No power to RC wire detected

No power to RC wire detected. Nest thermostats are the latest smart devices to manage the cooling and heating systems in the home through mobile phones.

These devices adjust the home temperature level according to our routines and automatically turn off the air conditioner when you leave the room by detecting the phone’s location.

But no electronic device is exceptional to become faulty due to unknown reasons, so if your Nest thermostat has stopped working and displays a “no power to RC wire detected” message, then don’t worry because it happens with many users, so don’t worry and read this post to learn the all possible causes and troubleshooting tips to clear this message.

If your thermostat device displays the no power to Rc wire detected, then you should check the air filter, HVAC fuse electric wiring, and tripped circuit breaker because if any of these become faulty and stop working, then this issue will come.

Read this complete article to get information about all the reasons that can make your Nest thermostat device not detect power to the Rc wire.

No power to RC wire detected

Nest thermostat devices are very popular and useful devices to install in a home to save power and energy and bill at the end of the month.

If your nest thermostat device is not working and displaying the message no power to RC wire detected, then it’s a serious issue, and you need to troubleshoot it immediately; then the device will not work, and it can affect you badly. Keep reading.