Rice cooker switches to warm too soon

Rice cooker switches to warm too soon. Rice cookers are a blessing for all people, either who are professional cooks or those people who love to cook rice daily, because everyone knows the utility of these machines.

Now, if your rice cooker is giving you trouble in such a way that its switch gets warm very soon, then the most common reason behind it is that its power cord is damaged.

If the power cord is faulty, then it is not an important issue because you can fix this problem by just replacing it. But things can go worst if some other part is damaged in the cooker, which can lead to permanent damage to the appliance.

So it is essential that before fixing the issue, you must have a plan of what you exactly want to do. Once I faced the same situation with my cooker, whose switch used to get warm very soon.

Rice cooker switches to warm too soon

rice cooker switches to warm too soon

If your rice cooker is creating issues, then it is a very frustrating situation because you can not cook tasty batches of rice, so without any further delay, let’s discuss the main reasons.

The power cable is faulty

First, it is always not necessary that if the switch is too warm quickly, then it is an issue with the rice cooker. It is possible that some outside component is the culprit.

One of these outer factors is a power cable. You know that if the power cord is thick from the outside, then don’t forget that there are many other small cords inside it. A power cord is usually damaged due to the following reasons.

  • Keeping it away poorly
  • Storing it in a twisted position.
  • Pressing the cable at no real angle

Now it depends upon the seriousness of the damage to the power cable that your rice cooker will switch on or not. If most part of the cable is faulty, then it will not turn on the cooker.

But if there is slighter damage, then it may warm the switch quickly. So whenever you see that your power cord is faulty, then stop using the unit to save from big disaster and replace the cable.

Thermostat is damaged

rice cooker switches to warm too soon 2022

You know that a rice cooker works on temperature regulation, so the thermostat is fixed in it to detect and control the temperature. The basic work of the thermostat is to ensure that the temperature inside the unit does not reach an extreme level.

If the switch of the cooker is continuously getting warm, then there are chances that the thermostat is damaged due to which it is overheating.

So it is better to stop using the rice cooker and replace it because it can damage the other parts of the cooker, like the thermal button. There is also a hazard of complete harm to the switch.

Switch is failed

If the power cable and relay of the cooker seem to be working well then check the switch of the cooker. A switch is installed on the inside of the outer control, which gets the input from the user and turns the mode of the unit from cooking to warm.

When this component of the appliance is failed, then it can create the unit to switch on to warm mode very soon.

Now switch off the machine and get access to the switch. You can use a multimeter to inspect the continuity of the switch.

If the reading of the switch on the multimeter is more than 0, then it is in working order. Bit if it is giving no reading then, unfortunately, the switch is dead, and you will have to replace it.

The Circuit board is malfunctioning

the circuit board is malfunctioning

If all other quick fixes are not working, then inspect the circuit board of the appliance is not working due to which the switch is getting warm very soon.

The circuit board is the most important component of any electrical appliance. If it starts malfunctioning, then there will be a normal process in the cooker.

Usually, it gets faulty due to two reasons. First, the very high temperature inside the unit, and secondly, due to major electrical spike.

If unfortunately, the circuit board of the rice cooker is fried then it is not possible for a unit to work. But if there is a minor issue with the board then the unit will experience other problems like switches warming too soon.


The final words of this article are that if your rice cooker switch is getting warm very soon then it is a very annoying situation to find out the actual culprit behind the issue.

I am hopeful you have learned a lot from all the above points and how can you fix this problem. If you have no experience, then it is suggested to you hire a professional.

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