Saeco espresso machine troubleshooting

Saeco espresso machine troubleshooting. Coffee for coffee lovers is like the water needed for survival. There are different methods to brew coffee, and the type depends on the taste of the beverage lover.

Saeco espresso machine is also a coffee maker. However, it uses pressurized water to make it. The taste of the espresso, even though made from a machine, is exceptional.

This device is completely automatic and provides the user durability, so it is easy to operate.

But if the device stops brewing your coffee when you are in the middle of making it, then you will not be very pleased with it. In fact, you will be quite irritated and annoyed by this behavior of the machine.

There can be a problem with the power of the device, or there was some issue inside. To know about troubleshooting the machine. Keep reading.

Saeco espresso machine troubleshooting

saeco espresso machine troubleshooting

You might be shown a set of error codes appearing on your device. These errors have special meanings depending on the model.

There can be other problems with the machine, like the device making burnt coffee.

The coffee contains too much water. Only an inconsiderable amount of coffee is being dispensed by the device.

You can change the settings of your device even if you want to. Let us discuss these problems in more detail.

Beans not dispensing

Sometimes it happens that your maker only dispenses water, and no beans are dispensed, meaning you do not get coffee, just simple water.

This is caused because there is something stuck inside the dispenser which is not allowing it to come out, or the grinder is not working because it is damaged or broken. The funnel can be blocked as well.


  • First of all, clean the funnel by using a spoon handle.
  • Take all the stuck things out.
  • Clean it again and make sure no beans remain in it.
  • Check the grinder to see its functioning.
  • Get it fixed if it is not working.

Watery coffee

watery coffee

Sometimes the coffee you have contains too much water. Meaning it doesn’t taste well either. The problem may be because it is the first time you are using your device.

It may be because the brew group is not able to perform its function. There might be grease or dirt. It can also be that the brew group is entirely clogged.


  • If it’s your first time using your device, let it brew a few cups.
  • It will start working properly as the parts might take time to work.
  • Clean the filter using freshwater if the problem is new.
  • Also, grease the brew group if it’s not.
  • If the funnel is blocked, you need to open it up.
  • Clean it properly.
  • You can use a spoon to take out stuck material.


Overflow is also a common problem. It is not something to fear, but it is still better to deal with it before it causes some problems. It is caused if you have filled the tank too much, and so the water has nowhere to go but flow out.

To fix this, you just need to take out the extra water and make sure that next time you put in an appropriate amount of water.

Common error codes

Errors can occur on your device because of a particular reason. You can see the errors in the guide as well. All errors hold a different meaning. Some of the common errors are listed below.

Error E01

The error appears if there is a blockage in the funnel. You just need to clean it such that it is completely open.

Error E03

This is caused because of improper greasing of the brew group. It can also be caused due to lack of maintenance. So you need to grease the brew group properly and clean it if you see any kind of dirt around.

Error E04

This includes the problems in the above error and if the brew group is not locked in its required position. Using water should help you clean the filter. Other steps can be followed from the above error.

You should also check the lock if it is properly intact and fixed. If not, then you should relock the device and restart it to see if it’s working.

Error E14

This error occurs if the machine is overheated. This is caused because of excessive use of the device. You need to let it rest until it cools done, and then you can start your work again.

Make sure you do not let it overheat again. It is good to give t breaks from time to time.


Saeco espresso machine troubleshooting. The problems with coffee makers are annoying because they disrupt our time to enjoy a good cup of espresso.

We should be able to locate the error and use the proper solution if we read the guide. The problems are usually moderate, so do not worry too much.

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