Dyson v10 not working after cleaning filter

Dyson v10 not working after cleaning filter Cleaning is an important part of our houses and buildings where we live. We use different means of tools for complete cleanliness.

Dyson v10 is more efficient and quick of all. It has a strong performance on all kinds of surfaces like floor, carpet, etc.

If you are cleaning with Dyson v10 and it has stopped working after cleaning the filter, then there could be many reasons for this problem, like maybe it is not reinstalled correctly. You have not refitted its part at accurate places.

Tor is overheated with continuous use. It is better to take a rest after half an hour to let the machine cool down and then start again.

Dyson v10 not working after cleaning filterdyson v10 not working

Dyson v10 is a very powerful and efficient cleaning machine that helps us to clean the floor in no time, and it can work continuously for up to one hour.

Here are some tips to fix the problem with Dyson v10 cleaners if it is not working after cleaning the filter.

Inaccurate installed filter

If you have opened the machine to clean its filter, then reattach all its parts carefully; if you do not reinstall it accurately, then it will not work. You will have to readjust its cap clockwise until it clinks.

The head of the motor is stopped

If your Dyson v10 is not working after cleaning the filter, then it might be a chance that its motor is completely stopped or failed to work.

Its reason that you have when you reinstalled its parts after cleaning, its motor was still wet when you started it again due to which motor failed to start.

The water inside the cleaner was pulled up by the motor and harmed it and stopped its working. It is very necessary that if you have cleaned your vacuum cleaner or any electrical appliance let it leave for some time to dry out completely; otherwise, water harms the motor of the machine. You will have to replace your motor now because it is failed and damaged.

Stoppages in machine

The vacuum cleaner also stops working. There are stoppages inside the machine-like dust and mud placed on the inner side of the machine.

When there is a blockage in the machine, and you will pull its trigger, then it will pulsate, which is a sign that there is some problem in the machine.

If you will not check the problem, then it is dangerous for the cleaner. The blockage usually comes on the brush bar and inlet.

When you clean the filter of the machine then must completely clean these parts so that there should be no blockage remains on any part.

The filter of the vacuum cleaner is still wet

It is instructed by the company that you must clean the filter with cold water. Most people make the mistake that they don’t wait for the complete drying of the machine and filtering and reinstalling it in no time.

It is not good for the machine because air will not pass through a filter, and you will start it then may damage the machine.

If your vacuum cleaner is not started after reinstalling, remove its filter again and leave it to completely dry out. Remove all the wet and moisture from all the parts and then restart it for a good cleaning session.


Why sometimes it happened the vacuum machine keep starting without pulling the trigger?

It signs that there is some kind of problem inside the body and you will have to consult with experts of a v10 vacuum cleaner.

What is the minimum runtime of the Dyson v10 cleaner?

It has a runtime of 60 minutes which is the maximum of all.


Dyson v10 cleaner is a very good option to clean your carpet and floor but keep cleaning it from time to time so that it works properly.

Make sure one thing in mind when you clean its filter, then wait for someone to let it dry out completely otherwise it will not start the machine and also can name damage the machine due to moisture and wet parts.

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