Nespresso frother not working

Nespresso frother not working. If your Nespresso frother is not working, you may be experiencing a heartbroken feeling because getting a fresh cup of coffee has become a habit that makes our day happy, fresh, alluring, and delightful.

Whenever you suspect that your Nespresso machine is not able to froth milk or it’s too hot milk, or it is not hot as usual, blinking LED lights, or it is not foaming the milk according to your typical taste, then firstly don’t need to worry.

Don’t tense. These are common issues with a Nespresso milk frother device, and you may fix these issues with us very easily as well as quickly.

This article has all the solutions to your issues related to the Nespresso coffee machine. Stay with us and start troubleshooting your Nespresso machine carefully.

Nespresso frother not working

Here are different reasons that need your attention to resolve the problem in case your Nespresso machine is not working correctly.

Even if it is related to a burnt or defective element, inconvenient milk type, or incorrect whisk position, follow the instructions step by step.

Clogged Magnetic Whisk

clogged magnetic whisk

At first, while troubleshooting your Nespresso milk frother machine, you must check the smooth working of the magnetic whisk of your machine.

Whenever you suspect that the milk is coming out warm from the milk frother, but the whisk is not spinning, then you have to check the magnetic whisk whether it’s clogged or not.

A magnetic whisk may be clogged because the milk whisk hole and the nipple have to lack tolerance and slip inside over the canister.

That’s why the whisk cant spin easily and freely too.

If you are one of those who don’t rinse the water after brewing one cycle, then your whisk may experience gunk on it.

To resolve this issue, you must follow the instructions to remove the gunk from your magnetic whisk.

Procedure for Fixing

  • You have required half a cup of white vinegar, salt -1 tablespoon, and a toothbrush as a cleaning tool.
  • You must mix vinegar and salt and make a cleaning solution. Please dip the milk whisk into the mixture for a whole day or a whole night.
  • Wash the whisk with water and then use the brush to clean the over left perfectly.


To prevent your magnetic whisk from the gunk or milk residues, ensure to remove the whisk and rinse water from it after a milk frother.

Nespresso orange light blinking twice

Defective Magnetic Whisk

If the Nespresso milk frother is not heating the milk, then the whisk attachment of your device may be defective or broken.

It could happen while washing, or maybe it has fallen unintentionally.

But a broken magnetic whisk attachment can effects the quality of working of your Nespresso milk frother.

A whisk can’t work when the tiny neodymium magnet falls or gets lost. In this case, the only option is to buy a new whisk for the Aeroccinno milk frother.

The best way to buy a new whisk is through your Nespresso milk frother dealer or Amazon.

But you must remember the brand and model number of your Nespresso milk frother device while getting the new suitable component.

Nespresso Milk Frother Burnt Heating Element

nespresso milk frother burnt heating element

If your Nespresso milk frother device is not heating enough, then your device may have a burnt-out heating element.

The heating element is like a copper strip on the PCB(printed circuit board).

A burnt heating element is a common problem in your Aerocinno milk frother if you use your appliance a lot for getting frothy milk for coffee.

You may repair the heating element of your Nespresso machine, but it’s a bit tricky, so you have to be confident while fixing it.\

Jura Coffee Machine Troubleshooting

Procedure for Fixing

  • Firstly, you need to access the printed circuit board by opening the canister of the Aeroccino milk frother. It would be best if you glanced at PCB to diagnose the defective burnt area on the board.
  • As we know, that heating element is like a copper strip, so if it is burnt, you have to put a thin copper layer by soldering on the burnt track path/track.
  • To get some fair copper, gently scrape the enameling part. If there is an issue with a burnt heating element, following these guidelines may quickly fix the problem.

Filthy Electrical Contacts

filthy electrical contacts

If you are having bad foamy milk for your coffee, or the milk frother stops working or not getting enough power, you may blame the dirty electrical contacts.

A rounded plastic connector is linked to the bottom of the milk frother’s device and is responsible for powering the Aeroccino milk frother machine.

A milk canister contains a female connector, and the Nespresso machine has a male plug. If you are facing an overflow, there are high chances of accumulating milk residue, muck, or grease in both connectors.

Over time the milk residue forms into the dirt and starts building up, which may cause of low power of your milk frother machine. You may easily remove the accumulated build-up by following the guidance.

Procedure for Fixing

To proceed with the procedure, you have required items such as a piece of cloth or sponge, dishwasher soap, methyl or isopropyl spirits, a small wire brush or a toothbrush readily available for you, and a cleaner spray for cleaning both contacts.

  • Firstly, you have to switch OFF the Nespresso coffee machine and then unplug it from the wall socket to prevent any endangered situation. Then turn your frother canister upside down and scrutinize both connections connecting the device bottom and frother machine.
  • It would be best to clean the dirt by scrubbing the brush dipped with dishwasher soap. You may use one of the brushes according to the condition of the contacts.
  • If you suspect the contacts have a heavy build-up of dirt or rust, then the small wire brush will be more suitable.
  • Wash the soapy water and let it dry. Now, you need to scrub it with the required spirits. Then, it would help to do a spritz of contact spray cleaner at the end.

