Problems with buried downspouts

Problems with buried downspouts. When a building or a home is constructed, the first thing to look at is where its water will go from the roof, bathrooms, and kitchen.

Different pipes are installed on the roof for the water rain, kitchen, and bathrooms. These pipes or downspouts are fitted into the gutter in the street so that water will flow from the gutter to the other place.

A gutter is such a place where all the wasted water of home is gone. It is usually under the roofline at the corners of the building. It is made in such a way that it is a downward pitch from the corners of the home so that water easily flows towards the gutter and through to downspouts.

A gutter downspout is very necessary to have as it manages all the extra water from your home to the outside of the gutter. The problems with downspouts are usually that they get blocked due to an overflow of contaminated water from the roof.

Problems with buried downspoutsburied downspouts

Downspout pipes are a basic part of homes as extra water flows from them to the gutters.

Downspout pipes are installed in both ways, underground and outside the ground also.

Underground downspouts are said to be safer as they can not be tucked out easily as compared to those that are outside the ground.

Downspouts underground have many advantages as we can utilize more space on the lawn, but they have some drawbacks also, which are these

Short Extensions

Usually, the underground downspouts take the water away from the home or build a minimum of 15 feet away so that it does not harm the basement and walls.

If an inexperienced mason is installing short extension downspouts close to the home, then it will cause a lot of problems in the future for the building.

Low-quality downspouts pipes

As you know, downspout pipes are buried under the ground, so if the low-quality pipes are installed under the ground, then they will break down after some time due to the pressure of mud or due to any blockage in the pipes. It is always better to use solid PVC pipes.

Underground clogsunderground clogs

Sometimes due to various reasons like the increase of roots of trees or burden from above the ground press the pipe, and flow of water and other materials stops due to the pressing of pipe.

This will cause a flood in the basement and damage the building.

Not an easy task to repair

If the problem occurs in the underground downspouts, such as underground clogs or breakage of pipes, then it is difficult to sort out the actual place of damage, and then too much labor cost is required for digging and repairing the underground pipes.

The wrong slope of the extension

In installing downspouts underground, the main thing is its pitch towards the gutter hole. If it is not installed properly, then drainage will not be proper.

It causes a lot of problems as water will not flow down properly towards the hole, and there will be a risk of damage to downspouts.

High labor and material cost

In installing downspouts underground, labor costs increased due to the digging of land in large areas and the use of extra-length pipes. High-quality solid pipes are required for downspouts underground.


Why are the solid PVC pipes preferred for installing underground downspouts instead of normal pipes?

As downspouts are buried underground so due to a lot of burden of mud and roots of trees, if the low-quality pipes are installed, then there is a risk of breakage, so that’s why solid PVC pipes are used for underground downspouts for safety.

Why extra labor cost is required in installing the pipes underground?

In installing pipes underground, you will have to dig the place first at the large place and also you will need extra length pipes in underground downspouts.


Drainage of water is very important in every building. Downspouts pipes are installed in both ways, underground and above the ground.

Both ways have their own pros and cons. It is better to install solid pipes for maximum safety from problems.

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