Water hammer arrestor not working

Water hammer arrestor not working. A Water hammer arrestor can work very efficiently if installed correctly. A water hammer arrestor essentially works great for about three to four years.

Malfunctioning before this period is the indication of a premature problem within the water hammer arrestor.

Water hammer arrestor not workingwater hammer arrestor not working 2021

Reasons for Damage

There are a few reasons why a water hammer Arrestor can be damaged.


It can be either due to being waterlogged, which may be caused by the air mixing with moisture.

This can happen more commonly if the water hammer arrestor does not move so it does not wear out.

High water pressure

Another reason can be the high pressure of water running through these pipes.

This high pressure of water prevents the water hammer arrestor from working correctly. At a pressure of about 50 to 60 psi, the water hammer arrestor will not do much work.

Moving parts

If a water hammer arrestor has moving parts, the wear of those parts can also cause a malfunction in the water hammer arrestor.

Fixing the damage:

Different methods can fix the damage. The fixing requires knowing the problem before actually fixing it. The ways it can be fixed are:

Fine-tune the pressure reduction valves

One of the most common ways of fixing the water hammer arrestor is fixing the pressure reduction valves.

Too much water pressure can damage the water hammer arrestor and hence needs to be kept an eye on. The pressure settings need to be about 50 psi or even lower than 50 psi.

Tightening water supply lines

Loose water supply lines can be a big contributor to the damage of a water hammer arrestor. The straps of pipe restraints are not always tight enough for the water hammer arrestor not to be damaged.

The straps are tightened and checked to reduce the water hammer, so neither the water hammer is damaged nor the water hammer is heard. Padded pipes can also be used for fewer water vibrations.

Metal straps are not to be used with copper pipes because they can cause the process of galvanizing, which is not a good idea for water hammering.

Tools required

Most of these types of fixes require some types of tools, such as the screwdriver or a wrench, padded pipe straps, or screws.

Do water hammer arrestors work?

However, these couplings do not work for long as they immediately start filling with water again. Air chambers are fairly easy to install, relatively inexpensive, and effective at stopping water from hammering pipes.

How many water hammer arrestors do I need?

The placement of a hammer arrestor can be tricky. The best place to put one depends on the piping itself, so it’s important to consider where the pump is, what the pipe’s bends are like, and how difficult it will be to link everything together.

Do water hammer arrestors wear out?

Chamber-style water hammers rarely, if ever, need replacing and are guaranteed for the life of the plumbing.

Piston-type water hammer arrestors are mechanical devices and are prone to failure without notice. Replacement intervals are impossible to predict because of a variety of factors.


Water hammer arrestor not working. If any of the above fixes do not work, the water hammer arrestor cannot work, and it needs to be replaced.

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