Schlage turn lock feature not working

Schlage turn lock feature not working. Schlage is a well-founded brand that provides long-lasting keypad locks to secure your living places.

But sometimes, your Schlage turns lock feature stops working due to some reasons.

Usually, when you want to lock the door from the outside, you don’t need to enter the user codes to lock it.

The only thing that you need is to press the Schlage button and a rotation of the thumb turn.

Take a deep breath as we will guide you about why a Schlage turn lock feature not working and what things you may do to make it work properly.

Schlage turn lock feature not working

If your Schlage turn lock feature is not working, you may find the reasons and solutions to make it work again.

Just follow these instructions to resolve this issue.

Check Batteries

check batteries

A possible reason that may cause the Schlage lock to stop working is dead batteries.

Whenever you inspect that the turn-lock feature is not working smoothly, you have to check the batteries of your lock.

If these are dead or old, you may face issues while locking your Schlage locks.

To resolve the issue, you need to change the old batteries with new suitable batteries.

The second thing you need to remember is while inserting the new batteries in the battery compartment, work gently and ensure that the battery connectors are working fine.

Follow these steps to change the batteries of your Schlage lock:

Firstly, you need to open the battery cover. It depends on the model; if your battery back cover is attached with the screws, you may use a screwdriver.

But if you have a slide-back cover, remove it with a little slide.

Now, gently remove the old batteries from the batteries compartment and insert the new AAA alkaline batteries.

Then Fix the back cover again and test your turn lock feature to see whether it starts working or not.

Incorrect Installed Schlage Lock

incorrect installed schlage lock

Sometimes, when you try to open your Schlage lock, it won’t open.

Even if you have entered the correct user code, it flashes the green light, but nothing happens.

So, your Schlage lock may be facing a technical problem.

The reason is an incorrect installation of your Schlage smart lock.

Therefore, when you suspect the issue that your Schlage smart lock is not working, you have to check whether your Schlage lock is installed correctly or not.

Enable Turn-Lock Feature

enable turn lock feature

If your turn lock feature is disabled, it is possible that it didn’t lock when you tried to lock the deadbolt without entering the current programming code.

The Sachlage deadbolt locks come with the default settings, and if somehow you turn it off accidentally, you have to enable it by following these proper steps.

  • Firstly, you need to enter the 6-digit user code from the keypad.
  • After that, you have to wait till you hear the sound of three beeps and three times red blinking lights.
  • Now, press the button one more time.
  • Then, press digit number 7 on the keypad lock.
  • In the end, wait till you hear the sound of the beep and Sachlage button green light flashes.
  • Now, you can lock the door by pressing the button and slightly clockwise rotation of the thumb turn.

You may use the same procedure to enable or disable the turn-lock feature.

If you examine that your Schlage turn lock feature is not working, you have to follow the next step.

Update Schlage Lock Application

update schlage lock application

In the world of advanced technologies, you can handle most things on your smartphone by installing the required application.

You may control TVs, DVD players, air conditioners, and much more things with your phone.

If you are using any application of your Schlage turn-lock feature, you have to check the updates.

Because using the old version may cause bugs and errors in your device.

So, the Schlage turn lock feature not working if you have an old version. You must update the application to work your Schlage smart lock effectively.

The main benefits are that updating Schlage turn-lock may fix the bugs, and the second is you may get the latest auto-lock features.

Schlage Corrosion Problem

schlage corrosion problem

The following reason is not very common, but if you are living in an area that contains moisture or salty air in the environment, it may cause corrosion in your lock.

This reason is not possible if you have installed a new Schlage deadbolt lock.

So, if you want to remove the corrosion from your lock, you must follow these instructions one by one.

So, before starting anything, you need to remember that you don’t use any cleaning material on the lock’s keypad, like detergents, soap, or spray.

Take 4 to 5 spoons of mild soap detergent and mix it into a water bowl. You need to remove the door lock.

Then you require a lint-free piece of cloth, soak it in the mixture of water and then clean the smart locks, don’t clean the keypad.

Leave it for some time and then clean the quickly lock properly and ensure that there is no detergent leftover.

Make it dry with dry fabric, and you may also use a towel.

Attach your locks to the door and then enter the default user codes to test whether it starts working or not.

This step is required your attention. You may contact professional if you are nervous about detaching and attaching the Schlage turn door lock.

Factory Reset Schlage Turn-Lock

factory reset schlage turn lock

If none of the above methods work, you may try resetting your Schlage turn lock feature to make it work again.

So, it will be a little tricky if you are experiencing it for the first time.

But, we are here to make your task more manageable for you; stay with us to resolve your issue with your smart turn-lock.

If your lock has bugs or internal glitches that are supposed to be fixed, it is a great idea to fix your Schlage locks.

Factory resetting may erase all the settings history and turn it into factory settings.

So, follow these steps to reset your Schlage turn lock feature.

In the beginning, you need to get access to the battery department of your Schlage lock.

Then you need to remove the batteries gently.

After that, you must press the button and release it. Insert the batteries again in their correct position.

Again press the Schlage button and hold it till it doesn’t turn green with a beep sound that indicates the lock is in its factory settings.

Reset Schlage Keypad Lock Code

If you want to reset your user code because you think that your code is no more a secret, or you suspect unauthorized persons have your user code then you may change or reset the code by following these steps.

Firstly, press the button, then enter the current code of your smart deadbolt lock.

You have to press the 8 digits on your keypad.

Now, you may enter your new user code, and the length is up to you. Please type the new user code again to make it confirm.

Press the digit 1 after you hear a beep sound and the light blinking green.

You may test it with its locked position and unlocked position of your Schlage turn door smart locks.

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Green & Red Lights

green & red lights

So, when you enter the correct programming code for unlocking a door, the button flashes green, indicating that you have entered the correct code.

After that, you may rotate the thumb turn clockwise to open the door.

On the other hand, if you enter a code and you see the red light flashes, it is a sign of the wrong password.

Ensure you enter the correct code, and try to unlock the door after 30 seconds.

Another thing that the lights tell you is that when you see that the red button of Schlage locks is continuously blinking in green.

Then you have to insert new batteries into the battery compartment.

End of the Line

We are sure we have discussed all the possible issues with your turn lock feature not working.

So, you may follow each instruction confidently while troubleshooting your smart deadbolt lock. Change The 4 Digit Code On A Schlage Lock