Top tech thermostat troubleshooting

Top tech thermostat troubleshooting. The Top tech thermostat may not receive power, so getting the power to the thermostat will be first.

The thermostat’s display can blink, so checking the display and even setting the display come in its troubleshooting. The heating of the thermostat may need a permanent fix.

I have the Top tech thermostat in one of my houses in California and as I was visiting my house, the thermostats misbehaved by showing signs of different problems.

Being a DIY lover, I was ready to check my thermostat on my own, but I didn’t know the basic start for this specific model.

I checked the online guide for troubleshooting Top tech thermostats and found ways I could fix my thermostat quickly.

The time in troubleshooting the Top tech thermostat was not a waste, as my thermostat became good as new. Fixing my Top tech thermostat was fun.

Top tech thermostat troubleshooting

Any thermostat can be showing problems, and the thermostat is important in houses, so the troubleshooting of your model or at least general troubleshooting of the thermostats should be known by you.

Top Tech thermostats may have different troubleshooting, but you can check Top tech’s troubleshooting here too.

The most common Top tech issues are the thermostat not getting power. No heat in the thermostats or no cooling through the thermostat.

The fan of the heating in the thermostat may be running constantly without a break, and the same goes for the cooling fan of the thermostat. Read more below!

Not cooling

not cooling

The thermostat has the important task of setting the temperature of the house, and if it’s summer, you are going to need the thermostat to cool the house, but sometimes the house may not be cooling.

The first thing if the cooling is the problem with your thermostat is to check the system switch. The cooling may have not been set, so that’s why the system is not cooling.

The system may have a loose connection, so the cooling isn’t done, or the thermostat may have a loose connection. The cooling point you set may be wrong.

The thermostat may have lost the system and so cooling won’t be done until the thermostat is replaced. The thermostat won’t cool if the air conditioner to which the thermostat is linked is not working either. Read the fix if your thermostat is not cooling below.


The fix if the temperature of the thermostat is not set through the control switch is not is to set the temperature of the thermostat below the temperature inside the room.

The loose can connection of wires can be secured, and they can be tightened as they are secured.

Set the other thermostat to cool and set the temperature below room temperature. A click can be heard if the thermostat is cooling. Otherwise, it will remain quiet.

If the thermostat has no clicking after setting the cooling, then you should get a replacement from Top tech to get the cooling done.

Not heating

not heating

Just like the thermostat is responsible for cooling the house, the heating of the whole house is under the supervision of the thermostat as well.

The reason why heating from the thermostat is not working is probably that the pilot may not be on or lit.

The system of the thermostat may not have been selected to heat. The loose connection in the thermostat can be similar to cooling issues.

The heat of the thermostat may be intermittent. The furnace may be in lock-out condition.

The heat settings are to work because of the system, and the thermostat requires replacement, just like the thermostat required when it was not cooling.

The thermostat heating may be because the heater is faulty as well. The faults in the heating system connected to the thermostat are actually different problems, but they do connect with it.


If the pilot was not ignited, then light the thermostat’s pilot for heating. The heating is not done because the temperature is set below the room temperature, so turn the heating on and set it above the room temperature.

The wires of the thermostat or the system may not have a secure connection to it.

If your thermostats face a lock-out condition, then connect the helpers and get your thermostat out of this condition.

The diagnostic of clicking is the same as in cooling, so get the thermostat replaced from the Top tech support as no sound means no thermostat working.

Keypad/Touch issues

keypadtouch issues

There is a keypad or touch screen on the thermostat that helps you select the setting you want, and you can change the heating or cool through the keypad or touch screen.

The problem with the touch screen or the keypad, depending on the model of your thermostat, can be that they are not responding at all.

If the thermostat doesn’t respond to the keypad or the touchscreen, then your thermostat may have a problem with the buttons of the keypad or the touch of the touch screen.

The lagging in the thermostat may not let the keypad or touchscreen work either. The keypad or the touchscreen may have loose strips or wires that are not letting them work.

The button or the touchscreen of the thermostat may be broken from the inside. External keypad damage and even touchscreen damage is pretty common fault reason. Read the fix!


Usually, the keypad or the touchscreen doesn’t work because of the voltage spike, so use reset operations that will correct their working. Static discharge can be fixed through the same fix.

If the keypad is loose or has loose wiring or the touchscreen has loose wiring, secure the keypad and touchscreen connection.

If the system is just not responding to the keypad or the touchscreen, reboot the thermostat. If the touchscreen of the thermostat is broken or the keypad of the thermostat has broken buttons, get them fixed. It is better to get the buttons fixed and replace the touchscreen.



Sometimes the thermostat you have is set in the correct order, but the system of the thermostat starts lagging and not responding sometimes.

The external issue of the thermostat, as has been cleared by you, is not related to it, so that means the lagging inside. The lagging can be caused by two main reasons.

The first is that the firmware of the Wi-Fi has faced bugs, and second, the thermostat firmware is out of date.

The lack of updates is actually the reason the bugs in the system grow. The bugs and lack of software updates will make your thermostat lag.


If you are having the thermostat issue lagging, then you can reset the thermostat and get rid of the formed bugs.

The best way to deal with thermostat firmware bugs is to have the latest version of the firmware. So update the thermostat firmware.


If the Top tech thermostat you have has issues or you want to troubleshoot for specific problems. The problem can be that the Top tech thermostat has power issues.

The heating of the thermostat or the thermostat’s cooling is not working. The system of your thermostat may lag. Troubleshoot the thermostat. Thanks for reading!

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