Electric stoves take forever to heat up

Electric stoves take forever to heat up. Electric stoves now become popular as they are more convenient than a traditional gas stove. It works on the electricity principle rather than using gas, so it has less chance of leakage of gas.

It gives a better experience of cooking without flame. But just like other appliances, users can also face different problems with it, such as most of its users complaining that this problem.

So in this article, we try our best to resolve this issue. So let’s see its common reason with a better solution.

Electric stoves take forever to heat up

electric stoves take forever to heat up

Plug connection

First of all, make sure that your electric stoves are plugged tightly into the wall outlet, and they should not be lost at all.

If your plug is plugged loosely, it will become the cause of current alternation, and the required amount of current is not provided to your electric stove. Most of cases, it proves to be enough for your electric stove to plug again tightly.

Wattage fluctuation

Another reason might be the wattage of your electric stove. It is needed to check wattage because sometimes wattage variation causes your electric stove takes forever to heat up.

Because if your stove face wattage fluctuation it means that the current is not dealt to the heating coil and, due to its uneven flow of current, will cause a heating problem.

In this situation, it is suggested to check the circuit to make sure either it gets the right wattage on the electric stove.

And then, it goes back to normal heating by fixing this issue. It is suggested to avoid the extension cord in switching your stove.

Surface not cleaned

The surface area not being cleaned is another reason behind your electric stove takes forever to heat up. It is due to some food particles, and the moisture left on your stove surface makes a layer.

This layer becomes a cause of obstructing heating conduction. To avoid this practice, it is suggested to clean your surface to ensure that your stoves take heat properly.

Lose or damaged wire

After ensuring that all the external parts of your stoves are working properly and they have no problem, then it should be better to check the electrical wire of your stove because if it is damaged or lost as it becomes a cause of current obstruction.

If your wire is lost, it can be easily tightened up, and if your wire gets damaged, it is a better option to replace it.

Impair heating element

A damaged heating element is another reason behind your electric stove takes forever to heat up. A damaged heating element might be the reason behind your stove heating up.

Before changing the heating element, it is suggested to clean it properly. If you have a plugin element of your stove and you examine the damage in its element, then you should go to change its element.

But changing its element is quite challenging because of its numerous wire, so it is best to call its professional to fix this issue.

Failure of selector switch

failure of selector switch

An electric switch is a special design with a heating element to control the voltage of the stove.

It is a cycle process during the cooking process. It automatically turns out an electric connection when the stove hits specific heat.

Though if the electric switch is desecrated, it will lead to an effect on the healing process. to sort out this issue, you should go to replace the selector switch.

Burner does not work

Electric stove work on the burner principle. The burner is a major component of stoves as it is responsible for providing heat to the heating element of the cooking pan.

If it gets damaged, it won’t be able to provide heat to the heating element of your stove. It is suggested by experts to change its time because it gets washed out with time.

If you have a plugin burner, then you can remove its exterior coil, lift it, and tug it for disconnection. When it’s come, outpour a new burner with sponges and impel them onward to fix it.

Knobs not installed properly

Some electric stoves contained a knob rather than a touch system. So if you have a stove designed with a knob, then you need to check whether it install correctly because the knob is responsible to pushed and turning on the stove to heat the stove.

So if your knobs are not placed correctly, it leads to cause a heating issue. So to avoid this issue, you need to install it correctly, and if it gets damaged, it should be replaced.


A flamer is another important component of an electric stove. Due to its regular use, it gets dirty with waste and junk, which gives a negative impact on its heating. To fix this issue, it is suggested to clean it on a regular base. You can clean it using a brush or detergent.

Another thing you can do to clarify its light hole is using a sewing needle. After that, when you clean it properly, you will again fix it. If it is still not heating, then you should go to change it.


electric stoves take forever to heat up 2022

A holder is supposed to be another essential component in the electric stove as it is used for operating and heating purposes.

So if it is damaged or destroyed, it will affect heating. So if you see it get damaged, you will need to change it to fix out.

Checked its internal component

Damage to its external components is also a reason behind your electric stove taking forever to heat up.

For this purpose, you need to hire a technician to examine and fix the issue, and if you see some of its parts are damaged, then you can replace its components with a new one.


In this article, I try my best to cover all of the reasons might be behind why your electric stoves take forever to heat up.

After reading this article, you will be able to understand basic problems regarding electric stoves, and you will be able to fix this issue by yourself to make electric stoves convenient for you.

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