Pool heater reviews consumer reports

Pool heater reviews consumer reports. A pool heater is an innovative machine by using this you feel fun during winter. It has the quality to work in the ground and above ground.

The pool heater does not heat up water too much to save the body from burning. This is the quality of a good pool heater that extends the season for weeks or even months.

Whirlpool pump has guaranteed to maintain the water temperature. You can easily swim or do different activities on it. This is reliable and energy-efficient. After taking reviews from different consumers we listed the best pool heaters.

9 Pool heater reviews consumer reports

  1. Gesail 1500W Electric Immersion Heater
  2. Hayward FDXLBKP1930 Bezel
  3. ZMM 240V 9KW Electric Pool
  4. SunHeater S120U Universal Solar
  5. SunHeater Pool Heating System Two
  6. Smart Pool S601 Pool Solar Heaters
  7. Fafco Solar Bear Economy Heating
  8. Oximeter SMART POOL 27 Electric
  9. Pentair 460733 MasterTemp High

1. Gesail 1500W Best electric pool heater

Innovative patent technology that helps to maintain the water’s desired temperature automatically. Eco-friendly and energy-saving unit with auto modulation. Its have great ability to water control.electric pool heater for above ground pool

Gesail 1500W is noise-free and preset temperature memory buttons with a digital temperature display. The electricity consumption of this model is 14.4KW, 240V.

On this electricity water output temperature is 68 degrees to 140 degrees F. It also controls the water flow and maximum energy efficiency.

Electric heaters additionally take an extended duration to heat up your pool. This water heater performs the highest standard for comfort and relabeling.


  • Preset temperature memory button
  • Eco friendly and energy saving
  • Comfort and reliable
  • Maximum energy efficient
  • Maximum heat transfer


  • Complex in installation


2. Hayward FDXLBKP1930 Bezel

This Hayward pool heater has an outstanding quality that is salt water and chemical corrosion resistant. Gas swimming pool heaters like Hayward are more efficient and last longer than any other type.hayward electric above ground pool heater

Hayward has produced many types over the years, but the H-Series is one of the most modern and efficient pool heaters. It’s has a capacity for fast water heating up to 18% saving by reducing pump run time.

This water heater has a clean air quality standard. There is no difficult method to install under the pool water common installation process is done with no need to plume.

But for safety, you can install this water heater from technicians. It is the perfect choice of pool water heater in the coastal region.

The outer side of this pool heater’s made of plastic. Perfect choice for the medium size pool. You have needed care its wire connection not lost during use some serious issues have happened like injuries or some damage.


  • Chemical corrosion resistance
  • Perfect for the coastal region
  • Easy to install under the pool
  • Good quality heater


  • Need extra care to install

3. ZMM 240V 9KW Best electric pool heater for above ground pool

This thermostat is specially designed for hot tubs adopted a flow temperature sensor. The thermostat maintains the pool temperature. Water temperature bath maintains at 22-50 degrees Celsius.solar heater for above ground pool

It creates a more comfortable environment. Comprehensively monitor the operating status of the system also make judgments and displays. Electric pool heaters are usually quiet, whereas solar, gas, and heat pumps are noisy.

It also avoids poor water flow more convenient choice of the pool. This pool heater has multiple protection and safety. It has the latest technology to control the heat according to the pool size.

Temperature sensor replaces the traditional magnetic flow switch, its improve greatly of trouble free in working time. Perfect adaptability of water and stability.

These electric-powered pool warmers run for your plug and are exceptional and offer consistent warmth all 12 months round. This is the best electric pool heater for above ground pool.


  • Timely monitor the pool temperature
  • Multiple safety and protection
  • Perfect stability and adaptability
  • Improve trouble-free working time


  • The installation process not simple

4. SunHeater S120U Best solar heater for pool

The sun heater 120U great quality and also cost-effective. It gives you the facility of warming the pool water from 6 to 10 degrees F. Great benefit of this swimming pool heater is it’s an excellent choice for both in-ground and above-ground.solar heater for above ground pool

Easy and DIY installation complex and web design heater. It is a great choice for any in-ground pool or above-ground swimming pool.

