Best portable evaporative cooler consumer reports

Best portable evaporative cooler consumer reports. Evaporative air coolers are evaporating air conditioning systems. A fan draws a wet media pad within the machine. The air is warm and muggy. The hot air rapidly warms the top layer of humidity, so the water evaporates, and the temperature falls by approximately 20 degrees in the cooling system.

The same fan draws in a warm, ambient atmosphere and creates constant air circulation through the wet bag and into the direct proximity, exposing the cool, humid air from the unit.

These machines use less energy than a conventional air conditioner since they continue operating just a fan. The liquid for the pad is loaded by an inner cylinder whenever the levels are too low to reduce the temperature correctly.

Read essential things about purchasing and verify several of the best models available if an evaporative air cooler may seem like an intelligent, cost-cutting and solution to your household. Let’s look at some of the Best Portable Evaporative Cooler lists in the market and compare their features and price.

Out of some of the Best Portable Evaporative Coolers in the market. We have chosen one as our top pick after looking at the features that it has to offer. Plus, comparison with its competitors and their price tag, not only that, we take customer reviews under consideration.

We suggest you buy Hessaire MC18M Portable Evaporative Cooler as it has got all the necessary features which are most sought after by the customers.

6 Best portable evaporative cooler consumer reports

Let’s have a comparative look at some of the Best Portable Evaporative Coolers available in the market.

1. Hessaire Best portable evaporative cooler consumer reports

The best-selling portable evaporative air coolers are the MC18 series Hessaire Coolers, offering 1,300 CFM of excellent airflow up to 500 sq ft. It can be moved easily anywhere by weighing just 16 lbs.hessaire portable evaporative cooler

It has an easy-to-lift handle and wheels. It operates in vehicles with a 115V power supply for tailgate and camping cooling with a higher efficiency 0.7A oscillation motor, it is an ideal choice for spot cooling.


Four heavy-duty rods are perfect for indoor/outdoor spaces use up to 500 m2

28x22x12 cm weighing 16 lbs (filled); 1,300 cubic feet(CFM) per minute with manually adjustable loops that can direct airflow up and down simultaneously, it has 1.8 gallon water tank size with 3 fan speed.

Face To Operate & Night Simple 

Intuitive motor speed dial operation with five adjustments: 2 HI and LOW modes for cooling, 2 HI and LOW modes (pump on) (pump off)

Use the Continuous Fill Option to connect a household shell to the tank level without any monitoring using the included brass float adapter and float valve.

Adjustable Louvres

The front grill is manually adjustable and can be moved for pushing air up and down simultaneously. This feature is excellent for drying and personal cooling floors. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Available in 3 colors
  • Comfort and quiet
  • less noice then traditional ac unit


  • Heavy and bulky


Indicator Water level: Know how much water to insert and where the water level is using the water level indicator. ABS with UV additives for outdoor exposure to sunlight is the injector body of the portable swamp cooler. A good option for many people seeking a peaceful and ambient environment as its features provides all that.

2. Evapolar Evaporative Air Cooler

Eva chill is Eva polar’s customized air conditioner. Elegant, light design is associated with advanced functionality that gives a sense of pureness and lightness.evapolar evaporative air cooler

Eva breeze, also used at Eva chill, might not be the most energy-efficient, but also the safe concept of evaporative conditioning combined with the inventive inorganic fiber cartridge.

The highly developed and simultaneous cooling system has a low-level design


Eva CHILL cools and humidifies the air and works as a bonus for your sleep as a night light. You do not need more than one air conditioner.

SAFE 100% for breezing

100% secure: Eva Breeze, the new evaporative material we use, does not convey any organic materials, does not rot, does not use toxic-free liquids.


Refreshes the front of the device area (45 sq. ft). System leakage proof & intuitive and user control pad are easy to understand. Enlarged water tank, increase the time to 9 hours of air conditioning. Check Price on eBay.


  •    Anti-fatigue
  • best for indoorair conditioning
  • Simple to use
  • batter air conditioning and cooler air


  • Less warrenty
  • power bank option not available


It is a uniquely designed water that is most excellent to make your living more peaceful and better: a highly reviewed product, fantastic feature, worth its price.

3. Honeywell Portable Evaporative Cooler

Cooling or cooling indoor evaporative air is Ideal for southwest and Midwest use in the United States. Performs best in warm/dry air climates with <50 percent moisture content; a good choice for swamp portable evaporative cooler

During the winter months moist, cold air can cool you down and humidify you.

Remote control feature is very useful at times, energy efficiency timer will also assist you in your sleeping schedule and work schedule, caster wheels for comfortable moving.

Honeywell Honeycomb Cooling Pad is an innovation at its best, highly recommended by its customers.

No-Sweat Bills for Energy

The cooler is a model for energy-efficient cooling with an energy consumption range from 7.4 W to 32 W from low to high in result it reduces electricity bills furthermore it has a good cooling capacity.

Easy mobility portable and lightweight. You can play at home and office with just 12 lbs and smooth gliding rubber wheels, outdoor fans help to circulate warm air for custom cooling.

Whisper-quiet, discreet enginef

The portable clean air powerful cooler is well suited for the dormitory and has a 24 dBA sleeping background murmur. it has 3 to 5 fan speed. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Five Speed Settings
  • Safeguards against Contaminants
  • Convenient Remote Control


  • Bulky


No-Compressor Air Cooler reduces the air temperature by evaporating water. Ideal for small areas like bed, use as desk fan, sofa, table, and small spot coolers.

