Verizon router yellow light

Verizon router yellow light. Verizon is a well-known service provider. But if you own a Verizon router, you must know that it shows different lights.

Most routers come with LED lights that indicate different situations. Somehow, these lights help you diagnose the device’s normal state and any errors.

For example, the white light on your Verizon router indicates the normal working of the router. It may also blink green light, yellow, blue, and red.

All the LEDs show different states, but if your Verizon router is blinking yellow light and you are unaware of what it means, then we can help you better.

So a Verizon router yellow light indicates no internet connection issues. So, whenever you ea solid yellow light, you just need to check broadband cables and ethernet connection.

Verizon router yellow light

troubleshooting verizon fios router blinking yellow light

This article will discuss how to fix the Fios router yellow light issue. As we already know, the solid yellow light shows no internet connection status.

A yellow light on the Verizon extender shows the long or short distance between the Verizon extender and the Verizon Fios router.

Slow blinking on your Verizon extender shows the long-distance whether the fast blinking yellow light means close to the router. Choose the right place for your devices.

But we will share what you need to check to resolve the Verizon Fios router issue when it gets solid. Like you may reboot your device and check cables and connections as we’ll guide you here.

Other Lights Indication On your Verizon Router

other lights indication on your verizon router

If you are tackling the Verizon router blinking Light issue, we also want to tell you about the lights that show normal functionality.

For example, the white light on your Verizon router means the Verizon router is working okay. Even the blinking white light means the router is in a booting state.

The blinking blue light is also considered a normal thing. So, the blinking blue light indicates the pairing mode, and when it gets paired, it turns into solid blue light.

Except for the blue and white lights, the other lights indicate some errors and need to be fixed. For example, the green light means turned off WiFi.

A solid red light on the Verizon Fios router means problematic hardware or software. Slow blinking red light means failed pairing, whether the fast blink means overheating.

Reboot Verizon Router

If you are facing the Verizon router yellow light issue, the first thing we can do as a fixture is reboot your Verizon Fios router.

Sometimes the issue gets fixed without going too deep into the solutions. So here is a guideline to reboot your device that may resolve the internet connection issue properly.

So, firstly, shut off the power supply of the Fios router. If your router contains a backup battery, ensure that you have to remove and insert it.

Now, you have to leave it unplugged for almost 30 seconds. Then turn on the router, connect the battery backup and let your Fios router boot up.

When your Verizon Fios router turns on, you may see the solid yellow light revert to white light.

Inspect Broadband & Ethernet Cables

inspect broadband & ethernet cables

If you have tried the previous method and it doesn’t work to establish your internet connection and the yellow light on your Verizon router is still blinking, then you must inspect the ethernet and broadband cables.

It might be possible that the broadband or ethernet cable got damaged and resulted in a blinking yellow light.

It sometimes happens when an animal like a rat should be blamed for the wear out of wire.

You may easily access the ethernet cable and fiber optic cables attached to your router.

Inspect thoroughly if you find any cracks or damage on the wire that must be a culprit of the blinking.

If you find the ability to replace the ethernet cable, you may do it yourself. But we suggest you avoid any risk if you lack information about replacing the ethernet and broadband cables.

There is another scenario that may want you to replace the ethernet cables using the cables for a long time. With time, the cables get damaged, and we want you to replace them for a smooth internet connection.

Overheated Fios Router

overheated fios router

It might happen the first time or might usually happen that you lose your connection and the Verizon Fios home router shows yellow light.

It may happen due to an overheated router. You may also face a slow internet connection or lost connection.

You may tackle overheating to make your router cool. Modern routers don’t get this kind of issue, but you may try the technique to cool down your router.

So you may flick off the power of your Verizon device. You must detach the backup batteries. If there is any inverter connected to the router, detach it too. Leave it for some time and then turn it On.

You may do it as a temporary fix. But if you often face an overheating issue, then you may consider changing the position of your router.

It might be possible to inspect any heating vent that may cause heating for your device, resulting in a blinking Verizon Fios router yellow light.

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So, you may place your Verizon Fios router at a place where it can get fresh airflow. It will help you to avoid the issue of overheating your router.

Get In Touch With Fios Support

So, if you have tried all the previous steps to fix the yellow light on your Verizon router, including inspecting the condition of all the cables, resolving the overheating problem, and rebooting your router, and the issue is still there, then you may contact Fios support.

You may inform the internet service provider about the issue because it might be possible that your internet connectivity gets slowed due to a maintenance break.

If there is an issue like that, then you have to wait until the issue is resolved by ISPs. If you get to know about no such issue, then you may try resetting your device.

Factory Reset Verizon Router

factory reset verizon router

If your issue is still constant, then you may try resetting your device. Resetting a Verizon router may resolve the blinking of the Verizon Fios yellow light issue.

The only thing you have to do is access the reset button behind the Fios router. You have to push the reset button for almost 20 seconds and then release it.

Resetting your device may get you to the factory default settings. It may take some time to complete the process, and it will restore your internet connection.

It will also fix the issue if it happens due to any activated or deactivated configuration or using a proxy address instead of a dynamic host configuration protocol(DHCP).

Another plus point of the factory settings is that they will help you to eliminate errors, cache data, and bugs. It will also disconnect the wifi connections to your router.

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One more thing that you must remember is that after resetting your device, you may lose the login credentials, so ensure that you have everything ready to make it easier to set up again.

Hardware Defect

If you failed to get perfectly normal lights while troubleshooting your router and still facing internet interruption, there is a chance that your router is the culprit for showing yellow light.

So it would be better to call a technician to get repair your router.


We hope the guideline will help you resolve the issue of blinking the Verizon router’s yellow light. We have explained the reason for blinking different lights on your router.

You may get to know about the reason and the possible fix out the issue of internet connectivity. If you feel any hesitation or don’t get the point, you may call a technician.