HBO MAX not working on samsung tv

HBO MAX not working on samsung tv. Samsung is one of the most well-known brands that is widely used by a lot of technology lovers around the world.

From the day they launched TVs, people are loving and used their TVs the most. People love using them as they are great quality-wise, and also they allow their users to watch endless movies and series.

People enjoy the wide range of apps that they provide. There is no doubt that Samsung TVs are great in terms of performance, but like all technological appliances, they can also start glitching at some point.

The most common problem that comes with the Samsung tv is about HBO that HBO max doesn’t work properly.

If you are one of the users who is facing this problem, then we can understand that this is a truly frustrating process.

But you have to keep your frustration in charge and look up to the reasons behind the problem, and they go to solve them.

HBO MAX not working on samsung tv
hbo max not working on samsung tv

there could be many possible reasons that lead Samsung TV to not go with HBO Properly. But we have listed the most common causes along with their solution.

  • A problem with the Wall Socket:
  • The problem with the HBO main servers
  • Outdated Samsung TV
  • Interrupted WIFI signals
  • Interrupted internet speed

These are the most common reasons that don’t let HBO work properly on Samsung TVs.

But we have some solutions so that you can examine them and start streaming your favorite series on your favorite Samsung TV.


Unplug the TV out of the Socket

the very first step that you can take to examine the Samsung tv, that why it is not letting HBO max work properly, is to check the socket that you are using to plus the Samsung tv.

Try removing the plug for a minute or two and then plug it again.

After plunging it again, wait for again minute or two. After waiting for two minutes, turn the tv on. This process is a mini reset process to give your tv a butt rest. We are hoping this helps.

Examine the HBO main servers

If the above step doesn’t go well, then you have to check whether the main server of HBO is working properly or not because sometimes the server goes down, and that becomes the reason for not working HBO.

So the best way to examine the functionality of HBO Servers is to check IF HBO is working on other devices or not.

If HBO max is also not working on the devices, then you have to wait for the servers to come down to normal.

If it is working properly on other devices and not on your Samsung TV, then the problem doesn’t lie in the HBO main server. You have to shift to the next solution.

Uninstall the HBO Max App

The next solution process that you can try out is to check to uninstall the HBO Max and then reinstall it again. You have to follow these simple steps to uninstall HBO Max.

  • Reach out on the HOME screen of your Samsung TV.
  • Look up HBO’s max app.
  • Go down through the apps and check for the SETTINGS option that you can locate in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Select the DELETE option twice to uninstall HBO Max.
  • Turn the TV OFF and then wait for one minute and turn the TV ON again.
  • Reach out to the apps section and simply install the HBO max again.

Factory reset your Samsung TV

Factory resetting your Samsung TV will clear out many problems. You can follow the steps below to reset your Samsung TV.

  • Take the remote in your hand and press the home button.
  • After pressing the home button, you can simply go to the SETTING option.
  • From the setting option, click on Reset, and you are done.

Check for Updates on the Samsung Tv

Many problems with the Samsung TV that frequently occur are because of outdated Samsung.

So you have to simply check for updates for the Samsung iOS, and if you find any, then updating your Samsung TV to the updated version will solve plenty of glitches.

  • Reach out to the option of SETTING.
  • Click on the option of support out of it.
  • Select the SOFTWARE UPDATE option from the menu.

Now your Samsung will automatically start updating itself to its latest model.

Examine the Internet Speed

You can examine the internet speed and see if your internet is working properly or not because sometimes the low-speed internet also stops the different apps around the TV from working, so you have to make sure that your internet is going at full speed.


If your Samsung TV is glitching up and HBO max is not working properly on your Samsung TV, then you have to look up the reasons and their solutions.

Luckily, we have listed possible reasons along with their solution for you so that you can identify the problem and go for its solution.

We hope that the above article will help you to solve the problem, and you can start streaming your favorite movies on HBO max.

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