Toro Recycler 22 won’t start

Toro Recycler 22 won’t start. Toro lawn mowers seem to be well noted for their wide range of attributes, capabilities, and capability to deliver superior performance and cut quality.

Like any other piece of machinery, Toro grass mowers are not without flaws. They survive for at least a year with regular management and treatment, making it a reasonable expenditure.

Inspect for something like a damaged carburetor, if somehow the gas valves are already on if the choked is switched on, harmful gas.

The wet or defective connection, a weak connector wire, air filter blocking, defective coil, switch or spark failure, stuck valves, incorrect flywheel timings, and poor pressure while repairing a Toro lawnmower.

Toro Recycler 22 won’t start
why toro recycler 22 won't start

We’ll also go over the many methods that can be used to address these possible issues. Let’s get started.

Inspect to see if the carburetor is clogged

Whenever your grass mowers don’t run, The initial thing you should do is to look for is a dusty carburetor. It’s because too much dust might decrease the quantity of air and fuel that is supposed to move through the engine’s route.

Your carburetor can become clogged with dust and fuel residues, so it’s essential to keep it clean from period to period. Difficult starting, stalling, hesitancy, poor idling, and floods are all classic signs of such a dirty carburetor, in addition to the mower failing to run.

How to repair

  • The air filters and engine are located behind the outside paneling of the mower, 2:which must be removed first.
  • Remove the carburetor from the fuel line and unscrew it.
  • Remove the screw that holds the bowl in place and unbolts it. After replacing the 5:screw, clean the hole and inspect the jets for debris.
  • To clean your complete carburetor, use a cleaning spray or solvent designed for carburetors.
  • Put your device back together when you’ve completed it.

Defective carburetordefective carburetor

The carburetor aids in the delivery of fuel into your motor. It’s indeed difficult for an engine to run correctly without it. Whenever a carburetor starts malfunctioning, this can cause hesitation, stalling, poor idle, floods, and a variety of other issues.

When you diagnose your carburetor as problematic, below are some of the most common signs of a defective carburetor:

  • Engine performance has been decreased.
  • The exhaust emits a thick black smoke.
  • Going to backfire
  • Getting too hot
  • Starting is difficult.

Bad Gas

A few of the reasons for your lawn mower’s difficulty to begin might be harmful gas. Outdated and disused gas tanks and containers may retain old gas deposits, damaging the environment and interfering with the use of gas power.

As a result of these residues, the carburetor, fuel line, and fuel filter may become clogged.

The most straightforward technique to assess if the gas is dangerous is to perform a basic smell test. Harmful gas appears to have a harsh and intense aroma compared to fresh gas.

If it still doesn’t work, pour the gas into a clear container and look at the color. If it’s very gloomy, it’s likely been flipped upside down.

Wet or Faulty Spark Plugwet or faulty spark plug

The most significant common symptom of a faulty plugin the engine fails to start. The spark plug is responsible for sparking the gasoline and causing burning in the engine. If the lawnmower stops working, it could cause a slew of issues.

Inspect the starter motor for deposits and fractured electrodes or porcelain to determine if it is damaged or malfunctioning. So, if your tank is full of gas, it was most probably a spark plug issue.

Furthermore, a dry starter motor may cause complete engine problems if not repaired right once.

If you just see particles on the plug’s surface, you may start wiping it. It could be accomplished by wiping the filth with a dry cloth and spray cleaning the plug.

If you see any additional damage indicators, repair the spark plug right away.

Check the Flywheel Key

If your trimmer does not light or fire pitifully before it stops, the issue could be with the flywheel key. A flywheel key is utilized to shield the driving rod from winding, prompting more severe harm in the cutter.

A flywheel secures the driving rod when the trimmer cutting edges slice through complex articles like tree stumps and barks and suchEliminate the fuel tank and put it away.

 Then, release the flywheel and eliminate it. Make sure to stop every one of the sections of the old key. Then, you can continue to introduce the new key and flywheel at that point. 

Make sure to reassemble the trimmer by and by.

Check for Low Compression

Most yard trimmers require 90 PSI of pressure when hot and 100 PSI when cold. If there is an air spill in the motor, it will prompt low pressure. If there is no pressure in all chambers, this will cause the motor to decline to begin.


This article describes all the leading causes of toro recycler 22 won’t start with its proper fixes. I hope you can fix your problem within minutes by going through our guide.

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