Toilet fill valve making noise

Toilet fill valve making noise. No one wants to hear noise coming from their toilet. To be honest, we don’t even want to hear the flushing sound. But we are used to it. But, if any other sound comes from it. It irritates us. It embarrasses us in front of guests.

With that, we want to fix the problem. I faced a similar situation twice. The first time I got a plumber to fix it but the second time I was like again with the waste of money.

Then I searched and found the solution myself.

I am going to put them here so you can benefit from them.

Toilet fill valve making noise

toilet fill valve making noise

The noise is usually because of pressure built up in your water supply line. The fill valve closes suddenly when the water flow stops.

This happens when the tank fills. And as the valve closes, it makes a loud thud. That thud is usually referred to as a water hammer.

The problem can be caused by improper closing of the fill valve. The fill valve problem is improper sealing.

Leakage is responsible for it too. If it is leaked and isn’t sealing properly then Replace it.

The method to replace and the reason the sound comes are mentioned below. The reason depends on the sound.

Vibrating noise

Sometimes the toilet makes vibrations or sounds like vibrations. This happens around the wall during flushing. It is a fill valve problem. There is a diaphragm gasket inside it.

It can lose elasticity. Continuous use may wear it down.

To confirm, you can remove the lid. You see the float arm; carefully lift it. There is a connection to it with the fill valve. If lifting stops the vibrating sound, then you have found the problem.

You now need to replace the diaphragm gasket. Keep in mind the voice can come from the supply valve on the wall.

Sound of hissing

The continuous flow of water from the valve is responsible for this. This doesn’t allow complete water to fill and goes out continuously. It needs replacement.

Start by lifting the float cup. Hold the float cup and the gray shaft with your right hand. Do not let them move from their current position.

Place left thumb on sidearm while the hand on valve cap. Unlock them by turning both anti-clockwise.

You can lift the cap and lever off the body. Check the seal for debris. Turn the water supply on and wash the cup in an upside-down position.

Let the debris be removed. Close everything by putting them back and in their position. At the end close the lid. And hear no sound could come from it.

Ghost flushing

ghost flushing

Reminds you of actual ghosts. The bad news is that you will not be the protagonist of a horror movie. The good news is that you are not haunted.

The ghosting sound is coming from the leakage and some parts need complete replacement. The water can leak from both inside and outside.

The refill tube is the first to be checked. It should be exactly over the overflow pipe. Faulty flapper will bring the same problem.

If they are fine, then check the drain. The flush valve can be cracked.

Replacement of the flush valve and flapper might solve your issue. The overflow pipe adjustment will probably work. Fix other issues if you identify them. Check the guides. Read the methods for replacement.

Unwanted banging

Banging noise may be heard. It can be a knocking sound. High pressure in the supply line caused it. The water hammer I mentioned above is caused by this.

A new hammer can be needed for performing this task. You need a replacement. The pressure needs to be controlled. The flow is set by the shut-off valve.

The lesser the pressure, the less noise will be caused by it. If the chain is too tight, then loosen it.

Gurgling sound

The gurgling sound is not usually related to the valve, but it can still be caused by it. Gurgling means many things, like a blockage in pipes.

Lack of water can cause it too. It is better to unclog before testing anything. A Professional is better at dealing with it.


If you had heard any noise from it before, it is probably gone by now. The steps I mentioned above are specified for each.

Determine the sound first and then read the point relating to the problem to save time.

If you still cannot get rid of your problem. Then you need the help of a professional.

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