Chefman electric kettle troubleshooting

Chefman electric kettle troubleshooting. It is a very terrible situation if your guests are sitting in the drawing room and your Chefman electric kettle is troubleshooting.

First of all, ensure that you plugged in the kettle properly in the socket or not. It is a good point if this is the reason behind the not working the kettle.

Ensure the outlet is not faulty. Sometimes it is faulty from the main circuit box or due to moisture.

You can confirm it in this way by plugging in the kettle in other outlets in the kitchen and checking that the power light is ON or not. If it is ON, then it is a problem with the socket and not with the kettle.

Now it also depends upon what kind of issue is with the kettle. Either is not turning on. Secondly, it is not boiling the water in it and lasts but not least that it is not switched off.

So there are different reasons for different issues.

Chefman electric kettle troubleshooting

chefman electric kettle troubleshooting

Before using an electric kettle, follow the following instructions.

  • Read out all the key points written in the manual.
  • Pull out the plug after use.
  • Always touch it from the handle and not from the hot spot.
  • Ensure that children don’t touch the electric kettle.
  • Make sure that the power cord is not touching the hot place or hanging from the table.
  • Always use the kettle inside the home.

If you follow the above instructions, then there will be less chance of this problem.

Reset the electric kettle

If you are thinking that the electric kettle is not working at its full potential, then you can reset it in no time because there are very easy steps to follow for resetting an electric kettle.

  • The first thing to do is disconnect the kettle from the outlet by detaching the power cord from the socket for 10 seconds.
  • Plugin the kettle in the outlet after 10 seconds because this is enough for the kettle to auto-reset.
  • Now fill up the kettle with cold water but ensure that it is not overfilled by water.
  • Switch on the kettle from the power button.
  • Hopefully, you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee now.

Gently use the power cord of the unit

It is very necessary to use the power cord gently because if you push the cable hard in the outlet, then it will break down.

Also, take care of the power cord that should not be hanging from the shelf or touching the hot appliance.

The ON/OFF switch is broken

If the power button is broken from inside, then it will not switch ON/OFF the kettle. It will stop the voltage which is applied to the heating element.

The heating element is failed

the heating element is failed

If the electric kettle is not boiling the water, but its switch is ON, then its heating element is damaged and fails to do its job of boiling the water.

The bad thing is that the heating elements can not be replaced or repairable. So it’s time to replace it with a new electric kettle.

Build up of sediments

If you are living in such an area in which the amount of minerals is more in the water, then this hard water is dangerous for all appliances.

Because when there is a build-up of sediments or minerals in the container, then they could damage the heating element and other components of the kettle. So clean your kettle with the help of baking soda solution after one week.

Clean the kettle

The normal life of the kettle is a minimum of 5 years. But you increase its life span by cleaning it properly from the outside and inside.

You can use baking soda and vinegar solution with water to remove the build-up of minerals inside the container.


The bottom line of the article is that once a kettle starts malfunctioning, then you can not do much because it is not a big appliance you can repair.

It is better to use the kettle carefully by cleaning it from the inside and outside properly. Do not waste your money on repairing the kettle because you can buy a new electric kettle by investing some more money.

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