Dryer makes noise when tumbling

Dryer makes noise when tumbling. Due to the large number of moving elements involved in the drying process, tumble dryers are usually pretty loud while in use.

However, if they begin making strange sounds that you aren’t used to hearing, you must determine the source, as an unexpected noise might indicate a problem.

When the drum bearing, drum roller, idler pulley, or drive belt is broken. If the idler pulley is worn or blown, inspect it for damage and replace it.

Damaged drive belts influence the tumbling action as well, and you should repair them before it completely fails.

It’s possible that a noisy dryer is more than simply an annoyance. It might also be an indication of a serious problem.

While many of the probable reasons will necessitate the assistance of a repair specialist, diagnosing the problem will save time and possibly avoid the occurrence of even more serious problems.

Dryer makes noise when tumbling
fix a dryer that makes noise when tumbling

A dryer is a machine or equipment that is used to dry anything, usually laundry.

However, if it starts making noise then it might be disturbing for you as well as for your environment.

So, if you are in search of an article from which you can fix a dryer that makes noise when tumbling, you are in the right place.

We’ve put up a detailed list of the numerous parts that might cause this type of problem, which include:

  1. Drum Bearing
  2. Drum Roller
  3. Idler pulley
  4. Drive Belt
  5. Drive Motor

Drum Bearingdrum bearing

The back of the drum in certain dryers is supported by a bearing.

It can be configured as a ball and socket assembly or as a shaft with a sleeve bushing. A squeaking or screaming noise might indicate a worn bearing.

You’ll need to remove the dryer belt and manually turn the drum to see whether this is the issue.

Replace the drum bearing if it becomes hard and the dryer produces a grinding noise when spinning.

Drum Rollertumble dryer

The drum is supported by several rollers at the front and back of most dryers. These rollers can wear down over time, causing the drum to cease rolling freely.

A screaming or pounding sound indicates that one or more drum rollers have worn flat, snapped, or become stuck.

Examine the rollers for wear now. If one or more of the drum rollers are significantly worn, the complete set will be changed to maintain even wear.

It would be great if a technician could resolve this.

Idler Pulley

When the dryer is loaded, the idler pulley applies tension to the drum belt to prevent it from slipping.

However, as the idler pulley begins to wear because of its high-speed rotation, increasing friction may cause the dryer to squeak or scream.

The dryer makes a pounding noise as it wears down.

To inspect the idler puller, you will need to remove the belt. Any binding, wear, or wobbling will necessitate the replacement of the item.

Drive Belttumbler dryers utilize a belt to revolve the drum

Tumbler dryers utilize a belt to revolve the drum. The long, thin belt completely encircles the drum, tension pulley, and motor.

Unfortunately, as the drive belt ages and wears, it can dry up, fray, and even detach, resulting in the dryer making a pounding noise every time the drum rotates.

To fix this problem, you need to follow two steps:

  1. Remove the front panel of the dryer to examine the drive belt.
  2. Contact a professional to replace it if it shows indications of wear, such as cracking or fraying.

Drive Motordrive motor

Internal bearings in the motor, which allows the drum to revolve, might be damaged or rusted over time owing to dampness and moisture.

When this happens to a motor, it may begin to make a growling sound throughout the drying process.

It is possible to examine the motor’s condition on your own. To begin, remove the outer shell from your tumble dryer.

Once you’ve completed this, turn it on and make sure the sound is coming from the motor.

You’ll have to replace it if that’s the case. Read out if your Samsung dryer not heating


Dryer Makes Noise When Tumbling. In this article, we have explained how to fix your dryer that makes noise when tumbling, by following the steps explained in this very writing, you will be able to resolve your problem.

Fix noisy tumble dryer

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