Kohler engine troubleshooting no spark

Kohler engine troubleshooting no spark. There might be different reasons when the spark plug is not firing, and you have to troubleshoot to know the actual culprit behind this no spark condition.

If the spark plug is not initiating a normal spark, the engine will not start the fire, and thus you won’t be able to run the Kholer engine like any other engine.

Kohler engine troubleshooting no spark
Kohler Engine Troubleshooting No Spark

The most common reason for Kohler engine troubleshooting no spark is that the carburetor mixture is very rich, and this will lead the engine to not initiate a spark that will prevent you from starting your device.

You may also notice that the starters are rotating normally, but even then, the engine won’t start.

No sparking engine

Another possible reason for no sparking engine might be overheating which is the most common reason behind the ceased engine.

Overheating is not a simple problem but rather is a symptom of many other underlying issues that will lead the device to overheat, such as the low lubricant level inside the engine.

When the lubricant level is low, the crankshaft will not rotate properly, and you will be facing a heated engine that will be making knocking sounds that are audible, and you have to take it as an alarm before your engine moves towards a complete overhaul.

Other possible reasons for no spark might be the rust on the flywheel, and if you encounter one in your device, you need to make sure that you clean the area properly and then ignite your cylinders again to see whether the engine starts or not.

Oil level and flywheel rusting

If you have checked the oil level and flywheel rusting, and both are functioning normally, then there must be another problem that needs to be looked at.

The most familiar of these reasons could be the worn-out electrodes. These electrodes will get weakened, and the engine will most occasionally move forward to overheating.

The other possible impact of these worn-out electrodes could be a high ethanol level in your fuel, and this will let the oil leak from the oil chambers.

If that is the case, then it is confirmed that your spark plug will not initiate the fire. The engine will not be starting.

If you have checked the spark plug and there is no particular issue with it, and even then, there is no spark in your engine, then the reason might not be the overheating or worn-out electrodes but rather an issue with the ignition coil that is attached with the flywheel.

Ignition coilOil Level And Flywheel Rusting

This is the rarest cause as the ignition coil is not very prone to developing problems, but if you have got one, there are chances that the coil will not rotate and ignition will not be initiated, which is a must replacing time for your flywheel.

Although it is not a very major replacement, it will require you to disassemble your engine and remove the worn-out parts.

After that, you have to insert the new ones and see if that worked or not.

Kohler engines are the most unswerving and groundbreaking engines on the market nowadays. It may get faulty sometimes and refuses to work.

These faults may be minor but still require troubleshooting. By fixing the problems, we can easily get our Kohler engine back online. Let’s discuss the Kohler Engine Troubleshooting.

What are the resources for the Kohler Engine troubleshooting?

Kohler provides all of its engines a specific manual r documentation. This documentation can be get from the manufacturer by informing them of your engine’s model and size.

The familiarity with the basic components

Kohlers are unique in its manufacturing. But in concern to their related engines, they all are almost the same from the inside if some of the parts are the same, so it will include the troubleshooting easy.

The parts that are similar in structure include the carburetor, fuel filter, battery, air breather, oil fill or the dis-stick, starter solenoid, and motor.

Always troubleshoot like a mechanic and solve your problems like a pro. Following is a list of the common problems or causes of the Kohler engine.

Have a look at the problem with your engine and then see what is the cause of the problem.

Problems= Not getting start


Possible causes for this may be that there is no fuel

Fuel is not proper the oil level is not accurate

The fuel line may be dirt or clogged

The engine may be overloaded.

Problems= The engine stops suddenly


No fuel

The fuel line is dirty, and debris or dirt is present on the surface

The air cleaner may be dirty

The plug may be damaged or faulty

Problems= Gets over-heated


Fuel may be improper

The fuel line, surface, and air cleaner need to be cleaned from dirt and debris.

Problems= Over fuel combustion


Engine is overloaded

The air cleaner needs to be cleaned

The Sparky plug of the engine is faulty

So, what are the systematic steps to tackle your problems?

If you have a smaller Kohler engine, then you might suffer four types of problems.

Let’s discuss the problems by following systematic steps.

  • The engine is not getting the start
  • The engine is started, but it is running roughly
  • It starts but suddenly dies
  • Run for a short time and then dies

Troubleshooting the electrical circuitry

Before getting hands-on troubleshooting of Kohler’s engine, and electric circuit. First, check that do not move further without the verification of the electric circuit. Check the continuity to ignite the switch.

How to start Kohler Engine troubleshooting?

  • The first step is to command the engine control cable.
  • Now close the choke and set it to regulate.
  • There is a starter rope to pull it.
  • Then, leave the starter rope returned and deliver a fast pull.
  • The engine is starting now to open the clog.
  • Take the lever to the choke position.
  • Pull again the starter rope.
  • The engine will start to control the lever to the settings you want to make.

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