Cleaning kitchen cabinets with dawn

Cleaning kitchen cabinets with dawn. Cabinets are necessary in the kitchen if we want to keep things in order. They help us in organizing by providing a specific place for specific things. They also help us save time.

But the kitchen is an oily place, and dirt is present as well. This is because we use oil in cooking and the dirt from the dishes combines with it and starts gathering on the cabinets.

The mixture makes nasty stains and also damages the surface.

Cleaning them is necessary, as the stains can cause both embarrassment and irritation. They may also cause disease as they are formed through different things.

So we use different materials to clean them but one material that people have asked about is Dawn. Though it is dishwasher soap it is reliable to clean them.

Let’s see the way for this.

Cleaning kitchen cabinets with dawn

cleaning kitchen cabinets with dawn

Getting the cabinets clean with dishwashing soap like dawn is not a terrible idea. You can actually make this happen.

You just need to know the steps to do this. Start with adding some soap to warm water. Then take a sponge and dip the side that is soft in it.

Now just start rubbing the dipped sponge on the oily stains and dirt that is present on the target. Scrub it using slight force.

Then use a wet cloth to clean them. Dry them at the end with a dry cloth so they don’t get damaged.

Let’s see simple yet proper steps to do this.

Things needed

  • Dawn (dishwashing soap)
  • Sponge
  • Damped cloth
  • Warm water
  • Gloves/Mask
  • Cup


Mixing is the first step. In this step, we form a solution. We first need to fill a cup with hot water. Then, using a spoon, we add the washing soap to it.

One tablespoon should be enough. Then we mix the water. Such that they have completely merged.

Forming bubbles

After mixing is done. You need to dip the sponge into the solution, making leather on the sponge. Squeeze the sponge to observe better.

If the lather is good, then move to the next step, but if it is not, then add some more soap to it. The more lather formed, the better it will absorb the oil, and washing will become easier.


In this step, the actual cleaning starts. But before we start cleaning the whole thing. We need to start by scrubbing a small portion of the area.

With a sponge scrub, a little area back and forth just to test the cleaning.

If it seems to work, then start scrubbing the entire cabinet. Rub the sponge and keep it moving until you are done. If the stains are still stubborn.

Apply a few drops of the soap to the sponge and try again.



If the stains and the oil from the surface have been removed. Take a wet cloth and clean the soap and other remaining residues from the surface.

Wipe them off such that nothing remains on the surface.


After cleaning, use a kitchen towel to dry them. As if they remain wet for a long time, there is a risk of damage.

After drying, you will see that the cabinets are completely clean.

Other ways

If you do not have Dawn available in your house. You can use other methods to do so.



Vinegar is a natural cleaner as the acid it is made of qualifies to be an excellent cleaning agent. Though the use of this is not too recommended, as the acid present in it can damage your doors and the material.

Still, if you want to use it, dilute the vinegar with water.

Then apply it to the surface. Clean in a few minutes so that the stains are removed from it as well. Do not let it stay for too long because of the above reason.

Baking soda

It is also used as a cleaning agent, but like above, the use of this is not recommended. This is because it might cause more damage than an advantage. But if you apply it, that is all on you.

Add it to water and then apply to the surface. Let it stay as it is for a few minutes. Then clean the whole thing by scrubbing it off. Dry the whole thing as soon as possible.

You can use materials like lemon and other cleaners as well. But using washing soap is the best and recommended way. It is safe and easy to apply as well.


Cleaning kitchen cabinets with dawn. Whether you are using baking soda or any other method for cleaning, always bear both pros and the cons of the methods. Make sure that you choose safety first.

Not just for yourself, but for the things that you own as well. However, the use of washing soap is highly recommended in this case.

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