Symptoms of bad water heater dip tube

Symptoms of bad water heater dip tube. Dip tubes are actually a type of internal pipe. The dip tubes are extended from the inlet of the cold water and they extend to the bottom of the hot water heater approximately to the bottom.

The cold water actually reaches the bottom of the heater so it can be heated and then converted to hot water.

The heater dip tube has its uses, and it is really a common heating device or system. It is easy to get so many people to use this system.

The system is also very practical, as the heating capacity of the system is high. It even has a tank that stores water. So you can use it later when you need it.

Symptoms of bad water heater dip tube

symptoms of bad water heater dip tube

The symptoms vary from user to user, but they are mostly the same. Water might not become warm as it is supposed to at all. The water might warm up a bit but it is not enough warm.

The hot water quickly cools down completely. Plastic floating in the water as small particles. Coldwater might be present in the hot water. These are some of the most common problems regarding the bad water heater dip.

Investigation of symptoms

There can arise even 2 or more of the above problems. You need not panic as the problems do not mean that all your money has been wasted. There are certain tricks through which you can fix your problems. Let us take a note of them.

Small pieces of plastic in water

Sometimes when you are waiting for your clean hot water and you turn on the tap. The water you get is not clean at all. You may notice there are some white particles or shell-like structures floating in the water.

That shell-like structure or the particles is plastic.

They are formed because of the terrible quality of the heater. The plastic of the heater or pipe, because of its terrible quality, starts shedding and turns into shells or small particles. You might be startled or surprised by this.

The water is not good for use because the plastic particles might get stuck on your body. So what you need to do is to change the heater’s plastic cover or the pipes so that the water we get is clean.

Water not enough warm

Sometimes, while waiting to have a pleasantly warm, we notice that the water is not even warm enough. It is rather not suitable at all. This is caused because of bad water heater dip.

You can fix this by checking if the heat di tubes are properly working or not. They might not even be installed properly, so you just got to put them in actual shape.

Water not warm

water not warm

Well, the problem of water not being warm is far above the level of water not being warm enough. You can notice that the water is not heating at all. This is caused because of the dip tubes.

They are not performing their function. The deep tubes can be fixed, but sometimes their quality is so bad that you would rather buy a new one.

Tips for buying good water heater dip tubes

  • Always make sure that the quality of the dip tube is good so that plastic will not come off it.
  • Check the size of the tubes twice before buying.
  • You can always check the brand name. Good brands provide better products.
  • Check for warranty so that if the tubes are not good, you can replace them.
  • Make sure the dip tube is not damaged while buying.


What is the best brand for a heater dip tube?

There are a lot of brands that provide good dip tubes, some of them are Camco and Rheem. These are really common and can be considered good in quality.

Do you need a water dip tube?

Yes, the water dip tube is important. Without it, the hot and warm water will mix up snd we won’t be able to enjoy any of it.


Symptoms of bad water heater dip tube. After discussing the dip tubes, we now have some knowledge about what to check while buying the tubes. The brands that are considered good and some other basic information about them.

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