Samsung soundbar setup

Samsung soundbar setup. Streaming lovers constantly roam around to get some comfort in their watching time. It would be best if you thought about buying soundbars watching television that is wide with sound quality.

The soundbar enhances the volume of the television or any device you attach.

Well, if you are tired of the low and dimmed voice of your television or any of your devices, you can connect your soundbar with even connected external devices.

Then we are sure that you have planned and what a soundbar.

Buying song bars is not a complicated process out of the user manual.

The most active process is buying a soundbar with good brand quality. We all know that Samsung rules the world of appliances as the quality of Samsung electronics is just beyond our thoughts.

So Samsung song boys are one of the best sounds available on the market. But sometimes, setting it up becomes a hurdle.

I know how you can set up your Samsung sound. By then, you don’t have detention because we are here to tell you in detail how you can set up your soundbar with the step-by-step guide.

Samsung soundbar setup

Ports Of Soundbar

ports of soundbar

Before going straight into the guide, we will first go through the type of Port soundbar used.

Most of the time, the most common audio cable we usually use to set up the Sound Bar is an HDMI cable in the HDMI port.

Another cable we used or suggested by the soundbar manufacturers is an optical cable.

You don’t need to have to buy these cables all by yourself. Most of the time, especially when we talk about Samsung soundbars, HDMI or optical cable is most probably available with the soundbar setup.

But exceptionally few companies don’t provide cable with their sound bar to save a penny.

If we specifically talk about the Samsung Sound Bar ports, one or two ports are installed at the backside of the Sound Bar.

If there is only one HDMI port on the back of your soundbar, then it is to connect your song to another device.

But if there is more than one sport, the first port connects your soundbar with the device, or the second HDMI cable is for the additional component.

Setup for Samsung soundbar

If we talk about options available to connect your Samsung soundbar and set it up with Samsung tv or other devices, then there are four common ways to connect.

Way 1: HDMI


Using HDMI as a connection setup for the Samsung soundbar is one of the most recommended options and methods.

As HDMI is known for transmitting digital audio in the highest resolution. You must enable HDMI cec settings through the HDMI connector to start the process.

  • Step 1: Turning OFF the HDMI and Device

If you want to set your Samsung soundbar with your television or any other device, you first have to turn off your HDMI device and the Samsung tv you want to connect with.

  • Step 2: Plugging the cables

Another thing that you have to do is plug the HDMI cable into the device that you are trying to connect.

Put one end of the HDMI cable into the Sound Bar or HDMI port, and the other end of the cable into the Samsung tv connect.

  • Step 3: Turn On the Devices

When you are done plugging the HDMI cable through the HDMI arc into the sound and Samsung tv, the step that you have to do is to turn on the external devices that you shut down.

  • Step 4: Changing source

After turning on both devices, you must change the source to HDMI. But do not forget to enable the HDMI cec settings using the HDMI port, which you can select external device manager.

If you don’t know how to change the source, you simply have to press on the SOURCE and FUNCTION. Pressing it will show many options, and you must choose an HDMI connection.

The above-listed steps will help you to HDMI cable with a sound bar and set it up accurately and directly.

But our technical team recommends you use HDMI arc instead of HDMI. If you don’t know the difference between HDMI arc and HDMI, the main difference is that HDMI arc is used to support the Chanel audio mechanism.

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Way 2: Digital Optical Cable

digital optical cable

Digital optical audio is the most common connection through the Samsung Sound Bar setup.

  • Step 1: Plugging the Ports

For the connection, all you have to do is to examine the ports that are attached to the Samsung soundbar and another device.

The digital optical cable has two main sides, in and out.

Put IN the port of the optical cable in the Samsung soundbar. And OUT photo of the optical cable in the device you want to connect.

You must use a digital optical cable for the optical connection record.

  • Step 2: Change the Source

Now you have to change the source; to do this, you must press SOURCE, and different options appear. Choose DIN from these options.

  • Step 3: Modifying the Settings

in this step, you must modify the setting of the Samsung sound bar by changing it to an external source.

