How to unclog bathtub drain without removing stopper

A bathtub drain can get clogged from time to time due to hair, debris, or other substances. The bathtub is a moist area in the house and thus contains a myriad of germs and bacteria.

Clogging causes unwanted gunk and dirt to be stuck in the bathtub drain. Unclogging has several ways to be done without removing the stopper.

How to unclog bathtub drain without removing stopperunclog bathtub drain without removing stopper

If using a plunger doesn’t work, try using a chemical drain opener. If not, you might have to remove the trap from under your sink. First, use a coat hanger – straightened or not – to push out whatever’s clogging the drain line.

There are some other ways you canthe  use to unclog bathtub drain without removing stopper.

Using a cup plunger

A small plunger can take out the gunk and dirt stuck in the pipe. Fill the tub a little and place the plunger over the drain. The water creates suction and helps pull the dirt and junk out.

Chemicals or other cleaners

Another great way of unclogging a bathtub is to use chemicals like baking soda and vinegar. Firstly, the baking soda is to be put in the drain. Let the baking soda sit and make its way into crevices.

Then pour vinegar down the drain. The dirt in the drain is likely to flush out due to the chemical reaction that will take place within the drain.

  • Hot water

Sometimes, simplicity is the key. A method as good as any is pouring hot water down the drain. This helps to flush any soap buildup or any dissolvable gunk. Pour slowly so it has time to dissolve the undesirable substances.

  • Airsnake

Another method is using an air snake. An air snake can remove clogs and blockages with the help of pressurized air.

Causes of a blocked bathtub draincauses of a blocked bathtub drain

There can be several reasons for a blocked bathtub drain. It can be an array of things, ranging from too much hair breakage to soap build-up.

  • Soap buildup

Some soaps cause a lot of buildup in the drain, which may cause it to clog.

  • Hair breakage

Sometimes too much hair can accumulate in the drain and cause a blockage.

  • Mineral and grease buildup

Sometimes grease and soap or shampoo product minerals can cause blockages.

  • Not cleaning frequently

Leaving all the junk and not cleaning it out frequently can cause many issues within the drains and cause a ton of buildup.


As mentioned above, the blockage in a bathtub drain can be removed in various ways. They can be a health hazard by the accumulation of bacteria. How to unclog a bathtub drain without removing the stopper.

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