Removing an apron before using the bathroom

Removing an apron before using the bathroom. The apron is to protect food, and it should be removed before using the bathroom, so the protector doesn’t get affected by the germs in the bathroom.

Not just because of microorganisms, but aprons should be removed, as it is unethical to wear them in a bathroom.

I went to my friend’s house, and as he was cooking, he went to the bathroom. Not just like that, but he was wearing his apron when he entered.

I felt a bit of disgust, and when he returned, I explained to him that the apron should be removed now and a new one should be worn. I told him about wearing an apron and entering the washroom.

I almost made him vomit because of his own apron. He understood the value of removing the apron before using the bathroom and promised not to do it again.

Removing an apron before using the bathroom

Removing an apron before using the bathroom should be normalized, not just for protection but also because it’s unethical.

All users should know the reasons to wear aprons and why to remove aprons before doing business. There are several apron removal reasons that you should know.

Aprons should be removed as they are for the protection of food from your clothes in the kitchen, but if you take aprons to the bathrooms, the microorganisms in the air will attach themselves to the apron, and when you are cooking the food, the microorganisms attach to the food, and you get sick.

Reasons to remove

reasons to remove

There are two main reasons to remove the apron. The first reason to remove the apron is totally different, and both reasons to remove the apron are logical.

The first will have a general reason, while the other will have an ethical one. Read them below!

  • Germs


The first reason to remove the germs is based on logic, and it will definitely make you want to remove the apron.

You may not even read the ethical point, as this logical reason will be enough. Knowing the existence of germs is common.

The apron is designed to be worn in front, and as you cook in front of yourself, the cooking is safe. As to how cooking is safe, the cooking is safe because you wearing the apron.

An apron keeps the germs away from your food. The aprons protect the food from germs as your clothes can get dirty, and the germs or even dirt on your clothes can get on your cooking.

The germs on the food and even dirt will make you sick after you eat the food that was unsafely cooked.

The germs can get on the apron after you use the washroom or, rather, when you use the bathroom. Using the toilet brings germs, as there are a lot of germs in the air of the toilet.

The germs in the get on your apron even without making physical contact with anything. Now you go back to your kitchen and start cooking.

Even after washing your hands, you will not keep the germs on the apron, as you are just cleaning your hands, not the apron, and if you wipe your hands with the apron, the germs get worse.

The germs will attack the food as you are cooking and get on the food through the apron you are wearing. The germs won’t show mercy to you when attacking the food.

  • Unethical


Caring about hygiene is one thing, and even ethics contradict hygiene. Caring about your hygiene is a behavior that shows that you are ethical.

But if you go to the bathroom while wearing your apron and return as you are wiping your hands with the same apron that is for keeping the food clean, won’t the wiping of your hand be unethical?

This unethical behavior isn’t just because of wiping your hand.

Keeping ethics on the line, you won’t enjoy facing your friends after you come from the toilet and you are wearing an apron. Even without physical contact with your apron, the air won’t get the apron safely out.

So your hygiene safety will be questioned by your friends or anyone that has seen you wearing the apron.

It’s also unethical as the food when you are cooking with a dirty apron will get your friend to vomit as they will know that you made it while wearing the same apron. This shows your unethical behavior that disgusts people.

Methods to clean

methods to clean

Keeping the reasons to remove the apron in mind, you know that if you have worn the apron in the toilet, the apron is bound to have germs.

The apron will require cleaning if it has been filled with germs. The clean of the apron is stated below.

  • Simple stains/germs

If you clean the apron from simple stains and germs, you won’t have any difficulty; killing simple germs and removing normal stains is the easiest task.

You can mix the detergent and water and then add the apron to the mixture. All normal germs will be killed by the detergent, and the stains will be removed as well.

Cleaning the simple germs and stains will get your apron clean, as they are the simplest germs that you may have gotten from the bathroom visit or any other place. Cleaning these germs and stains is necessary for hygiene.

  • Smell removal

smell removal

Keeping the stains in mind, your smell will not go away just by using simple detergent and soaking the apron. Your apron may smell of garlic and even the toilet.

However, wine smell is also common. Use hydrogen peroxide to soak the apron and get rid of the smell from the apron.

10-15 minutes of hydrogen peroxide soaking are enough to get rid of the smell of garlic and even the toilet smell.

You will be rid of the wine smell from your apron, and even the smells that you thought won’t be away will be taken by the use of hydrogen peroxide.

  • Grease removal

grease removal

The smell and the normal cleaning won’t be able to get rid of grease from your apron. Grease may be the most common stain found on your apron.

Well, grease is found on almost all aprons, as they are used for cooking food. The oil and grease stains get on your apron from there.

Liquid dishwashing soap will be a good enemy of grease. You can soak the greasy apron in the water and dishwashing soap and get the grease out of the apron.

You can directly apply the dishwashing soap to the stains to remove grease better.


Several tips for hygiene and germs security are given below.

  • Never wear the apron in the bathroom.
  • If you have worn the apron to the toilet, change the apron.
  • Wash the apron regularly to avoid germs and stains.
  • Hang or fold the apron after you use it and store the apron in a clean area.
  • Always wear a clean apron before cooking.


Removing the apron before going to the bathroom gives you a lot of benefits, or rather it saves you from harm.

The apron will protect your food and clothing at the same time. Follow the apron cleaning tricks and tips above and avoid wearing it in the bathroom. Thanks for reading!

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