Follow the steps above to connect your Samsung Soundboy using the digital optical cables function.

AUX Cable

aux cable

We have developed an analog option for you to connect the Samsung soundbar to the tv or any device you want to connect.

This way, connections are compatible with your tv and soundbar speaker output.

But remember that using auxiliary cables will not support related digital content options.

Follow a few easy steps that we have listed to connect your Samsung Sound Bar by using auxiliary cables.

  • Step 1: Conect teh cables

The first step that you have to take is to connect the aux cable with the Samsung soundbar and the device.

There are two ends of the cable first, called “AUX IN,” while we donate another end as “AUX OUT.”

You know how to connect “AUX IN” into the jack that is on the soundbar. And “AUX OUT” end on the jack that is up on the device you are willing to connect.

  • Step 2: Selecting The source

Now you have to select the source you selected in the above ways. You have to locate and press the source button on the soundbar.

After pressing the simply press “Aux Mode” out of the options that pop up.

These two easy steps involve connecting gear Samsung Sound Bar with the connecting device using an auxiliary power cable.

Way 4: Connect Through a Bluetooth device

connect through a bluetooth device

If you have wireless LAN devices, a Bluetooth connection will be the best option to connect your Samsung soundbar with external devices.

Bluetooth is always a known connection. Still, an HDMI connection is one of the most reliable and exact connections we can use with the Bluetooth device, Bluetooth speakers, and external speakers.

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But still, if we talk about the most convenient way to connect your Samsung soundbar with your relevant device, then Bluetooth connection makes its name on the top.

Follow easy peasy steps to connect your Samsung soundbar with Bluetooth audio devices.

  • Step 1: SHift to the bt pairing Mode

It would be best if you first taught to shift your Samsung soundbar setup into the bt pairing mode. You can do this step by using your tv’s remote control.

Press the pairing button on your Samsung tv remote control to shift to the mode.

  • Step 2: Shift Samsung tv to the bt pairing mode

Now you have to shift your TV to pairing mode, which you can do by locating the TV settings.

From the setting, Select sound output to connect Samsung soundbar. When you click on the sound, many options will appear. SimpSelectnd output and choose the tv’s Bluetooth device list out of the options.

Click on the list then another dropdown menu will appear. Now you have to perform a Bluetooth search and set your select Bluetooth speaker list to the Bluetooth mode.

Click on the Samsung Sound Bar option from that list. You can enable it by going through the wireless speaker manager as well.

This process will make the bt ready and will connect your soundbar to your tv and the audio device will start working on its board again.

Connection with Wi-Fi

connection with wi fi

If you want to set your Samsung soundbar with Wi-Fi, you can do this by following the steps.

It depends on the soundbar. If it has Relevancy with WIFI connectivity, you can connect it to Wi-Fi.

  • Step 1: Press the Wi-Fi Button

The first step that you have to take is to locate the Wi-Fi Button on your Samsung remote control.

When you press the Wi-Fi button TV, or device will show up with detailed Instructions.

  • Step 2: Follow the Instructions

You have to select the instruction and go on with the process by following.

When you finish the instructions, we hope your Samsung sound bar Comes in a row overall.

Wrapping Up

Samsung sound bar is digital audio that enhances the sound quality and sound output and helps the sandbar to reach the top numbers in terms of sound quality.

Buying a Samsung soundbar is not difficult, but setting it up could be a tricky process that you just need to look around.

Samsung soundbars are used to enhance the sound output and the audio quality of video game systems, optical audio connection, blu ray players, cable boxes, tv speaker and delivers digital sound. Also, it will provide uncompressed Dolby atmos.

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If you don’t know how to connect to tv arc or any other Samsung soundbar setup, then the only thing that you need is the step-by-step guide that we have specially listed down.

We have listed Samsung ways to connect Samsung soundbar to the tv arc. This guide will help in the connection of the tv’s audio automatically. We do hope that you enjoy the enhanced audio return channel.