Orange flame on Gas stove

Orange flame on Gas stove. This article will make you aware of the Orange flame. In this article, general information on the orange flame with combustion principles and tips is provided.

The flames of the stove give you an indicator of hazards. If your stove shows an orange flame rather than blue then it is an alarming situation.

What are Orange flame on Gas stove?What Are Orange Flame On Gas Stove

Orange flames are the color of the stove burner thanks to carbon monoxide. This monoxide cal fills up in your home and may result in an explosion. Carbon monoxide does not contain any smell.

How the orange flames are produced?

When the mixture of oxygen and fuel gets imbalanced. The resulted product is the orange flame. There are various problems when it comes to an imbalance of fuel and oxygen.

Different orifices are installed for different types of gas. If you are using propane and natural gas to run the stove then they will not have the same fuel requirements.

The second problem may be with the air shutter. If you are using the wrong sized air shutter or the shutter gets damaged. This results in a deficient amount of oxygen supply.

Another main reason for this orange flame is the dirt in the ports of the stove. Sometimes the grease gets over the portholes of the stove that can block its openings. You should clean the stove portholes using a toothbrush. after cleaning, make sure the burners are in their correct positions.


A humidifier works for moisturizing. They turn water vapors into the air. Sometimes, the humidifiers change the flame color to turn orange. To get over this, turn off the humidifier and examine this.

Combustion Principles in the production of Orange Flame on Gas stove

When the fuel and oxygen mixture on a gas stove gets imbalances, it may produce carbon monoxide. If the fuel on the stove cannot fully consume it results in orange flames.

Why it is so a big problem?

Orange flames indicate high-alert situations. Carbon monoxide in the orange flame may cause diseases like flu, headaches, and nausea. Carbon mono oxide may let you to death thanks to its lethal odor.

What to do with the orange flame now?What To Do With The Orange Flame Now

Orange flame on Gas stove can cause serious damage and loss to your home and especially to yourself. Follow the following steps to get rid of Orange flame on Gas stove:.

If you suspect the orange flame out of your stove then it is time to repair it as soon as possible.

When you identify the orange flame the first thing to do is to call the technician. Always call an appliance technician to do this setting. It is a highly-risk task and only an expert can perform it efficiently.

Get the cleaning of your burners. Cleaning may be done by using different brushes.

Finally, Get the damaged replace Air shutter. If it is damaged, get it to repair properly. If the size of the shutter does not fits, then replace it with a properly sized shutter.

What Is Causing Yellow and Orange Flames On Your Gas Range?

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