Air return without filter

Air return without filter. Air is the basic need for living. Living creatures living on land cannot survive without air. It is like a balloon around the globe that covers the whole globe.

Due to modernization in the world, cars and vehicles are made which emit carbon and other hazardous gases which are causing air pollution.

There have been a lot of industries made by humans in the last few decades. These industries release a lot of hazardous gases into the air and chemicals on open ground.

To prevent inhaling these chemicals, we should use air filters at every entrance of your home. By using them, you can filter the air coming into your home and can have good quality air to inhale.

Air return without filterair return without filter 2022

factories, industries, and carbon emission vehicles on the road, our air is polluted up to a large extent. AC and refrigerators release greenhouse gases.

Due to these factors, a lot of allergens and pollutants are in the air, and if a normal person regularly inhales them, then he may face the diseases such as asthma, dry eyes, and coughing, which may lead to permanent inhale problem.

At the entrance of houses

Air filters should be installed at the entrance of houses or offices and should be installed in the heating and cooling system of your house or office.

It should be installed where the owner can easily reach it and in a place where should not be any moisture. We can also filter the air inside the house by using the gadget known as an air purifier.

Installation of air filtersinstallation of air filters

To overcome this problem, we should install air filters on each and every entrance of our house and office.

Their advantage will be that those air filters on the entrance will filter the hazardous allergens and pollutants and will allow the pure air or air having allergens to a very small extent, and that air will lead to healthy life instead of diseases.

Location of the air filter

On the installation of an air filter, we must keep in mind that we should apply an air filter in those locations where the air is coming in from the outside. Otherwise, its purpose will be wasted.

If we do not apply an air filter at the entrance of buildings, then we will face a lot of problems such as building temperature will rise, and it will also increase the diseases in the human body such as asthma, coughing, sour throat, and different allergies. It may also affect the color shades in the house.

Increase in temperature

Unfiltered air will increase the temperature of our building. Because in them, unfiltered air, greenhouse gases, and carbons are present, which traps the heat and causes an increase in temperature.

Increase the chances of disease

Unfiltered air has lots of allergens and pollutants in it; if a normal person inhales it regularly, then as a result, he will face the consequences in the form of diseases such as asthma, coughing, sore throat, eye allergies, etc.

Destroy the inner beauty of the house

As we all know that polluted air has dust particles in huge numbers due to the moving of vehicles dust blows and as a result air is polluted and when this air has dust particles and also chemicals from factories enter into.

The house dust particles stick on the paint, and chemicals react with the paint, and as a result, the original shade and beauty of the paint destroy.


How can we filter air at a low cost?

We can filter air at a low cost by installing the air filters at the entrance of the air in the house, and also we can use an electronic device known as an air purifier.

After how much time should we change our cotton air filters?

We should change our cotton air filter maximum after 2 months these are not too much expensive that no one can afford.


Our air quality is very low so if we will not install an air filter, then air will return without filtering, which leads to diseases and also destroys the inner beauty of buildings.

It is important to install filters at the places where the air comes into the houses, especially the entrance.

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