Fitbit versa 2 heart rate not working

Fitbit versa 2 heart rate not working. This heart rate device is used to measure the heart speed rate and many other things related to it. In this article, many peoples are asking many questions about its working.

Sometimes it gets worse and does not work in the proper way, which indicates that it is not in good condition means there is any problem with the heart rate device.

Sometimes may be due to a setting or any other fault. It is not working it just displays the time, date and battery, etc.

Fitbit versa 2 heart rate not working

fitbit versa 2 heart rate not working

The heart rate device you are wearing is not displayed the heart rate. There are many reasons behind it. Here are some fixes that are the solution to the problem as follows:

Enable Heart Rate

If the heart rate is not working, then there must be an issue in the setting or the screen.

These devices are touch screen devices that work simply like the touch screen phone works. In the same setting as the touch phones, you can enable the heart rate from the setting.

There are some steps through which the heart rate is enabled are as follows:

  1. First off, on the device, check things are appearing on the screen.
  2. Then scroll the screen up and down if it works on up and down. If you do not operate on this then you should scroll it left-right to see more options that are on the device.
  3. When you are scrolling the screen, you see the option of setting in it. Click on the “Setting.”
  4. When the setting is open or when you click on the “setting” option, there are many options appear.
  5. These options include Brightness, Screen Timeout, always-on, Sleep mode, Do Not Disturb, screen wake, Microphone, Left button, Alexa, Bluetooth, Heart rate, about, etc.
  6. In the above step, there is the Heart Rate button.
  7. You click on this option and see the further information that is in this option. Mostly it has no further information on this option.
  8. There is only the choice that OFF or ON of the Heart rate.
  9. From this point, you select any one option which you want to enable.
  10. You should select the ON option because you want to enable the heart rate option.

This is the one option that you check from the setting and enable the heart rate option on your screen. When this option is enabled, then it automatically starts working without accomplishing any further tasks.

Restart Fitbit

Restarting is another very best option from them; the options you are using to complete the work means the option you selected to Enable the heart rate from the setting of the device.

As we all are aware that anything that is not working starts working when you restart it. Sometimes your mobile is suffering from a minor issue that may be the update of any app, and you don’t update it and your mobile causes problems.

Then you restart the mobile as the same procedure required there in this situation that you should use eth restart option if there is any issue related to it can easily solve by clicking only the restart option.

Restore the Fitbit

restore the fitbit

Here is another option that is not completely the same, but maybe the upper option is part of this step. The restart just restarts and maybe updates the app that requires updates.

But restore is a bit different from a restart. In the restore option, the device completely changes its setting, and now it makes it in the setting that was in the default. This completely converts the device into its original condition.

As we all know, that real thing means there is no technical fault in the thing or the device.

Restoring Fitbit is the best option to keep your device working and clear all faults from the device that is necessary for all the devices that are in your use.


The above all are the ways that keep the device to maintain working of the device in the best way. We can apply all the above conditions or some of them according to the way of solution that you are using.

These steps are the troubleshooting of the “Fitbit versa 2 heart rate not working”. By using these techniques we can make our device work and keep avoiding the errors that occur in its working.

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