Lawn mower starts with starter fluid then dies

Lawn mower starts with starter fluid then dies. The lawn mower starts and works with starter fluid and dies later because the filter of the mower is clogged.

The mower’s carburetor can be a factor. The oil and gas you are using are bad and not suitable for the mower you are using.

My mower would start only with the help of starter fluid, and it would only work till the starter fluid lasted, and then the mower would stop working.

I was bidding my mower goodbye, but then I thought about my free time and no plans for the weekend and kept it.

On the weekend, I inspected the mower and troubleshot why the mower was only working with the starter fluid and then going out of use. I fixed my mower, and the mower works without the starter fluid as well.

Lawn mower starts with starter fluid then diesmower starts with starter fluid then dies

The lawn mower is a necessity that gardeners love, and the mower saves time.

But the mower sometimes becomes dependent on the starter fluid, and it shuts off after the liquid in it is finished. The liquid is only for temporary working.

The reason the lawn mower doesn’t work is because of the spark plug. The spark plug can deal with clogs.

The fuel is not reaching very well. The gas fuel has gone bad and is not letting the mower live. The mower can also die if it has a bad motor, meaning a faulty motor. Read more below!

Bad/wrong Gas

Gas is an important factor for the mower to run. The gas mower is not going to behave well if the mower is used wrongly.

Wrongly, the term refers to fuel. The wrong type of gas or fuel can be the cause of your mower’s issue.

Check the mower’s brand and model to see if the fuel you are using matches it. The fuel will not work even if the right fuel is used sometimes. The problem with the right fuel is it is bad and non-useable.

Like before, check the type of fuel you are using. The mower might run on gas, and you may be using the fuel in liquid form to run it.

The wrong type of fuel will not match the mower’s motor, and even with too much fuel, it will not work. If the mower matches the fuel and still doesn’t work, then the fuel you are using has gone bad.

Some types of fuels, or rather most of the fuels, are unable to hold because of the addition of other chemicals in them. So change the mower’s fuel and start the function.

Low fuellow fuel

The fuel issue of the mower may not have been as dire as we thought.

The fuel of the mower may be correct, and the fuel may not have gone bad either, but something about the fuel is still the factor that’s not getting the mower to work.

The reason the mower with correct and good fuel doesn’t work is because of the fuel’s quantity.

Either the fuel in the mower is too low for the mower to work without the starter fluid or the fuel is too much and causing an overflow of the fuel and making the mower go out of work.

If the fuel inside the mower is too low or even if the fuel is too much, the starter fluid will be used first, and then the low fuel will shut the mower. Overflow of the fuel may not even let the starter fluid work.

Unadjusted carburetor

The place of the carburetor is very important as the carburetor is going to make the mower work. However, the carburetor is going to help your mower to start and even work.

The problem with the mower’s carburetor is very big. The carburetor needs to be fixed properly, and it should be adjusted if you expect the mower to work.

The starter fuel may go on with an unadjusted carburetor, but after the starter fuel has gone all out, the carburetor will stop working.

Check the carburetor. Mostly there isn’t fault with the carburetor. 90 percent of the time, the carbonator is not adjusted right.

By not adjusting it right, it doesn’t only mean that you have not attached it right. But with time, the carbonator has gone loose.

The inadequate stream doesn’t let the mower work properly. Check the carburetor. If it’s loose and not adjusted properly, fix the adjustment.

Carburetor bowl issue

The carburetor mostly comes with a bowl that is present bowl them, and the bowl has a gap underneath with screws. The screws keep the bowl of the carburetor in a single place.

The screw is very important as the discuss passes through the screw, and without the screw, the passing of it becomes very difficult.

If the passing is difficult, then the power won’t be combined in the carburetor, and the motor won’t run.

The descending development of the gas is not controlled at all. The gap underneath the screw should be cleaned to bring back the flow. Carburetor cleaners are available that can open this gap.

You can splash the carburetor cleaner on the gap and get the carburetor’s bowl working again.

Use a brush or something that can help in clearing the gap and restoring the gap of the carburetor completely. Try to avoid intemperate fixing, or the seal will not hold and break.

Dirty carburetordirty carburetor

The carburetor bowl is one thing. Moving back to the carburetor. If the carburetor was attached perfectly and it was not loose, then check the carburetor for clogs.

The clogs in the carburetor are pretty common. If the carburetor is fit, then there is a high chance that the carburetor is loose.

Check the carburetor of your mower and see if there is dirt in it. The dirt can be further, so check and make sure you get to all the dirt. Now get a carburetor cleaner and make the carburetor completely clean.

Broken carburetor

If the carburetor was fixed, and even if there wasn’t dirt in the carburetor. The carburetor may be worn out or may have seen other faults.

The carburetor can break as well. If you have a carburetor that doesn’t work even fixing the above problems, then carburetor problems are going to be immense.

The carburetor problems by immense means that the faults in the carburetor cannot be fixed. With time the carburetor becomes out of order.

The carburetor cannot hold after years of conti0nus work, or some external reason can break the carburetor completely. Replace the carburetor if it is worn out or broken by any chance.


If your mower doesn’t work after the starter fuel in the mower has burned, then you can try checking the mower for the above issues.

The above issues are like a proper troubleshooting guide that has been fixed with them. Thanks for reading!

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