Propane tank full but no gas flow

Propane tank full but no gas flow. If you are using a stove that works on the propane fuel and it is not working yet the propane fuel tank is full then mostly it is due to the not flow of gas properly. Maybe there is leakage due to which the flow of gas is irrupted.

Sometimes it can happen to you that you filled the tank two days ago but still gas is not igniting. You were informed that the tank was full of propane fuel, but it was empty.

So it is better to check and confirm whenever you fill the tank of fuel whether it is gas or propane.

For this purpose level gauge is best to have on the tank, which confirms the level of fuel inside the tank.

If unfortunately, you do not have the gauge then don’t need to worry you can also confirm it by picking the tank after refilling its weight must be more.

To find more information on this problem, keeps reading the article.

Propane tank full but no gas flow

propane tank full but no gas flow

It is very sad and painful when you want to ready a meal for the guests, but the grill is not igniting. If the tank is empty, then there is no other option than to refill it.

But if the tank is full, then you can fix the issue by simple troubleshooting.

Following are some of the reasons behind the no gas flow from the full propane tank.

Check the propane tank

The first and simple thing to do when you face the issue of no gas flow to the grill or stove is that check the propane tank.

In some models, the bar gauge is installed to tell you the level of propane inside the tank. Sometimes the refillers companies do not refill the tank properly.

So always confirms the weight of the tank after you refill it if there is no gauge on it. You can simply understand it when you will lift the propane tank.

If the tank is full, then you can further investigate the other ways of troubleshooting.

Inspect the fittings of hoses

After refilling the tank, always ensure that the fitting of the hoses between the grill and tank is proper or not. If it is loose from one side, then there will be no gas flow in the pipe.

Also, tighten the screws from both tens to prevent the leaking of gas. In some propane tanks, there is a function that if the connections of pipes are not proper, then gas will not release from it.

Try proceedings slowly

Whenever you open the valve of the grill, then do not open the whole valve in one go. The propane tank will not release the gas for security purposes.

Turn the valve once to let the gas start flowing from the container. Now you can open the valve more if you want more flow of gas.

Always try to open the valve in little increments to get the required flame of gas. One more thing to notice is that it does not open the valve fully because it will again shut off the flow of gas.

The tank valve is stuck

the tank valve is stuck

At times, the flow of gas is stuck when the valve on the tank becomes stuck and does not move. The simple but logical point is that make sure that you are turning the valve in clockwise rotation or anti-clockwise.

I mean, the valve will definitely get stuck when you turn it in the wrong direction. If the direction is right, then you can take a rubber band to lose the stuck valve.

Regulator is faulty

If there is still no flow of gas, then it might be the reason that the regulator is damaged. If it is faulty, then it will not flow the gas from the tank.

You have no other option than to replace the regulator of the tank to ensure the flow of gas to the stove from the propane tank.

Clog in the hose

It could be another reason that the tank is full of propane, but there is no gas because of the clog in the hose.

You will have to clear all the dust and dirt from the pipeline so that gas flow at full speed.


Hopefully, at the end of the discussion, you will be familiar with all possible reasons for the issue of not flowing gas, yet the tank is full.

You can check all these points to continue the gas to the stove or grill.

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