Canning corn without pressure cooker

Canning corn without pressure cooker. Canning is the process of storing the mood material for a long time here, we use the word canning for the storing of corn.

There are many ways that are used for the preservation of the corn, but here the one thing is that you have to preserve the corn except the pressure cooker; the condition is that you can use any other way for canning but not the pressure cooker.

Here maybe the condition is as a person uses the pressure cooker for canning, but he or she has a bad experience, and on the other side you may say that the peoples want to know the new way for the storing or canning of the corn.

Canning corn without pressure cooker

canning corn without pressure cooker

If you are searching for another way to can the corn except for the pressure cooker, so you are in the right place, you must read the given information. I told you that you have to get the complete information you want for your query so let’s come and read:

1. Take the corn

Here you have to take the corn and remove the seeds of the corn from the place where they are naturally attached.

You have to take them out by using the knife or the other ways or maybe by using your hands, and when they are separated, you have to separate them well as they are getting fresh and a bit dry if they are fresh, they are maybe wet.

2. Rinse them and get dry

After separating, you have to rinse them properly with the water for up to two or three or maybe more times in the freshwater.

When you have to rinse them, you have to put them for a little bit dry, and you have to dry them for a small period of time.

3. Put in the hot water

When you rinsed the corn with the freshwater, then you have to put this in hot water and let it soak for 5 to 7 minutes in the boiling water; remind that this water is just for the preparation of the canning. This is not the procedure of cooking corn.

4. Things that are required for canning

Here I am going to tell you about the tools or the things that are required for the canning of the corn are:

  • Corn
  • freshwater
  • Hot water
  • Jars
  • Material that is used for the sealing of the jars
  • Small tub
  • A bowl
  • A knife that you are normally using in your home for cutting the things
  • Magnetic lid lifter
  • Stirrer for the draining
  • A piece of cloth for the cleaning or the towel

5. Take the jar and clean them

You have to take the jars and clean them thoroughly as you have to put the corn in these jars, if the jars are cleaned before your work then you can clean them once more as there may be any drop of water or something may not get entered.

The cleaning of the jar is most important as if you did not clean it, then there must be any type of thing enter in the jar and the cause of the fungi or the bacteria in the jar.

6. Pack the corn in the jars

pack the corn in the jars

Now when your jars are cleaned, and they are ready for packing then you have to put the corn that was soaked in the hot water, and later it is dried.

You have to fill the jars fully with the corn and remember that there is not any extra material that can come and enter the jars and this is the cause of the worse of the corn in the jar.

Completely fill the jars and seal them by using the sealing material. After sealing, the packs are ready for the next step of the canning.

7. Heat the water and wait

Now when the jars are sealed, then you have to put these jars in the hot boiling water, and the fire is also on under the thing that contains this water.

Now put the jars in that water and wait for 10 minutes remember that the water does not enter the jars and the seals are on the distance of the water.

After taking the jars out from the boiling water you have to clean them by using a soft cloth and then take them separately and sit them for almost half a day means 12 to 13 hours.

8. Store these jars

You have to sit the jars for 12 to 13 hours before storing and then store them, the storing of the jars is very important for the preservation of the corn.

This is the best procedure for the canning of the corn without using the pressure cooker, where the pressure cooker is used for the boiling here we use the hot boiling water and the procedure is almost the same as that.

Stay here for the most updated about all of your queries. I am here to fulfill your query, and you are the lucky one who is following my instructions for the solution to your query. Canning corn without a pressure cooker.

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