Ecobee not cooling to set temperature

Ecobee not cooling to set temperature. Ecobbe is one of the best brands available in the market nowadays due to its variety of features and eases to use.

It is very disappointing to see the thermostat not responding to your commands because you can not survive in the hot temperature when ecobee does not make cooling at the set temperature.

However, like any electrical device, the ecobee smart thermostat also has some issues, and the most common problem that occurs with this device is ecobee is not cooling to set temperature.

There are a lot of causes for these issues, including power supply issues, dirty evaporator coils, faulty wirings, etc. If you have good electrical skills, you can solve this trouble after reading this post.

Still, if you don’t know how to fix the power supply issue, I suggest you contact a professional electrician to repair the faulty ecobee thermostat.

Ecobee not cooling to set temperature

The primary purpose of the Ecobee is to tell the device when to turn on and when to switch off. The cold or hot air temperature depends upon the device, not the ecobee.

So, if your ecobee is not making enough cooling, check the proper power supply is getting to the air conditioner, empty the power drain, inspect the evaporator coils and wiring, etc.

Let’s look at all the possible reasons for this issue in detail.

Check power supply

check power supply

If you are having issues with the ecobee not making the cooling at required settings, then the first step to check is the power supply.

Open the main circuit box and check the voltage readings because if there is less voltage in the circuit, then the device will not make enough cooling.

In many cases, the ecobee thermostat is thrust into a reboot mode, and it seems to occur due to a low power supply problem. You must fix the electricity issue to get to the required temperature settings.

The only method to sort out this problem is to inspect the power coming from the transformer and check the output from the primary origin.

Another way to find the power supply output is to use a voltage-finding device like a voltmeter or multimeter. Now find the current-voltage and then compare it with the needed voltage written in the manufacturer manual.

Inspect evaporator coils

inspect evaporator coils

If there is no power supply issue and the required power output is present in the circuit yet, you are not getting the required cooling due to the hot temperature outside, then inspect the evaporator coils.

It is essential to clean the evaporator coils regularly because the coils condition of the evaporator coils matters a lot in the efficiency of the ecobee thermostat.

The evaporator coils become frozen or get dirty due to dust and debris.

So, first of all, check if the evaporator coils are frozen or dirty, then clean them properly with soapy water. Hopefully, cleaning the dirty coils will solve the cooling issue.

But, if the evaporator coils are leaking water, then you need to spend a few dollars on replacing the broken sections in the ac unit.

Vacant drain pan

vacant drain pan

A drain pan is an essential part of the air conditioners; therefore, it dramatically influences the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner.

So if the drain pan is full of water and you do not have to unload it, then immediately empty your drain pan. It’s not a difficult task that you have to take help from someone.

Just get through the ac drain pan and clear all the water in the condensed part in a few moments.

Hopefully, the ecobee thermostat cooling problem will be solved after pulling out all the water from the bottom plate.

Inspect the blown fuse

inspect the blown fuse

If your appliance stops cooling, it is very frustrating because it is impossible to survive in extreme weather without an air conditioner.

So, check the blown a fuse whenever you have a cooling issue. Before you open the main circuit box in the home to check the blown a fuse wear safety gloves and shoes to save yourself from electric shock.

Inspect the air conditioner fuse; if it is blown away due to overload or any reason, then replace it to restart the air conditioner.

It is not a big task to change the blown a fuse in a circuit box, and you just need to pull out the damaged fuse and fix the new fuse in the circuit box.

Clear blockages

Ecobee stops making cooling when there is a blockage in the drain line. So, whenever you clear the water from the drain pan, then clearing the obstructions from the drain line is also very important.

The condensed water is also removed when cleaning the drain line debris.

Make sure to switch off the appliance; even better is to unplug the air conditioner. After cleaning the drain lines, completely reset all parts to their actual place.

Repair the frayed wiring

repair the frayed wiring

If you are having issues with the ecobee thermostat, check the c wire of the device because if it becomes damaged, the device stops cooling.

If there is nothing wrong with the air conditioner, your next step is to check the wiring.

Replace the damaged c wire of the appliance only in this case if you are skillful; otherwise, hiring an electrician is the best option.

The professional electrician will also check the other loose connections in the device and repair them efficiently.


The bottom line of the article is that if your ecobee thermostat is malfunctioning and not making enough cooling or not cooling to the set temperature, then check the power supply and blown issue and fix them.

If there is no issue with them, then check the condenser coils, air filters and drain pan and clean them correctly but before that, switch off the power supply for self-safety.

If your ecobee thermostat is still not cooling, then hire a professional to inspect the device deeply.

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