Ecobee not turning on

Ecobee not turning on. Ecobee thermostat is one of the most reliable technologies that serve the user with the best quality. But like all other technologies in this world Ecobee thermostat can also go down sometimes.

We know that if you are expecting the Ecobee thermostat to turn on and if it won’t, then are sure that you are going to get panic.

If you are panicking in such a situation, relax because we are here to tell you everything you need to know about the situation you are going through.

This article will explain why your Ecobe won’t turn on. After understanding, I think the reason behind not turning on Ecobee.

We will let you go through the primary and essential fixtures you can try so your Ecobee can start working again.

So without any further due, let’s get straight into the identification process because, as always, identification leads to the solution, and we are here to look for that solution.

First, we’ll go through the basic inspection methods then we’ll go into detail about them so that we can fix our Ecobee thermostat properly.

Ecobee not turning on

Reason 1: Sudden power surges

sudden power surges

The first and fundamental reason for not turning on any appliance in your home could lie in the sudden power surge. It could happen because of weather changes or extreme light storms.

When something extreme happens with the power surges, Breakers are installed to prevent hurdles and dangers that come with sudden power surges.

In such situations, when weather or extreme thunderstorm leads into you, the Breakers that are installed will automatically flip.

It is evident that when I get up, it will cause Ayush to power Surge with the ecobee thermostat, and all the appliances in my home will stop working. Insert situation will surely going to examine the problem thoroughly.

Inspecting the breaker switch

Now we will inspect the Breakers to find out what happened after the sudden power outage and when the breaker got tripped.

We recommend you follow the easy step-by-step guide we will list below to help you inspect the Breakers straightforwardly and efficiently.

  • Step 1: Check the power supply of the switch

check the power supply of the switch

The first thing that you have to do is to locate the breaker box.

You can locate the breaker box around your carriage or the back area of your space because of mostly break-ups are attached in such areas.

So after locating the breaker box, check if the switch is used to power the ecobee thermostat and see that it is in one position. You don’t have to do anything and stop your process right away.

If it’s not powering any energy to the ecobee thermostats and if it is powered off, then shift to the next step.

  • Step 2: Switch flipping

When you see that the switch that was powering the ecobee thermostats is in opposition, you have to sleep it 28 on position again.

If something is faulty in the wiring, it is more than possible that when you turn on the breaker switch, it will turn back ON.

Right the turning on the circuit Breakers switch, make sure that you wait for at least 20 to 30 seconds because if it has to turn off, it will turn off in 30 seconds.

We recommend you wait for at least 2 minutes because the problem is most where the breaker will take up to 2 minutes to turn back on its position.

  • Step 3: Temperature Adjustment

temperature adjustment

In case after waking up for 2 minutes, if it is still turning off constantly, you have to set the temperature adjustment.

The outdoor temperature adjustment is a straightforward and essential step. But after doing it, if still, your circuit breaker is turning back units of position.

Then make up your mind that the situation has worsened, and you have to Contact customer support to help you gather the problem professionally.

Other problems like tripped temperature sensors can also lead to the dysfunctionality of ecobee. So you have to examine the temperature sensor thoroughly.

Ecobee sensor unavailable

Reason 2: Overheated Heater

overheated heater

Another important reason behind not turning on the Ecobee thermostat is an overheated heater.

This problem mainly occurs when we try to shift dieting power in an upward direction, and the ecobee thermostats require enough energy as the newly installed ecobee thermostats, except the guaranteed one will not be able to bear it.

Distances attached to the system will trip down when it deducts overeating. There are many possible reasons through which heater can start overeating.

The most common reason is when filters Get blocked due to the buildup of Dirt and debris. Another common reason is weather changes and dirty air filters.

We have listed these problems in a brief download so you can do such things easily.

  • Examine the dirt buildup

When dirt makes its way onto any component of any appliance or Technology, then that specific appliance will stop working.

The same goes for the ecobee thermostat. When something like that and Everest makes their way onto the air filters, then they need immediately.

Ecobee not cooling to set temperature

Reason 4: Furnace has deficient Power

furnace has deficient power

Sometimes problems could simply lie in the furnace. Most of the time furnace overheats and loses its power.

When the furnace loses its power and gets insufficient voltage, the ecobee sensor will stop transferring power to the thermostat.

When it stops pouring power to the thermostat wires, you must go through a tripped float switch and tripped circuit check. Most people switch the circuit breaker.

It is a myth that the furnace control board will restore power after restarting it. But it is a myth. Tor in the furnace control board, you must buy a power extender kit.

To fight the problem, you must check the blown use furnace control board open and the spare wire. You can also check up on tripped temperature sensor along with the spare wire.

Reason 5: Faulty Wires

faulty wires

Another common reason for ecobee that is not turning on could lie in the wires that get faulty. So you must check the control panel, especially for the wires.

Most of the time, thermostat wires get out of the board, and its incorrect wiring can disturb the system.

So, you have to thoroughly check through the power wire, RC terminal g wire, RC terminal, R RC RH wire, y wire, and any other spare wires that you feel are faulty.

Reason 6: Problematic C wire

problematic c wire

C wire basically works as a power wire for the ecobee thermostat, so if your ecobee comes with the c wire, you must ensure that the c wire is connected correctly with the thermostat pins.

But if by any chance, your ecobee doesn’t work with c wire and does contain any c wire, then we recommend you to check other spare wores that are lying around.

But mosButf of the time, the c wire is the one that is connected to the HVAC system and attached to the HVAC control board.

Also, check other y wires along with the c wires because c wires could also get faulty because of a problem in the spare wires.

Reason 7: HVAC system Problem

Suppose the Supposefety switch with HVAC systems cuts back off for any reason (the most common reason for cutting off his equipment cover panel that stays open).

Then the fuse can be blown out, and a blown fuse can make problems.

In such a case, you can check the HVAC control board and use a power extender kit.

Reason 8: Drain line

drain line

Another problem is the drain line, especially when it gets clogged. A clogged drain line can make tons of problems because of dirt infestation in the thermostat ac unit.

To clear the dirty drain pan, all you have to do is check if the float switch is tripped or infused or if it is tripped. In case of any problem, you have to reset the switch.

If the drain pipe gets clogged, the first thing that you have to do is to clear out the drain pan by emptying it.

Another thing you need to clear out is evaporator coils, as most systems have two drain pans that need immediate action. You just have to run water through the drain pan and then drain it using a vacuum.

This method will possibly clean all the drain pans, and even your tripped float switch or any other dirty evaporator coil will also get cleaned.


If your ecobee is not turning up properly then all you have to do is to look for the reasons behind its dysfitsctionality.

Luckily we have listed many different ways And troubleshooting tips that will help you to identify why your Ecobee was not working correctly.

The most common reasons were this functionality in the cooling systems, problems in the installation settings, water buildup problems with outdoor compressors, and sometimes this alignment of proper terminals.

We have listed different ways you can set your schooling cycle and heating system along with the wire and switches like float switches.

We do hope that the guy that we have provided primarily for you will help you troubleshoot the problem. We are sure that you will be able to set your Eco after going through this article that we have specially compiled for you.