Aroma rice cooker not working

Aroma rice cooker not working. Aroma rice cooker is a cooker built specially to cook rice. It is an advanced type of rice cooker. It is a device that quickly cooks rice. The device is used for cooking rice faster and better.

You just need to pour the ingredients. It takes about only 10 minutes for the rice to be cooked in a rice cooker. The ingredients can be used in the normal order.

This makes the device easier to be used by a normal untrained function. You can adjust the level of heat and amount of time required for the cooking through its keypad control panel.

The problems that can make the aroma rice cooker are usually related to the power. The power is too much, or lack of it, is the basis of it.

Aroma rice cooker not working

aroma rice cooker not working

Because of regular and excessive use, the Aroma cooker is going to get out of order. It may be soon, or it can be late.

The Aroma cooker not working is a very common issue. This issue is caused by various reasons.

Like the power not being enough. The power not reaching the appliance. The circuit of the appliance is short. Solutions can be used to resolve the problems that may occur.

Reason for cooker not working

Like I have said before, There can be various reasons that the Aroma rice cooker is not working. The problems related to it are listed down, as ways to solve the problems as well.

Changing battery

Batteries support the rice cookers. They supply the required power to the cooker to make the cooker work. Most functions of the cooker are set on battery power. So if the battery is out of order, you need to change the batteries.

The batteries are lithium batteries and can be found in almost every electronic store. But remember to check the battery. If it fits and is compatible with your device, you can use it. If not, get the ones that suit your device and work properly.

Power supply

Power is the main thing needed for every electronic device to function. You need some kind of power to start and help the device function. The power is supplied by the power board. It’s a big issue for the device if the power isn’t being supplied.

The issue can arise if the wires or the board are damaged. This may also occur if you are experiencing a blackout. Just fixing the wires and waiting for the blackout to vanish is the way to fix this problem.

Thermal fuse

thermal fuse

A thermal fuse is a temperature-sensitive fuse. It keeps the temperature in check.

Meaning it melts when the temperature is a limit above the level it can control or withstand. It is installed in the device for safety.

It makes sure that the device is not a safety hazard. If the fuse has melted, then wait for the device to cool down and change the thermal fuse.

Broken circuit

If the power is being supplied properly and the device is still not working when you push the power button. It shows that there is a problem with the internal circuit.

The circuit might be broken, or the connections inside might have been disrupted. So just check the circuit for the fault and get it repaired.

Burnt light bulb

Sometimes the rice cooker is working, but we do not know that. This is caused because of a misunderstanding which is that the light bulbs that show the rice is being cooked in the device are not working.

This can be a big problem. The rice might burn. What you need to do is replace the bulbs or get them repaired. The bulbs are not expensive and can be bought easily at a store.

Leakage of steam

leakage of steam

The leakage of steam is a big problem as it slows the cooking speed of the rice. The problem can be caused by food being stuck and causing a blockage.

It can also be caused if there are any holes present in the rim. If there are holes or the blockage of food, you will notice the leakage of steam from the crock-pot.

The way to solve the problem is to clean your rim and the gasket so that no food is stuck in them.

Also, close the holes through which the steam might be leaking. You can do this with the use of glue.


Why is my rice cooker not working?

The rice cooker might not be working because of power, broken circuits, and some other issues. The problems are not that many, so it is easy to repair them.

Why should I clean my Aroma rice cleaner?

The Aroma rice cleaner should be cleaned and maintained because if the food gets stuck in it. There might be leakage of steam from it.


Aroma rice cooker not working. The ways to repair the Aroma rice cleaner are of good number as well as they are easy. So you should not panic if any problem arises with it.

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