Thermostat clicks but no heat or air

Thermostat clicks but no heat or air. When you turn on the air conditioner and listen to the clicking sound of the thermostat before the ac unit is turned on gives you the comfort that the appliance is starting, and soon you will get cool air.

But if you listen to a clicking sound from the thermostat, but no cool or hot air comes into the room, then it is a very frustrating thing to happen because if you come home after spending a long tiring day in the office, just see the air conditioner not cooling.

Don’t worry about this situation and calm yourself because, luckily, there are some simple ways to fix this problem when the thermostat clicks but the air conditioner does not turn on to give you cool air. This problem usually generates due to a dirty air filter, no gas supply, or wrong thermostat settings to solve the issue.

Read this article carefully to diagnose various reasons that cause the thermostat clicks, but no heat or air comes from ac unit.

Thermostat clicks but no heat or air

thermostat clicks but no heat or air 2022

If your thermostat clicks but the air conditioner does not turn on, then don’t worry because it happens with many users for many reasons.

Mainly it occurs when dust and debris build up in the air filter, the gas supply is switched off, there is tripped circuit breaker, and wrong temperature settings on the ac unit. Without any delay, let’s discuss all the possible causes of this issue.

A circuit breaker is off

The primary purpose of the circuit breaker is to manage the electric current in the circuit. If the circuit load increases in the circuit due to switching in too many electrical appliances at a time, then the circuit breaker is tripped automatically to decrease the load.

If the thermostat clicks but the air conditioner does not give cool or hot air, the first thing to check is a circuit breaker located in the main circuit box. The main circuit box is installed in the house garage or basement so you can easily access it when needed.

Open the main circuit box carefully and find the respective circuit breaker. Each appliance has its own circuit breaker, so if the air conditioner’s power source circuit breaker is tripped, change its position from OFF to ON.

Clean the dirty filter

It is important to keep cleaning or replacing the dirty air filters in the air conditioner appliance to get proper and filtered air.

If you have enough budget, then replace the air filter after 3 months but if your budget is tight, clean the dirty air filter after 2 months to improve its working.

If you have pets or animals in the home, then changing the air filter becomes more important to protect yourself and your family from allergies.

When you do not clean the dirty for many days, air filters get dirty with mud, debris, dust, and pet and animal hair, and stop the airflow in the ac unit pipes because it becomes difficult for the unit to produce cool airflow.

This is one of the leading causes of your thermostat clicks, but no heat or air generates from the air conditioner.

So, clean the dirty air filter to get the cooling, but if cleaning the dirty filter does not work then spend some dollars to purchase a new quality air filter from the market.

Thermostat settingsthermostat settings

Another reason of thermostat clicks but not cool air comes from the ac unit is that your thermostat has the wrong settings.

When you switch in the air conditioner to get the cool air, ensure the thermostat’s set temperature is low in the room to start the unit.

If there is winter season and you want to warm the room, then before you switch on the ac unit, ensure the set temperature on the thermostat device is higher than the room temperature. The air conditioner will not turn on if the room temperature exceeds the thermostat’s set temperature.

Closed gas valve

Sometimes you don’t know if the gas valve is shut off, and if you don’t know this, then the thermostat device will not heat or cool even if you listen to the click sound from the device.

So, make sure the gas valve is open to the appliance to generate cool air in the room. So, check the gas valve, and if it is closed, then check if the ac unit is working.


The final thoughts on this article are if your thermostat clicks but no cool or hot air generates from the air conditioner, then dont worry, and first of all, check the gas valve and then the circuit breaker.

If there are no issues with the gas valve and circuit breaker, then check thermostat settings and dirty air filters because it’s necessary to replace the dirty air filters in the ac unit to get cool or hot air.

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