Ring stick up cam not detecting motion

Ring stick up cam not detecting motion. The ring stick-up cam is used to monitor the working in the dark areas in your house.

These also have a system of storage in them. They are not only used as monitoring device, but it is also used as the CCTVs in very large building that has fear of robbery.

These use these cameras as these cameras not stuck in only one place these can move to up, down or left, right everywhere.

These cameras are very useful for daily life to monitor many things. Here the problem is that these are not detecting motion. These are battery-powered devices.

Ring stick up cam not detecting motion

ring stick up cam not detecting motion


There are some reasons behind the cam not detecting motion as follows:

  1. There are many motions alerts given at one time.
  2. There is not enough space to move around anywhere.
  3. It detects the motion too late, which means when it detects motion, there is no need for this motion.
  4. You want to move to a place where there are no people, so it detects nothing, and it can not move a little.
  5. It may not be sensing that there is some issue with the sensor.
  6. There is another reason that the motion option is off in the setting. First of all, check whether the button is on or off. If it is off, then you should open the setting and on the button or option that is off.
  7. The app on the mobile that controls the system of the camera is maybe uninstalled by another person, or it may be outdated. If your app is outdated or needs an update so, please update it.

Fixing the problems that are occurring

As Ring is the name of the company that produces these types of cameras that are used to keep the record and observe the motion of everything that is around you and maybe risky or good for you, these can observe all the motions and the activities that are performing.

Sometimes there are some problems that occur in the way of its motion. They need the solution, and their solution is necessary. There are some solutions to the problems are as follows:

Restart the cam

restart the cam

Most of the solution for the electric or battery-embedded things is to reset or restart the device which contains the issue.

So here, please, first of all, reset or restart your camera. If there is a minor problem in the system, then it can be solved by restarting the device. When you restart the device, there is an issue that occurs in the result that it is cleared.

ON the option of motion from the setting

Check if there is an option in the setting. Suppose this option is OFF, then the camera not moving in any direction because the motion is not allowed in the setting.

When you enable this button from the setting, then this is the one troubleshooting of the problem.

There is an option in the app that allows the camera to move on any side. If this option is not enabled, then there is no chance that the device is in the motion state.

If this option is enabled, then you see that your camera start motion it is any direction; it can also start moving in the direction of the man that is moving and maybe target the person who handles that camera.

Change the position of the device

Here is another option if your camera is not in motion and its position is not correct where it is placed. You should change its position so that it may be placed in the corner where there is no space for its motion.

It can be moved up to 12 inches. Another thing is that the camera is placed on the surface of the glass; the camera does not move on the surface of the glass, so you should change the position that takes it up and place it on any other surface from the glass.

The reflecting light is an issue for the camera. If the camera is placed on the direct light, then it’s a serious issue, so please place the camera far from the direct light; the reflection of the light effect the motion of the camera.


Ring stick up cam not detecting motion. The above are the reasons, fixes, and basic information about the device. Before using or the, if you are using any device you, should have the knowledge of that you are using.

If the things that are deep you don’t know, then kindly know the basic information about the device, which includes the above data that I explained in my article.

I think this article is very helpful for you to troubleshoot the problem that is occurring along the way.

These cameras are these days very common and are placed in many buildings but mostly in schools, colleges, offices, and shops that have expensive stuff you can monitor these places from your home by installing the apps that are related to these cameras monitoring.

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