Patented Brushless engine technology that features 5 low speeds energy consumption and sound level reduced to the lowest speed – Ideal for long hours of comfort at night. Super low power (single 32 W at the highest speed). A great option for many,By comparison, the best window air conditioners can take longer to room cool.

4. NewAir Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

With the power of evaporative cooling, you can stay cool in a hot, dry heat climate. You can lower the inside temperature by up to 20 degrees and keep cool circulating air all hot summer days long with the AF-1000.newair portable evaporative air cooler

You’ll never have to worry about your cooler running out of water with an extra-large 5.3-gallon water tank. It’s simple to fill the tank from the side and drain it as needed.

No chemical refrigerants are used in this evaporative cooler. Enjoy energy savings, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint all at the same time.


This cooling and remotely controlled tower fan offers two cooling types. This fan comes with a convenient timer and remote control which most evaporative coolers don’t have.


Take the climate control using clean evaporation instead of freon and other chemicals. This portable air conditioner has quality material for you to be comfortable throughout the day. This air humidifier is a reputable brand with high-quality products and excellent customer service. Check Price on eBay.


  • Banish hot spots forever
  • Convenient cord wrapper and smooth-rolling casters
  • Convenient remote control


  • No cons


Great product, very highly rated by its users. Its features are amazing, cooler air is an innovation in the industry.

5. Honeywell Best portable evaporative cooler consumer reports

This weatherproof outdoor evaporative cooler is designed to keep your medium-sized leisure spaces cool. The device is conveniently moveable for varied cooling on backyard decks, outdoor patios, sunrooms, and inside living portable evaporative cooler consumer reports

The CO30XE is programmable for ideal air comfort, featuring an icebox for ice packs, body-level air throw, caster wheels, and humidity control to regulate moisture output.

18″ W 13.8″ D 33.7″ H | Product Dimensions; 24.9-pound product weight

For areas up to 320 sq. ft., this product is recommended.


Honeywell Swamp Cooler is a US-compliant, outdoor-rated cooler with UV-resistant material and a GFCI cord for safe outside use.

The cool air product is a sturdy addition to any outdoor furniture collection, being both durable and braced to weather the elements.


Without sprinkling the floor or furniture with water, moist air can keep you cool. Honeywell Air Coolers have been leading the industry with their excellent products for over 12 years, and they are built to last.

Water Tank Can Be Removed for Easier Operation. The big 7.9-gallon tank may be readily removed for water filling and maintenance.

Remote Control That Is Easy To Use

Use the full-featured remote control without getting out of your deck chair, hammock, or couch. Put it in a box and forget about it. Set the timer for unattended operation and program it for up to 7.5 hours.


  • Smartly-designed air vents flexible
  • Three humidity settings
  • Durable


  • No cons


Designed to keep huge places cool with little effort! Powerful evaporative cooling all day thanks to a top-loading add ice container with a continuous water hose connection and triple-sided Honeywell Honeycomb Cooling Pads.

Evaporative Air Cooler reduces temperature by evaporating water, similar to a nice lake breeze. Wonderful features in an amazing product by a great company.

6. DeLonghi America Portable Evaporative Cooler

Breathe easy: naturally humidifies, cleans, and circulates the air around you to improve air quality. The system’s fuel is a removable, 4.5-liter water reservoir that is simple to fill, clean, and drain.delonghi america portable evaporative cooler

Its basic, yet effective way of operation, which does not require the use of a compressor, uses very little electricity,however, it requires a steady flow of water.

It is Energy-conserving, the lack of a compressor eliminates the requirement for the refrigerant found in standard air conditioners.


Thanks to its basic yet effective operation without the use of a compressor, it requires very little electricity. Because there is no compressor, no chemical refrigerant is required, as in regular air conditioners.

Control at your fingertips

With an easy-to-read display on top of the unit and on the remote control, you can access all major functions and features. Improve air quality by humidifying the air naturally and assisting in the cleaning and better circulation of the air around you.

You can use a 24-hour timer to schedule shutoff to fit your demands and lifestyle.

Faster Cooldown

Keep the provided ice pack frozen until needed, then place it in the tank to chill the water and speed up the cooling process, it has a big cooling capacity.


  • Compact
  • Effective Air Circulation
  • Control At Your Fingertips


  • Expensive
  • oscillating louvers not available


Easy transfer from one room to another is made possible by the small, lightweight design and durable casters—the built-in ionizer aids in the purification of stagnant indoor air. Overall, fantastic product with very high reviews by its users.


The items on this list were selected based on their capabilities and functionality, as well as their affordability, size, and customer reviews. They are ideal for use in offices, living rooms, dorm rooms, kitchens, basements, and other areas where temperature control is required.

We hope that we have reviewed the Best Portable Evaporative swamp portable Coolers in the market and provide you with a better understanding of the products in this industry so you can choose from best evaporative coolers.


Is an evaporative cooler better than a portable air conditioner?

Evaporative swamp coolers provide effective cooling while using less energy but portable air conditioners require less maintenance.

How long does it take for evaporative coolers to work?

But if you wait about 5 – 15 minutes before filling this best evaporative cooler will be ready to go.

How Do Swamp Coolers Work?

They utilize moisture from wet pads on the outside of an evaporative cooler to lower its temperature as well as it is the best cooling option for those who live there by removing surplus humidity from the air within their house or business facility.

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