Breville barista express troubleshooting

Breville barista express troubleshooting. Breville Barista is a machine or device that has the accessibility of making Americano, which is coffee. It is such a device from which the coffee cannot be dropped or poured directly from the device.

You can make various types of coffee through this device. This device is not completely automatic. Rather, it is semi-automatic.

It should be cleaned properly and maintained as well. It can be damaged if it is not maintained. Because of this problem, coffee will not brew properly, or the coffee will be burned.

Breville barista express troubleshooting

breville barista express troubleshooting

Like, all the other appliances, flaws can be found in this device as well. The water might not be coming into the mixer as it might be blocked.

Beans are not being completely mashed. The coffee is not made well enough, or it smells. Troubleshooting these problems is not a hard task.

The problems can be internal and external. Let us thoroughly discuss them:

Breville water reservoir blocked

One of the common yet a problem very difficult to trace is the water reservoir being blocked. When the resolver is blocked, the water cannot flow through it.

This problem occurs when the air heated inside the boiler puts pressure on the pump carrying the water. The consequence of this is the pump is locked.

  • The fix to this is easy. You need o let the Barista express cool down a bit.
  • Leave it for about minutes, and it will probably cool down.
  • Make sure the head is clean, and always put a cup so that the coffee might not spill.

Improper heating of the machine

Sometimes the machine is not heating up at all or heating properly. This can be caused by a lot of reasons. It can be caused if the thermostat is not working.

The switch might be out of work. The board might have been short.

  • To fix this, let’s start with the switch.
  • Try fixing the switch or rather replace the switch with a new one.
  • If the switch is working, check if the machine is on.
  • Check to see if the board is on or not. You can do this by checking if the lights on the machine are on.
  • If not, you might have to change the board.
  • The problem might be with the thermostat, as it controls the heat in the machine. It might not be working properly, so proper heating is not occurring.
  • Replace the thermostat if the device is not heating properly.

Burnt coffee taste

burnt coffee taste

Sometimes the coffee might taste odd to you. It might be caused due to the over-extraction of beans. The water might have been boiled simultaneously, and this might have caused the coffee to scorch.

It can also be due to the use of the machine without the lid. This can make the coffee bitter. That might be the reason the coffee tastes burned.

The problem is easily solved by crushed beans. Slightly crushing them will let you get a better flavor when mixed with water.

And always put the lid on while making the coffee. This will make sure that your coffee is not bitter.

Milk Frother not working

Your coffee tastes better with foamed milk on the top. But if the steam wand of your device is not able to produce good Milk Frother. The coffee will probably not have that good taste. This problem arises with the malfunction of the machine.

  • To fix this, always make sure that you are using fresh beans and that they are properly slightly ground.
  • The water temperature should be right, not too hot or cold.
  • This might also be because your equipment not working properly to make the cream from milk.

Damaged filter basket

A damaged filter basket is also the reason for your device not working properly. The basket might be broken or cracked.

This problem is easiest to fix as you just need to replace the basket with a good one and you are good to go. You should also clean the basket properly for the long life of the basket and the whole machine.


Is making regular coffee possible with the Breville barista express?

Yes, it is quite possible to make regular coffee with this device. The coffee will also be in a rich flavor.

Is Breville a good choice?

Yes, it is a good choice as the products manufactured by this company are of excellent quality and good in price as well.


Breville barista express troubleshooting. The advantages and also disadvantages of this device depend upon the purpose you are using it for. The device is quite handy if you want a good cup of coffee. It is also easy to use.

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