Maximum UV rays help to save from solar energy. The highest exposure to sun rays has not had a good effect on the solar pool heating system.

The size of the solar panels in this pool heater is 2 by 10 inches that are easy to connect to the ground swimming pool. In a little time, you can enjoy the perfect hot water for swimming.

Swimming pool heaters have been designed for both above-ground and inground pools. It raises the temperature of the pool by 5 degrees over four days.

Solar heating panels of this heater are light in weight perfect quality material is used for its making. Easily available in the market you can easily install this water pool heater on the roof, ground, rack, and above the ground.


  • Available at less price
  • Easy to install on any place
  • Highest exposure of sun rays
  • Warm water in less time
  •  Quickly heat your pool with the best pool warmer


  • Bulky design pool heater

5. Sun-Heater Solar heater for above ground pool

The solar pool heater allows you to capture the free heat from the direct sunlight rays that effectively raise your pool water temperature. In this process, spend less price also heat up the water fastly within less time.sun heater pool heating system two

The pressure of water in this pool and tube is perfect water easily flows from it without any hurdles. The great existing filtration system is available with 4 end caps and 2 elbows for flex house connection.

You can easily change the temporary setting and allow you to keep the water hot your own choice. Pannel of this heat is made with a polypropylene heat collector that is durable.

Easy to install with DIY by which you can increase the temperature to 15 F. b. Best solar heater for pool.


  • Heat up the water fastly
  • Easy to install with DIY
  • Perfect and durable
  • Maximizing square footage


  • Some parts are made with plastic

6. Smart Pool S601 Pool Solar Heaters

Smart Pool S601 Pool great heat collector its have a direct water flow system pleasant and luxurious heating system. You can easily do your swimming activities with this completer pool heating system.smart pool s601 pool solar heaters

It saves the environment from dangerous and polluted gases like carbon dioxide gas. A less expensive and eco-friendly heater maximizes the pool’s temperature on a daily base almost 10 degrees F.

It has an interchangeable connector you can easily place above ground swimming pools or in-ground swimming pools. It helps you to enjoy the water according to the weather condition.

Water moves from the tubes because of great pump pressure. The installation process of this pool heater is hassle-free as compared to the other pool heaters.


  • Hassle-free installation process
  • Environment-friendly heater
  • Good features pool heater
  • Efficient and durable
  • Best pool heater


  • Numerous panel heater

7. Fafco Solar Bear Best solar pool heater

Perfect wide solar collector specially made for the above-ground swimming pool. It’s should be attached to the side of a bottom swimming pool. It pushes cool water and converts it into hot water within a few minutes.fafco solar bear economy heating 

In summer water is hot 10 degrees more. In this heater, each panel gets 80000 BTU energy. This heater is difficult to install under the roof.

For the installation purpose, you have need of some extra parts. A good quality material heater is available for a limited price.

When you want to save the solar panels from rain and sharp wind plastic cover is available with it. Great and efficient product run long with perfect results.

Environment friendly no extra gas and pollution produces. This is also the best solar pool heater and its keeps keep the pool warm for longer.


  • Available at affordable price
  • Environment-friendly heater
  • Good features pool heater
  • Efficient and durable
  • Best pool heater
  • pool warm


  • All parts are not waterproof

8. Oximeter SMART POOL 27 Best pool heater

Innovative technology eco-smart pool heater that is easy to install.Comes with an Eco Smart remote control.oximeter smart pool 27 electric

The EcoSmart Electric Pool Heater is the correct desire for those searching out excessive overall performance at an inexpensive price it contains roughly power is 92000 BTU.

The capacity of heat up water is 15000 gallons with great efficiency.

The great sensor controls the water flow also reduces the chance of elements burning out. You need to install this water heater’s inner side because the part is sensitive and not waterproof.

When you place them in water, it’s rust and looking old. This water heater has digital display lets you prefer the temperature 1-degree increment between 80 to 140 degree Fahrenheit.

