Dryer keeps tripping breaker

Dryer keeps tripping breaker. Do you prefer to operate your driver with a whole load of clothes? That’s convenient; there are rules associated with every device powered by electricity.

Violating those rules can cause some minor or major problems. The same goes for the dryer’s tripping; there might be a few reasons Why the dryer keeps tripping the breaker?

Dryer keeps tripping breaker
why the dryer keeps tripping the breaker?

Before you start blaming your dryer, we suggest you investigate whether the problem is arising from the circuit breaker or not.

It is a familiar ritual of breakers to wear over time and results in leading you to a point where you will face your dryer keeps tripping breaker within 10 minutes issues regardless f the limited electrical load.

But if you do not find any issue with the circuit breaker, then definitely your dryer is at fault. It will be easier to solve the issue if you catch the leading cause of the tripping.

Dryer Reasons for Keeps Tripping Breaker

Some common reasons are mentioned and defined below. If your circuit breaker is perfectly alright, then it’s time to look for the dryer’s issues.

Internal Short can Have an Issueinternal short can have an issue

The reason for tripping can also initiate from the internal short; a poor door switch, the motor, the timer, and the poor operation of the on/off switch; all these can be the leading cause.

You are required to have an Ohmmeter to investigate the above-mentioned faulty areas. The instrument will help you analyze if there would be any short in these internal components.

If you detect any issue in them, the only option you are left with is replacing them if they aren’t in the condition to repair.

Issues With Heating Element or poor Assemblingissues with heating element or poor assembling

There can be a failure in the heating element of your dryer. It heats the air that circulates in your dryer.

The heater can short-circuit if the heating element fails, causing the dryer to trip the fuse.

You can find the detailed procedure for checking the heating element step by step on the internet.

Moreover, the heating element assembly can also be the cause of your electric dryer’s tripping the breaker.

Occasionally, if the heating element fails, a short circuit in the heater occurs, causing the dryer’s switch to trip.

Unfortunately, in this case, your dryer isn’t working correctly. The multimeter can help you in checking for the assembly of the heating element.

Check for Terminal Blockcheck for terminal block

Electric dryer power cords are attached to a terminal block. Snagged wires on the connection strip can cause sparking, leading to the destruction of the power supply.

This action causes a short circuit in the dryer’s screen, resulting in the dryer’s failure. It’s conceivable, even if it’s not common.

To ease the issue, you must check the loose wires and try tightening them. If you detect arching or the wire attached is shorter in size, you must go for the replacement, as it is the only option to drag the problem away.

Circuit Breaker

After checking all the above components, still, you are left with a dryer that doesn’t work; you must step ahead toward the circuit breaker. If your circuit breaker is 10 to 15 years older, it needs a replacement.

Over time, they become worn out and weak and become the cause of the dryer’s tripping. A qualified technician is required to replace the circuit breaker as it can be a bit dangerous.

Investigate the Drive Motor

Lastly, a bad drive motor could be to blame for the issue at hand. As a result of a problem with the drive motor, an internal short circuit can occur, causing a dryer to trip the switch multiple times.

If you are willing to check the drive motor, you should first ensure the power is not attached to the dryer.

Remove the panels to approach the drive motor; the multimeter will help you test the continuity after locating it.

If you analyze the shorting out of the motor’s windings during the test, you are directed to replace the drive motor.


We hope you find the actual cause of your dryer keeps tripping the breaker, and now you can solve the problem stopping you from using your dryer.

The devices operated by power require gentle care and protection for extended companionship.

The general wear and tear to the circuit breaker of your dryer is a common cause and can easily be solved by replacing it.

There is always a solution to any problem; you just have to reach the leading and actual cause. Without knowing the correct reason for the issue raised, one can never solve the problem.

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