Air compressor for sprinkler blowout

Air compressor for sprinkler blowout. Water sprinkler systems are a must-have tool for irrigation systems either on the lawn or the backyard or even on a large-scale green bed where there is a need for sprinkling water.

But there are certain limits to the sprinkler system depending on the environmental conditions, such as the season in which it is being used.

Winter could prove to be a harsh season for the sprinkler system as the cold climate could freeze the water inside the pipes of the sprinkler system blocking out the passage for further irrigation.

For this simple reason, sprinkler systems are turned off before the approaching winter, and to ensure the maximum health of the pipes and the safety of the system altogether; it is necessary to blow out the water from the pipes.

Blowing out water from the pipes, although it sounds easy to do practically, is not that simple to perform and requires a lot of tricks and tools.

To blow out the water efficiently and effectively out of the sprinkler pipes, air compressors are a great way to do the job.

Air Compressor for Sprinkler Blowout
Uses Of Air Compressor For Sprinkler Blowout

The foremost and most crucial use of the air compressor in sprinkler blowout is to get rid of the standing water inside the system pipes.

Pipes are, in general, tailored for running the water and are not adapted to store it.

The drainage pipe inside the home could be utilized all through the year, but the same cannot be said for irrigation systems, as they are required only in a particular season.

After that season, there is no need to run the sprinkler system, and to keep it safe and healthy, blowing out water becomes a necessity.

Drainage pipe

The air compressor is then making an entry in cleaning the pipes with a single air compressor blowout shot.

This blowout shot will clean the pipes of water and dry them afterward to remove the single trace of water inside the pipes and the systems.

Sprinkler system

Another use of an air compressor in a sprinkler system is to maintain the flow or, rather, proper flow of the water all through the system. It is very frequent to the left of the water inside the sprinkler pipes when there is time to deactivate the system.

Season of irrigation

But when the season of irrigation arrives again, reactivating the sprinkler system becomes a great difficulty since water could have been frozen, and there is no way out now.

For clearing the way and maintaining the flow of water, air compressors prove their worth, and a pressurized blow of air is passed through the pipes, which ultimately clears the way.

One thing that needs clarification here is the notion that many people believe ice would be melted in warmer weather, but that is not the case as ice could cause the pipes to get damaged before the season arrives. Therefore it is mandatory to utilize Air Compressor for Sprinkler Blowout.

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