Ecobee sensor unavailable

Ecobee sensor unavailable. Ecobee unit is a home environment control system. It gives you control over your house so you can set the environment to the optimum level that you deserve and desire.

Sometimes the system or the sensor becomes unavailable. Meaning you do not have any access to the device through which you control the environment of your house.

If this happens or any other problem which is likely to arise happens. You need to troubleshoot your environment unit to solve the risen problem.

This will help you know what type of problem you are dealing with. It will also help you find the solution.

Ecobee sensor unavailable

ecobee sensor unavailable

The sensor being unavailable is a problem that has been recorded as the most common problem that might occur in your system.

The problem is usually because of the sensor not being powered enough to give or take a response.

The problem can arise because you have not updated the system, which causes some issues in the sensor. The problem can be that the software is not responding.

Interferences can emerge and cause the dysfunction of your electric device. The whole sensor might not be working. You will need to fix the problems if you want your appliance to work.

Troubleshooting Ecobee sensor

The methods to solve the problem by troubleshooting have been listed down below.

Dead batteries

This can be said to be the most basic problem with any electronic device. You might think that it is not much big of a deal.

But this problem has been reported to be the root of many issues. The batteries could have died due to extensive use.


  • Unscrew the lid of the appliance.
  • Lift the lid up to expose the sensor.
  • On the sides, you will see the batteries.
  • Remove them by gently pulling them.
  • Take the batteries to the market.
  • Make sure to buy compatible batteries that are suitable for your device.
  • Put the new batteries in place of the old ones.
  • Turn on the machine to test its function.

Distance and area

Though the range of the sensors is quite wide, there is also a limit to them. When that limit has approached, the function of the sensor might not be proper as it was before.

The estimated range of the sensor is about 40feet. Sometimes, even in this range, the functioning might not be proper.

Long-distance can also cause the issue of unavailability. You cannot connect to your machine if the range is too much out.


  • Check if the device is connected or not.
  • If not, try connecting with it.
  • The device might not be available.
  • Check the distance from the device.
  • If it exceeds 40 feet, lessen the distance.
  • The distance should be 35 feet for virtuoso performance.
  • If still not connecting, get the device nearer and reconnect.
  • Your device will connect, then you can place it in the range of 35 feet.

Sensor not pairing

sensor not pairing

Distance might not be the sole cause of the device not pairing. The cause can be something else. It can be that the device is broken or the sensor is damaged.

Usually, it is due to the reason software updates. The firmware is upgraded by the company for better functioning and removing bugs.

The update might be made necessary for the device. The sensor will not connect or be available if the system is not updated.


  • Note the serial number and model number somewhere.
  • Call the Ecobee support team.
  • Request firmware updates to update the software.
  • Give them the model number and serial number.
  • They will ask for your email address.
  • Give them the email address.
  • Make sure that your device is functioning properly.
  • Wait for the support team to upgrade your firmware.
  • After the update, turn your device off.
  • Restart the device and try pairing again.

Tips for troubleshooting Sensor

Always check the area and range of the device or sensor. Stay in range so that the device can be paired. Make sure the device is turned on. Check the batteries to see if they need a replacement or not.

Check for broken parts and any other damage. Rest the device if it does not connect. Refresh if the device is not connecting.


The problems with sensors do not usually involve any major issue. Read the guide and follow the steps precisely as listed in the article for a better result.

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