to clear the cache memory from the fubu tv app.

Keep clearing the cache memory ends the minor bugs and software glitches. It also frees up the space taken by the cache memory.

After clearing the cache memory from the fubu tv app, reboot the roku tv and test the service to run.

Sharp Roku tv black screen

Network issue

network issue

Like other live-streaming services, Fubu tv also requires a fast internet connection to run without any buffering issues.

If you open the fubu tv app to watch the channel, but it is not running, then check the internet modem or router.

There is no internet service if the red light is flashing on the router so call your internet service center to ask about the issue because sometimes internet service is down in an area due to maintenance.

However, if the red light is not blinking, then reboot the router by unplugging it for a few moments. Bring the modem close to the roku tv for a fast and stable connection.

Disconnect the wifi from too many smart devices because it decreases the network speed. You can also connect the ethernet cable to link the internet router to roku tv for a fast and stable internet connection.

Roku tv audio out

Reinstall Fubu tv

reinstall fubu tv

if the problem persists, then the next method to sort out the trouble is to reinstall the fubu tv app. Open the play store and uninstall the app.

Restart your roku tv, download the fubu tv app from the Play Store, and install it on your roku tv.

Log in to your account and test if the app is running smoothly or if it still brings you back to the home screen.

Content problem

It may be a content issue if you are still experiencing the fubu tv issue on roku tv.

Some content does not play in certain areas due to restrictions, so try to change the channel and check if the other sports channel runs perfectly on your smart tv.


The last words in this article are if your fubu tv is not working on roku tv, then follow all the troubleshooting methods described in this post.

Mostly this issue arises due to a slow network and full cache memory. So restart your internet modem and clear the cache memory. You can also visit the official website for server outages globally.