Primo water dispenser not working

Primo water dispenser not working. A water dispenser is a device that dispenses water. It also heats and cools the water according to its type. It is mostly located in places where you can easily access water.

The advanced type of dispensers even has the function of mixing hot and cold water. Dispensers with small refrigeration units are also available. They are multifunctional as they perform a lot of tasks.

Because of a lack of input of power, the dispenser might not work. It might also not work because some of its parts have been damaged or it can be that its circuits are fried.

Primo water dispenser not working

primo water dispenser not working

Check to see if the plug of the water dispenser is worked in properly. If not, re-plug it. There can also be internal issues and even wiring issues with the dispenser.

The board of the dispenser might be damaged, or there is a power error in the dispenser. The cooling system of the dispenser has short-circuited.

It’s possible that the breaker tripped due to overload or continuous use of the appliance.

Reason for not working

There are distinct problems that can have varying effects on the dispenser. Some of them are listed as follows:

Lack of power

Power or electricity is vital in the working of any electronic device. The devices can be different according to their use. Still, they will need the power to function.

So lack of power or no power is a common and major issue regarding the dispenser. The power is not being given to the device.

The board is not being given power from the output. You might just need to plug the device in again, or maybe the voltage is low, and not enough power is being given to the device. So the device will not work.


The board can also be short. The current might reach the board, but the board might not be working as the current is dissipated in the system.

The board will not allow any current to pass. And without the current or power, the dispenser will not be able to work at all. The board can be short due to an overflow of power or the system being heated.

Not dispensing water

The power might reach the circuit and the whole device, but the dispenser might still not be working. The power is not the only reason the taps might be clogged or something, so the water is not flowing through them.

The water is their main function, so if the power is on and the current is being received, the water not coming out of the tap shows that the machine is not performing its assigned action; thus, it is not working.

The device is out of order

The dispenser might be completely out of order. It might not be taking power, and even if it is. The components are not well, and they do not work at all.

The power is no use to them. The components can be any circuits or even switches.


There are multiple solutions to the problem. Let us deeply talk about them:

For power

Suppose the problem is power not reaching the device, that could be because of the wires or the boards. So just repair the wires and the board or replace them.

Make sure that power reaches the device and that the power is not dim. The dim power might cause the device to not work other, so use an inverter to provide proper voltage to the device.

For short board

The short board is another problem as the board controls the whole dispenser. If it is short, you can get it repaired from the store or rather buy a new one so that it might work properly.

No dispensing solution

no dispensing solution

If the water is not being dispensed, there might be a problem with the cooler or the heater. The taps might not be working either.

They may have been clogged soon as the water is coming out of them.

Simply cleaning the dispenser and the taps will allow the water to pass through.


What to do if no power reaches the dispenser?

If no power is reaching the dispenser, check the wires and plug. The breaker might be off, so try turning it on. Other reasons might include a blackout in your area.

Why is the dispenser not working?

The dispenser might not be working because of different reasons like no power, lack of power, the circuit being short, and damage to wires and plugs are also valid reasons for this if you think of them.


Primo water dispenser not working. The problems that arrive with dispensers can be both simple and complex. The best way to deal with all the problems is to be careful and maintain the dispenser properly.

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