Dyson handheld keeps cutting out

Dyson handheld keeps cutting out. Before going into details, let me explain to you what this issue is. Cutting out of a vacuum cleaner means when you switch on its power to clean the carpet, then after a few seconds, it is automatically switched off.

This issue occurs in cleaners, mostly when something goes wrong with the filter or bin.

First, Inspect the battery of the vacuum. Either the battery is full or not. If its battery is not full, then the problem of pulsing will occur to the cleaner.

If the vacuum is pulsing, then detach its bin. If the problem of pulsing is solved, then surely it is an issue with the bin, like there is some kind of blockages in it which are creating problems to switching on the cleaner.

You can clean the bin and solve the issue. In this article, I have mentioned all possible reasons behind the pulsing of the hoover, so keep reading to get information.

Dyson handheld keeps cutting out

dyson handheld keeps cutting out

It is also called pulsing, which is a very frustrating situation because you can not do the proper cleaning of the surface when it is happening to the cleaner.

Do not throw it out of the home before diagnosing the main problem in it.

Here are some of the causes behind the cutting out of the Dyson handheld. You can easily diagnose the problem after reading these points.

Inspect the battery of the vacuum is full

The first thing to check when the vacuum is pulsing is its battery. It must be fully charged before you turn it on to clean the surface.

It depends upon the model of the unit that how much time it takes to fill its battery. It is very necessary to full the battery before you plug it out from the socket.

  • If you want to get the most use time of the hoover, then its battery should be full.
  • The maximum use time of the hoover is approximately 6 minutes on a full charge, so if you do not charge its battery full, then it will quickly cut out.

Thing to remember

Do not forget to pull out the charger from the outlet before you switch on the Dyson. The reason behind it is that most handheld cleaners do not start when it is still plugged into the outlet.

Remove the blockages in the vacuum

When you see that the vacuum cleaner is pulsing, then if there is no issue with the batter, then check out its bin. Sometimes the blockages of different things like dust, dirt, tools, etc. make it difficult for proper airflow in the unit.

The unit needs proper airflow for proper working, which is not possible when the bin is full of blockages.

So, if you want that your Dyson does not make the problem of cutting out, then detach the bin from the cleaner and empty the bin after every cleaning session. When the bin is empty, then there will be proper airflow in the unit.

Clean the filter

clean the filter

If your cleaner is still cutting out, then the next thing to check is its filter. You will have to remove the filter from the cleaner and then clean it in this way.

  • Firstly, ensure that Dyson is not plugged into the outlet.
  • Detach the filter from the unit and switch on your vacuum,
  • If it is still pulsing, then it demands proper cleaning of the filter.
  • Wash the filter with cold water until all the dust and debris are clear from it.
  • Do not use any type of detergent to wash the filter because it can damage the filter.
  • Leave your filter for one day to dry out completely.
  • Reinstall the filter on your machine and test the cleaner.
  • If the vacuum is not cutting out then congrats, you have solved the issue. But if it is still turning on and off, then there is an issue with the main body, and you will need a new body in this case.

Wipe the dirty contact of the battery

If your hoover is pulsing after five seconds of pressing the trigger, then there is an issue with the dirty and faulty contacts of the battery.

The ability of the battery to charge fully is decreased when it is covered up with dust. It is time to clean the dust from the battery.

  • First of all, pull out the battery from the cleaner
  • Check it from all sides and find any damage on the contacts of the battery.
  •  If the contacts are broken, then you will have to replace them.
  • Use a dry cloth and remove all the dust and debris from the battery.
  • Refix the battery in the Dyson vacuum.
  • Press the power button and check whether the problem is solved or not.
  • If it is still creating the same problem of cutting out, then, you will have to buy a new battery for the cleaner.


Dyson handheld keeps cutting out. The conclusion of the article is that if it keeps cutting out after 2 to 4 seconds after pressing the trigger then mostly it has problems with the battery and filter or bin.

If you maintain the proper cleaning of all these parts of the vacuum, then surely it will not make any issue.

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