For healthy adults, 100 degrees is considered a safe temperature but above it like 110 does not safe for pregnant women. Electric pool heaters for an above-ground pool.


  • Eco smart pool heater
  • Reduce the chance of burning element
  • Easy to install
  • Innovative digital display


  • Not easy to install on the side

9. Pentair 460733 Best gas pool heater

PENTAIR 460733 reliability of this gas pool heater is 250,000 BTU with great efficiency. Perfect performance designed properly. Easily available in the market at a reasonable price.pentair 460733 mastertemp high

Eco-friendly pool heater specially made for the large size water heater. It needs a few hours to heat the water deeply available with air mixture and efficient gas technology.

Durable pool heater good quality material used in it. PENTAIR 460733 is called the best class energy efficiency heater. The size of this heater is 30-inch height by 25-inch width.

The automated gas heating system when water is properly hot it’s automatically shut off. If you keep it in water, all parts of it are waterproof and always free from rust.

Becomes the water more heat up in the summer season as compared to the winter. A high-performance heater powered by propane gas that delivers 250K BTUs quickly heats your pool or spa heater so you don’t have to wait long for it to heat up.


  • Eco-friendly pool heater
  • Durable and good quality
  • Automated gas system
  • Need less time to heat water
  • Manual gas shut-off when service is required


  • The system is not easy to understand

Buying Guide 0f Pool heater reviews consumer reports

Pool heater reviews consumer reports. The pool heater is necessary for luxurious homes as consumers want to swim on a daily basis. A pool heater can warm up your swimming pool so that you can swim during the cold months. Above, I looked at several models that receive high ratings from pool heater consumer reports.

There are three types of heaters available in the market gas, electric, and solar pool heaters. Neither electric nor gas pool heaters are environmentally friendly, but solar pool heaters are entirely eco-friendly

All these three types are suitable for their own place. Ist upon you to choose the pool heater according to your utility bills then choose one of them. We try to list a mixture best swimming pool heaters.

Electric Pool Heat Pump Heat pumps use electricity, but the heat pump utilizes the air and water to heat the pool.


The size of the pool heater is really matters and it should be measured with BTU (British Thermal Units). The surface area of the pool contains how many gallons of water and how much time and energy takes to heat it then you measure the size of the pool heater that is the best swimming pool heater for your pool.

You must be kept in mind this factor during purchase. The Electric Pool Heater Working a proper electric connection.

Time Limit Of Heating

You can spend money on those pool heater that is less expensive and take less time for heating water. That is a quiet, smooth to maintain, and comparatively effective heater extremely good for maximum pool owners.

Many pool owners prefer pool heaters to extend their swimming season. When you have to spend more money, it takes much power in this way your utility bill should be exceeded. Best choice purchase pool heater spends less money on it and also its power level is low.

Pool Size and Shape

When you want to take the pool heater check the size pool heater and shape. Either it’s easy to install inside or outside of it. Most of the pool heater material is not waterproof when you keep it in water it’s full of rust and looking bad.

Weather Conditions

At the time of purchase, you also considered the weather conditions. It will take a long time for the entire pool to heat up in cold weather. Use a solar heater if you live in an area where there is more rain. If you live in normal weather cities, then both standard electric heaters and gas pool heaters are suitable for your pool.

It is ideal for those who have a natural gas connection at home to use gas heaters. A liquid propane heater would be a perfect alternative if there is no natural gas connection. You can adapt the excellent pool heater for severe weather conditions to boom the swimming season.


There is a different price pool heater is available in the market. A less expensive power heater contains a huge amount of electrical power. The Gas pool heaters are cheap compared to other pool heaters.

While normal prices contain less power and are easily affordable for all-size pools. Good quality material products perform best as compare to the more expensive products. Pool heater reviews consumer reports.


How do gas pool heaters work?

It is an electric heater that heats the pool. Propane and natural gas are used in gas pool heaters. In a combustion chamber, the gas is burned, and the heat is transferred to pool water. Natural gas or propane gas storage tanks are required to operate these heaters.

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