How to muddle without a muddler

How to muddle without a muddler. Seeing others having different cocktails repeatedly can give rise to you to have it.

I was also one of such people once who never liked to have cocktails, but on repeatedly seeing others drinking cocktails I also wanted to drink it, but I am more into money-saving therefore I was just saving my money.

There was the burning desire to have a cocktail too, but I wanted to make the cocktail of my own.

I looked for the ingredients that it requires me to make and the tool. I got to know that I would be in need of a muddler to muddle the ingredients properly in the glass.

There again I took a pause because I had no muddler in my ownership, so how can I make a cocktail then if I don’t possess a muddler? I had to save money, so I was not willing to buy a muddler. I wanted to make cocktails on my own in any way.

So I finally knew from my friend who has a home bar what alternatives of muddler he uses to muddle ingredients like lime, mint leaves and sugar, etc.

How to muddle without a muddler

how to muddle without a muddler

In this article, I will discuss some of the best alternatives of muddlers to prepare cocktails that are more likely to be present in your kitchen.

You definitely don’t need to go to the market and buy cocktails for yourself and you definitely do not need to go to the market to buy muddler to prepare in your home on your own.

You can enjoy making cocktails on your own if you have a wooden spoon, mortar and pestle, tamper, wooden meat pounder, dowel, and French rolling pin.

Wooden spoon

One of the most common and most available alternatives for muddlers to prepare is a wooden spoon.  99% chances are that you are likely to have it in your kitchen at this very moment.

So don’t worry if you have a wooden spoon in your kitchen. With a wooden spoon you cook a lot of spicy stuff,  it has a lot of species on it as a result, therefore before muddling the ingredients of the cocktail make sure that you have not a single trace of them, even it should not have traces of oil in it if you want to make a perfect cocktail.

If you are using mint leaves in the cocktail, then you must use the tip of the handle of the wooden spoon in order to push the mint leaves deep within the glass.


If you are into the activity of making pickles in your home, then there is a high probability of having a temper within your kitchen because that is most people used to make pickles and sauerkraut.

Not every temper would be the right choice, you must go for a tamper for pastry because that is the most appropriate choice for muddling ingredients of a cocktail.

Use it with handle

If you want to use the tamper to muddle then you have to muddle from holding it from the handle.

Use a clean tamper

Since the tamper was in use to make a lot of stuff in your kitchen, so chances are it would be covered by flours, spices, oil, and other things.

Therefore make sure you removed the traces all of them before you make use of the tamper to muddle so that smell of other things does not mix into your cocktail and as a result it makes your cocktail smell bad.

Wooden meat pounder

wooden meat pounder

Another one of the most effective alternative used by many people who have own home bars is wooden meat pounders.

There are 50:50 probability of having it in your possession. If you have it then keep two points in mind.

Use the handle part

If you have a wooden meat pounder, then definitely you must have used it for the meat, meat can leave its smell on its main part that is used in pounding meat, therefore you must use the handle part in order to make a perfect cocktail in quick time.

Must be clean

Another point that you need to keep in mind before you use it to muddle the ingredients of the cocktail is that you mus clean the wooden meat pounder from all sort of foul smells that it gets from pounding meat.

It would be best to clean it completely even from the handle part because in this way you maximize your efforts to keep the cocktail free from any bad smell.

French rolling pin

If you make pizza on your own then definitely you are familiar with French rolling pin because French rolling pin is used to make pizza dough. French rolling is another suitable alternative for muddler.

In order to make best use of it make sure you must keep one point in mind that is written below.

Keep it clean

You must keep it clean. It can have particles of the flours, spices, and oil on it , therefore you must clean it before you use it as an alternative of muddle so that you can have a cocktail free from the smell of the said items.


How to muddle without a muddler. In this article, you have learned that if you want to do anything on your own, your burning desire for it can help you find ways for it.

I had a burning desire to make a cocktail of my own in any way that’s what helped me in finding alternatives to muddlers that are present in my kitchen, and these alternatives are probably present in your kitchen as well.

The most common of all of them is wooden spoons.

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