Ring doorbell event history not working

Ring doorbell event history not working. The poor connection won’t the video be recorded, or the event history won’t work if the app has issues.

The ring server itself may face issues the history won’t work. Shared user issues interrupt the doorbell history from being shown or making recent history.

My doorbell camera is something I cherish, but when the doorbell history wasn’t showing, and the event history wasn’t working, I got worried.

The doorbell not showing history was a big problem for me, as a recent theft had happened in my front yard. I wanted to check the history and see who had visited my front yard.

I checked Ring’s website but n avail. I researched, and the event history I wanted was shown to me. The culprit was quite funny, as it was raccoons. Back to event history, checking it was hard.

Read to learn!

Ring doorbell event history not working

Having your bell keeps you safe by recording the history and recording the events that take place around the house, and the people who have visited are also recorded by the bell.

The bell gets handy when you want to see who had visited when you were not there.

Sometimes the doorbell doesn’t get the event history for you. The event history not being displayed is because of the app usually.

The app aside, internet connection can affect the event history display too. Multiple users using the app can affect the event history too. Server issues with Ring can cause history issues.

Internet connection

internet connection

An internet connection is the first thing a Ring doorbell requires for the event history. The internet connection for the bell’s event history should be smooth.

Bell won’t have event history displaying for you without an internet connection. The internet connection for the bell is like power.

The bell history is to be displayed in the app, but the app and the bell both need an internet connection to show event history.

Start by connecting the bell to the internet and then the phone. The connection after reaching both the bell and the app will be greater. Check the event history through the app.

If the history doesn’t seem to work, then make sure the connection to the bell is smooth. There can be connecting problems with the bell or the phone, depending on the type of connection or interference in the area.

Bell issue

bell issue

As mentioned nowhere, bell issues are really common if the history isn’t showing. The history log will not be displayed if there is a problem with the bell.

The bell issues of history aren’t discussed in other articles. Bell not showing the log is affected by the bell because of some technical bell issue.

The bell may not be connected, but as in previous issues, you have connected the bell, then try for camera issues.

The camera of the bell may not be connected inside properly, or it was turned off, so with nothing, no history will be shown.

Other power issues of the bell may cause the bell not to show history, and recent camera problems won’t show live history events anywhere.

Check the camera of the doorbell and the sensor to see if they have caused the history not to be shown. Fix the history issue if the bell is the culprit by replacing it r a professional fix.

App issues

app issues

After the bell, issues have been resolved, and the insert connection to the Ring doorbell and the Ring app is restored. We see issues with the Ring app in detail.

The Ring app can face bugs, just like a plane app, like any other. Ring app can encounter bugs that won’t let it show event history and even bugs that won’t let the Ring app respond.

If the ring app has bugs, then you can’t expect it to show history so easily. The bugs interfere. Y0u can correct malfunctions and app bugs easily. Clearing the cache of the Ring app will stop most errors.

The cache cleaning may be different in devices depending on the operating system or the brand. But generally, clearing the cache is mostly the same.

Enter the phone’s settings. You can navigate to apps or storage. Go to the Ring app in storage, and you’ll see a clear cache option. Tap it, and the cache will be cleared.

The cache memory is like temporary storage to make the phone run smoothly, but too much cache buildup can do the opposite.

Clearing cache is like having a fresh app. Reinstalling the Ring app after installation can be like clearing the cache, but even better.

Multiple users

multiple users

The problem with the doorbell doesn’t just stay with the app or the internet connection. It also involves the people using the app. Users may be the cause of the history not appearing.

There is no limit to the Ring app on adding people to the connection. But the addition of too many users on the Ring app is not very fun when it brings a lot of problems with it.

The problem in the Ring app with too many users is the problem of the role. The roles are something that changes the aspects of the app. Roles in the app cause restriction.

Depending on the role, the user cannot use all app features. The additional users you added won’t be able to control the Ring app. Though even with fewer features, the event history of the bell can be seen.

You can set the control you want by deciding the accounts you want to allow the history check-up. If you are checking from someones else’s user app, you first need to enable the app to allow showing history.

Just enable the account you want to see history through, and then you will see the event history without a problem. You can turn the event history off too.

Maybe you were an additional user, so you can ask the primary user to allow you to have event history access.

Ring server

ring server

If all things seem stable, even if the app access to you is great. The event history may still not appear. The internet connection won’t be a problem for you, but the problem with history is still digital.

There are times when the servers of the company cannot work.  If the company server doesn’t work, you won’t be able to see the app history or, rather, event history.

All data from the doorbell is sent to the server of the Ring through the internet, and the data is stored in the servers of the Ring. If the server has heavy traffic, then the Ring server can also crash.

Servers crashing is a pretty common thing for even bug websites. The main cause of server crashes is too many users or the server having a bug or connection issue.

If the server disconnect, you can’t view every history. Contact Ring services about the server crashing.


History is an important Ring doorbell feature. App problem switch Ring is solved. Multiple user error has been discussed.

Server issues with Ring and connection have been solved. Learn the issue of History events not showing through the article and fix your history settings. Thanks for reading!

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