Over the range microwave venting options

Over the range microwave venting options. Over-the-range microwave ovens are a fashion statement in most modern kitchens, and these fancy devices are not just about looks as they are very efficient devices that will allow one to have double chores from them.

One is the obvious job they are entitled to, that is the normal oven function, but what these over-the-range vented microwaves will provide extra is their ability to vent out the smoke, steam, and exhaust from the kitchen through the vent connected to the oven.

Over the range microwave venting optionsOver The Range Microwave Venting Options

These vents are occasionally built during the construction or refurbishing of the kitchen and are easiest to build at the time of construction, but you can also go the other way around in the finished kitchen as there are plenty of options these days to vent these over-the-range devices.

All you will require for Microwave Venting Options is a microwave cabinet to hang the vent and provide support to the wiring of the oven and connectivity ports.

Other requirements will be the regular toolbox equipped with different drivers and other necessary items.

The best options for these microwave vents are ducted vents and recirculating vents. Both of these options have their ups and downs and are useful in their way of suiting a specific need.

Recirculating vents

Recirculating vents are charged with a charcoal filter instead of the fan, and thus this filter will be sucking the air to remove the odor, heat, and smoke from the kitchen.

Ducted ventsHow To Vent Out A Microwave Over The Range

Ducted vents are the most common of these vents and work like an exhaust fan where a duct is installed along with the oven hanging cabinet, and this vent will draw in the smoke, smell, moisture, odors, and heat outside the kitchen through the external vent opening.

This venting duct houses the fan whose CFM speed will determine the efficiency of the sucking power of the vent, and this fan will suck the air in the vent and will deport it to the outside of the kitchen. That’s all it is supposed to do, and it is quite efficient at it.

Ducted VS Recirculating vents

Ducted vents will be the most effective way of getting rid of the kitchen heat, and this exhaust will be very efficient in picking up the smoke, smell, and fumes of stingy stale food items.

The maximum efficiency will be in removing the heat, and as far as smell and odor are concerned, this will not be the best task for these ducted vents though they will considerably reduce the smell but will not eliminate it as efficiently as a charcoal filter.

As Recirculating vents have the charcoal filter, they will be best suited to remove the odor, but the efficiency in removing the kitchen heat is nothing compared to the ducted vents.

Therefore, ducted vents are the most common and worthy option for over-the-range microwave vents.

How To Vent Out a Microwave over the range?

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