Swamp cooler not blowing cold air

It is a very frustrating and unbearable situation to face if there are hot summer season and your swamp cooler not blowing cold air.

There are many causes behind this issue, but the most common problem is that the circuit breaker of the cooler is tripping again and again due to overload.

Maybe there is some issue in the wiring of the swamp cooler due to which it is not working properly, and you are not getting cold air. In the summer season, in some areas, there is the issue of less power or less voltage.

Like, other electrical appliances, the cooler will also not work at its full potential if it is getting less voltage.

If the swamp cooler is not blowing cold air, then another reason behind it is there is less supply of water to the cooler. So check out the water level and leakage in the pipe also.

Keep reading my research in this article to sort out the main reasons behind this problem.

Swamp cooler not blowing cold air

swamp cooler not blowing cold air

Everyone demands to sit in the cold air in the hot summer, but when the cooler does not give cold air then, it removes the comfort level. Here are some major causes behind this issue.

Check the supply of water

If there is less supply of water in the swamp cooler, then it will decrease its efficiency.

It will produce hot air instead of cold air. So first of all, ensure that the main valve of the water pipe is opened from the tank.

Then check out that there is no leakage in the pipe. The pads of the cooler must be wet to make the air cold in the cooler.

The circuit breaker is tripping

In some cases, there is no mechanical problem with the appliance, but it has some external issues due to which it is malfunctioning. In this scenario, if the cooler is not generating a cold breeze, then the culprit could be a circuit breaker.

The circuit breaker starts tripping due to overload or some issue in the wiring. So if you check that the circuit breaker is frequently tripping then, replace it and switch off other electrical appliances to decrease the load of electricity.

Wiring is damaged

If the problem is still there that the cooler is not working accurately after changing the new circuit breaker and blowing, then it could be an issue with the wiring.

It is damaged or faulty. If you find that the wires are flexible, then there is no problem with them, but if they are stiffed and change their color, then surely some fault in the wiring.

If you have no experience working with electrical wires, then hire an electrician to fix the issue by replacing the wires.

Inspect the pads of the cooler

inspect the pads of the cooler

If the pads of the cooler are not working well, then your water cooler will not work with its full capability and efficiency. First of all, check whether the pads are wet from water or not.

If there is no supply of water to the cooler, then the pads will not get wet, and the cooler will not blow cold air.

One other issue with the pads is that if there is hard water in your area and sediment and minerals will build upon the pads to minimize their efficiency.

So it is very necessary to remove the debris and build-up of minerals from the pads after one week and replace them after one year.

Low voltage issue

If there is not enough power supply in the home, then surely the problem of low voltage will occur. Any electrical appliance will not work in full effectiveness if it is getting low voltage.

The best solution to this is that attach a voltage stabilizer to your swamp cooler so that there is no fear of damaging of cooler due to a decrease in voltage.

Thermostat is damaged

Sometimes the faulty thermostat is the reason behind the cooler not giving cold air. If it is damaged due to any reason, then the unit will receive a signal that the room temperature has been met which you fixed.

You will have to change the damaged thermostat by hiring a certified electrician.


The bottom line of the article is that troubleshooting a swamp cooler is not a big deal when you find the actual reasons behind the issue. If it is not blowing cold air, then check the above-mentioned steps.

Hopefully, you will find the actual reason, but it is better to hire a professional if there is a mechanical issue with the cooler.

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