The Defective Thermocouple

The Nespresso milk frother contains a thermocouple, also known as a small electronic temperature sensor.

It is responsible for the temperature of the milk and also responsible for turning OFF the milk frother after attaining the target temperature.

In case the milk frother not working, then it may indicate that the thermocouple of your milk frother device gets burnt or damaged, which may affect the perfect working of your machine.

Due to wrong sensing, the thermocouple turns OFF the frother device by transmitting the wrong signals of attaining the optimum temperature to the controller.

As a result, it may turn ON and OFF your milk frother machine at the time when it starts or without completing the procedure or temperature cycle. To resolve the issue of monitoring the milk temperature, you have to replace the defective component.

Procedure for Fixing

  • Replacing a thermocouple is not a very difficult task. You may easily find the thermocouple as it is located on the printed circuit board. You can remove it with a little slide from the PCB.
  • You have to be concentrated on the brand and model number while buying a new component for your device. Before installing the new thermocouple, you have to apply thermal lubricant or thermal grease to it.
  • Fix it to the proper position and then examine whether it is transmitting the optimal temperature or not.

Inconvenient Milk Type

inconvenient milk type

It’s a bit flabbergasted that your Nespresso frother is not working well because of the wrong type of milk.

If you are a new milk frother machine user or have been using it for years, you need to know that your Nespresso frother device is not compatible with every type of dairy.

Your machine may not provide you the desired results if you are using almond milk, coconut milk, soybeans milk, or cow milk that contains fat equal to 2% fat or less then.

Before starting the milk foam, shake the milk pack to mix the proteins well and evenly because the proteins are essential in perfect frothing.

The second thing that may affect your milk frothing is fat content using completely fresh milk, cold milk, or semi-skimmed milk in the milk container that has high-fat results in sweet, wet, and smooth foam, while less fat milk is not tasty and effective.

We want to share some types of milk that’ll give you satisfying results in the form of rich and thick foam, such as milk made of cashew, oat, conventional, cow, goat, and organic milk.

Maintenance Tips for Aeroccino Milk frother

maintenance tips for aeroccino milk frother

Here are some ways that may help you to prevent your frothing machine from developing any common problems quickly.

So, follow these instructions for the maintenance.

How to Prevent Overheating?

Overheating may create an issue for you in frothing milk, and also, your machine may start blinking red LED light, or it may stop heating milk.

The main reason for overheating is the continuous use of the Nespresso frother machine. So, we suggest you don’t maintain a continuous use of the frother machine to prevent overheating.

In case you are experiencing overheating in your frother device or suspect that Aerocinno is not heating milk or stops spinning, you have to rinse fresh and cold water before using it again.

How to prevent Milk Overflows?

You must use the right amount of milk in the frothing device to get the desired outcome. Using a small quantity of milk or too much milk may disappoint you.

So, you may look at the device’s surface for more explicit guidance. You may see two lines, 4oz and 8oz. 4 oz is the maximum quantity for the hot foam or hot froth, and the 8 oz line indicates the max quantity of hot milk.

If you want to prevent overflow, you have to follow the proper guidelines.

How So a Clean Frother Ensure Personal Hygiene?

Eating and drinking a clean and fresh diet keeps your hygiene. So the source of food is also supposed to be neat and clean. Not cleaning the frother may also cause blinking lights.

Two benefits belong to the clean milk frother machine. As we discussed already, the first is the prevention of poor hygiene, while the second is to prevent the machine from fast heating up and finishing the spinning at the regular time.

So, rinse cold water and dry it with a non-stick sponge after using the Nespresso milk frother machine to prevent any clog or fast spinning and heating up.

Bonus TIP

If you are using the Nespresso frother machine for the first time, you may clean all the parts before use.

Replacement of the Nespresso Frother

replacement of the nespresso frother

If you have tried all the possible ways we discussed to troubleshoot your frother device and still milk frother not working smoothly then you may have a Nespresso frother unfixable problem.

Unfortunately, every time your appliance is not able to get repaired, in this situation, replacement frother an old device with a new advanced machine is the wise decision.

We’ll feel happy to share some types of Nespresso milk frother so that you may choose your one.

  • Standalone the Brista Milk Frother
  • Standalone the Aeroccino 3 & 4 Frother
  • The Creatista models (have a steam wand)
  • The Lattissima models (Automatic milk frothing system)

Bottom Line

We expect this article to resolve your issue when your Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother is not working.

No matter if your device has a burnt element, clogging issue, reasons of milk froth quality bad, overflowing problem, not heating well, or blinking lights.

Just put your worries back and follow these instructions with a high passion. Cuisinart coffee maker troubleshooting

Follow the tips and tricks to keep your milk frother long-lasting—best of luck.