How to wash rugs in washing machine

How to wash rugs in washing machine. Are you tired of cleaning dirty rugs and mats manually? Or Is Vacuuming the mat isn’t enough for stains?

Or does washing rugs in the machine seem difficult?

If yes!

How to wash rugs in washing machinewash rugs in washing machine

Then we are here bringing for you the best solutions, with some methods you will need, cleaning rugs in the washing machine.

Nothing seems impossible unless done in the right way.

1. Label Claim

  • Every rug got its label, and before washing it, go thoroughly through the label claim.
  • The manufacturer shall have mentioned whether your rug is washable or in need of a dry cleaner.
  • If the rug is vulnerable or the label writing isn’t visible, go for a quality check of the material used.
  • Identify whether it’s washable or not.

2. Selection of Rug

Rugs made of cotton, synthetic fiber, woven, braided, and polyester are less prone to damage in machines. So such types of rugs can be termed washable rugs.

There might be some rugs that get ruined in the washing machine. Rugs made of wool and silk are not suited for washing.

Washing these rugs may cause

  1. Color bleaching
  2. Fiber damage
  3. Less life span
  4. Quality affected

For such kinds of rugs, be careful before washing them.

3. Pre exquisite

A. Dirt Removal

  • Take the selected rug and shake it or give it a blow to remove all the dirt and dust for it.
  • This debris cause damage to the machine. So before placing it in the washing machine, give it some hard time by beating and shaking it.
  • Once all the dust, and debris is removed, the rug is ready for the next step.

B. Stain Removal

  • As the rug is now dirt-free, check for stains.
  • Take some detergent and apply it to the site where any stain exists.
  • Stains may be either of any drink, food, animal mishaps, etc.
  • Rub the site of the stain. Leave t for half an hour.

4. Loading the Washing Machine

  • There are two types of machines front load and top load washing machines.
  • Select the one that you own.
  • Now follow the method accordingly to the machine type.

a. Top Load Washing Machine

For the top load machine, place the rug in the center of the washing machine. Remember to add it evenly in all directions. The addition of an extra towel will enhance the cleaning and maintain balance.

b. Front Load Washing Machine

For the front load, you need to add either two rugs of similar size or Place them with a towel to enhance the cleaning procedure.

5. Rug Washing Procedure

  • After placing the rug in the machine, add cold water to it.
  • Don’t use hot water may destroy rug quality.
  • Add some detergent to it.
  • Remember not to add too much. Rugs require less detergent as compared to daily laundry.
  • Add oxygen-based bleach.
  • They give a bright, shiny look to the rugs.
  • Avoid using chlorine bleach. Rugs are sensitive to these bleached and may ruin the rug fiber and quality.
  • Start the machine and leave it for a couple of minutes for proper cleaning.
  • Take it out and wash it using water.

Air Drying the Rugair drying the rug

  • Once you end up cleaning and washing, place the rug for air drying.
  • Place it on a fence to get even drying.
  • It may take a long so be patient.
  • Avoid the use of a drier, the rubber in the rugs might get damaged.
  • Don’t place the rug directly under sunlight chances are that the color might get fade.


All you need is the proper selection of rug, machine, and method for the cleaning process. Following all the instructions will make the process more effective.

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