Well pump runs but no water pressure

Well pump runs but no water pressure. The pressure switch is an integral part of the good pump system of a private house.

The pressure switch controls the operation of the good pump, which supplies water to the home.

The pressure switch is comprised of an internal spring mechanism that is directly connected to a set of electrical contacts. Over time, the spring mechanism weakens, along with an electrical malfunction of the contacts.

Well pump runs but no water pressureHow To Tell If Well Pump Pressure Switch Is Bad

How to Tell If Well Pump Pressure Switch Is Bad.

  • The pump works well, but the water pressure is weak.
  • The pump does not turn on and refuses to supply water.
  • The water pump works fine, but the pump turns on and off almost immediately.

Other common problems with the pump pressure switch are:

The switch does not turn on or offThe Switch Does Not Turn On Or Off

If your water pump is not generating the correct amount of pressure, it will not tell the pressure switch to turn it off or on. Other than the pump, see if the pressure gauge is working. 

The switch goes on and off repeatedly

If your pump seems to be repeating its cycle, a few of the common causes are a ruptured bladder in the tank that needs to be replaced.

Also, check if the switch has not been damaged by continuous cycling.

Also, leaks in your pumping system can cause the pressure switch to continue on repeated cycles, which can also damage the switch. 

Pressure sensor pluggedHow To Tell If Well Pump Pressure Switch Is Bad

If you have your pressure sensor clogged with sediment from the water, you can damage the switch.

Clean the tube connecting your switch and the water supply; however, it is inexpensive to simply replace the switch.

Bad electrical contacts

Over time, the electrical contact on your pressure switch can degrade and leave you having to repair your good pump.

Two main causes are the presence of corrosive materials and the continuous cycle of power to the switch.

You can take care of this temporarily by filing the affected part, but for a permanent repair, you will need to replace the switch.

When your pressure switch is bad

Now you know how to identify when your pressure switch is bad. Once you see any of these signs, don’t hesitate to contact us for your good pump repair.

All you have to do is click here. Remember that proper maintenance will save you a lot of money – don’t wait until the entire pumping system breaks down before servicing.


A faulty well pump could be a real disruption to your daily livelihood. Stained water, not being able to get water in the taps, noisy pump, and high electric bills are some of the signs that your good pump is poor.

The good pump should be able to run efficiently with minimal interruptions; the maintenance of the good pump should not be too expensive as the pump is supposed to be convenient for homeowners.

I hope this article “well pump runs but no water pressure” will help you.

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How to Tell If Well Pump Pressure Switch Is Bad

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